Safe Contractor

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Service Provider

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Of Electric Vehicles


Safe Contractor

1st Class

Service Provider

Leading Provider

Of Electric Vehicles

Ground Support Equipment

Electric ground support equipment is quickly becoming an essential tool as older petrol or diesel-fuelled vehicles are phased out due to their expensive running costs and to enable airports to meet their environmental goals surrounding sustainability and running a net zero carbon emissions operation.

ePowerTrucks supplies a wide range of electric aircraft ground support equipment to help airports meet these goals.

Vehicles include tow tractors, multi-passenger vehicles, water service trucks, and general electric utility vehicles. Whether it is moving a ten-person airplane maintenance crew to an aircraft or bringing in-flight food supplies in a refrigerated utility vehicle, we help you build a fleet that will get the job done quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Ride On Tow Tugs

E-242 HD Electric Tow Tug

The electric tow tractor is an extremely powerful vehicle that can pull up to 90,000kg. These models are ideal for pulling loads in hospitals, factories, warehouses, airports, and a wide range of other industries.

Burden Carriers


These industrial electric platform trucks are ideal for transporting pallets, goods and equipment indoors or outdoors. They can be equipped with cabs, heaters, hard and soft doors and a wide range of other options.

Platform Trucks


Our platform trucks can be used indoors or out, and the truck adapts to any situation, protecting the environment with zero emissions. The latest battery technology innovations see ranges of miles from a single charge, smoothly moving loads from the first shift of the day to the last.

Pedestrian Tug

Jobmaster HD Electric Pedestrian Tug

Our electric baggage tug and electric bin tug models are robust, reliable and designed to handle multiple applications. To further extend the range of use of our pedestrian-controlled electric tugs, you can equip them with ballasts and hooks for towing heavy loads over flat ground. 

Glutton Vacuum

Glutton street sweeper in park

The Glutton® Zen® street sweeper is compact, powerful, and silent. It is the ideal cleaner for town centres, alleyways, pedestrian zones, town squares, historical centres, and marketplaces. Wherever confined or inaccessible places exist, this road-legal electric sweeper excels.

Multi Passenger

MP 500 Electric Multi Passenger Vehicle Front Left View

When you need to move people around, nothing compares to our range of electric multi passenger vehicles. Our EP range of vehicles can carry up to 23 people in style. All our vehicles can be fitted a variety of weather protection and are perfect for indoor and ourdoor applications.

Compact Yet Powerful Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

Our compact airport ground vehicles are extremely powerful and include tugs with superior performance and travelling at speeds of up to 25km. These heavy-duty tugs are low maintenance and have excellent fuel efficiency, even when handling high volume or high weight tasks, such as when they are used as an airport water service truck vehicle or for towing heavy equipment, cages, or supplies.

Ensuring Operations Run Smoothly

Ensuring your airport operations run smoothly is no easy task, but our selection of ground support equipment helps with efficiency. Compact and highly manoeuvrable, getting people from A to B has never been easier.

Our multi-passenger airport vehicles are ideal for moving up to 23 passengers, aircrew, or aircraft support and maintenance staff quickly and safely from one location to another. These airport vehicles are fitted with weather protection and can seamlessly move between indoor and outdoor areas.

With near-silent running and no emissions of pollutants, these airport vehicles are the perfect eco-friendly solution.

For more information on our aircraft ground support equipment, please get in touch with our sales and support team.