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Electric Vehicle Warehouse Equipment

Help your warehouse run more efficiently with our range of electric warehouse vehicles. Our electric tow tractors and utility vehicles have been designed to boost operations efficiently and require minimal maintenance.

The MC-270 is the industry’s smallest burden carrier. Its narrow, highly maneuverable design can fit through most standard door openings, and will bring you and materials closer to work stations. This low-profile, multi-purpose vehicle boasts a long deck for more cargo space.

The MC-360 is our most versatile multi-passenger burden carrier. This durable, low-maintenance work truck easily hauls heavy loads over long distances, and can be equipped with decks of up to 245cm to further reduce the number of trips per shift.

With its advanced engineering and improved modular design, the MC-480 takes productivity to new places. It boasts superior components throughout, including a high-efficiency AC powertrain and controller with multifunction display, direct drive differential and larger drum brakes.

The MC-660 is the ideal carrier for long and heavy loads of up to 6,800 kg even over long distances. Its fully customisable modular design features a low, long flatbed cargo deck and powerful four-wheel drive.

The EP 400 electric pedestrian platform truck is a 3 wheel motorised trolley that can be equipped with various type of load cages and platforms.

The EP 500 electric platform trolley was created for various special applications. All sorts of equipment or containers can be assembled for multiple usage.

The EP 800 is a 4-wheel motorised trolley with a load capacity up to 600 kg that can be equipped with a large number of load cages and platforms.

The R5 pedestrian electric platform truck is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Great stability, 750kg capacity, 16km range with a full load on a single charge.

The M15 electric trolley is ideal for quickly and easily carry weights up to 500 kg and is equipped with a loading platform of 1040 x 640 mm.

The M12 Electric Pedestrian Tug

The M12 electric tug can pull, push and steer wheeled loads up to 1200 kg on flat ground. Very effective and very easy to use, it is the solution for multiple applications.

The reliable blue Jobmaster electric pedestrian tug

The Jobmaster is a maneuverable, reliable and very powerful, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  The Jobmaster has a towing capacity of up to 1,500kg.

The blue Jobmaster HD electric pedestrian tug

The Jobmaster HD is a maneuverable, reliable and very powerful, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The Jobmaster HD can tow up to 3,000kg.

The E-242 HD electric tow tug offers superior performance and durability. This electric tow tug has a powerful 6 hp motor and excels at trailer towing. This electric truck can tow 3,000 kg with the 6 mph speed option.

The MT250 electric tow tractor combines the stability of a 4-wheel vehicle with the maneuverability of a 3-wheel tow tug thanks to its exclusive steering design.

Built on the popular MP-250 base, the more powerful MT-290 is equal parts modern workhorse and mobile workshop. Its efficient AC motor offers impressive acceleration, even when towing loads of 7,250 kg.

The MT-440 is the latest generation of heavy-duty tow tractors. Behind its stylish, compact design is a highly efficient AC direct-drive powertrain, plenty of power to haul 9,250 kg loads over long distances, and an oversized industrial battery to lengthen running time.

This powerhouse tows up to a massive 90,000 kg load and brakes on a dime. Nothing matches it in the industry. It’s also remarkably maneuverable, thanks to its short turning radius, smooth power steering, and dual planetary wheel drive with parallel controls to prevent spinning and lateral sliding.