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Effective Electric trailer tug and trolley movers 

ePowerTrucks has a trailer tug for sale for all locations and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A battery-powered tug is easy to use, so anyone can learn how to operate them safely in a short amount of time. Our electric baggage tug and electric bin tug models are robust, reliable and designed to handle multiple applications. 

We have an electric trolley mover suited to moving trailers and heavy wheeled loads. To further extend the range of use of our pedestrian controlled electric tugs, you can equip them with ballasts and hooks for towing heavy loads over flat ground. 

Functionality further improves with our electric tugs that are created with increased manoeuvrability for narrow spaces. We have electric tow tugs with swivel tiller heads, safety sensors, and remote controls. 

Choose ePowerTrucks For All Your Electric Tug Needs

Our company offers excellent sales and aftercare support, and we are recognised as a market leader supplying electric trucks. Our tugs will help your company reduce its carbon emissions, and they improve safety and wellness by not polluting the air that your workforce and visitors breathe. 

Get in touch with our friendly team of experts today for advice on which electric pedestrian tug is right for you. 

Pedestrian Controlled Electric Tugs

If you are looking for an electric tug, ePowerTrucks has an extensive range of pedestrian operated electric tugs that are tough, reliable and low maintenance. Our electric tow tug portfolio includes those with custom boxes and platforms. We have an electric tug for sale for every situation. The pedestrian tug range covers various chassis lengths and widths, tyres and shelf configurations, with a full range of accessories available.