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Electric Wheelbarrow

The pedestrian electric wheelbarrow is perfect for a wide variety of tasks and applications. Ideal for domestic and commercial purposes, the electric barrow excels in construction, plant hire, landscaping, garden work, and maintenance.

You can take the electric wheelbarrow through a home or building to access gardens with no or restricted outside access. They do not create a noise disturbance, and with no exhaust or emissions, there are no foul smells to fill the house, office, factory, or outdoor space.

Eliminate Heavy Lifting

You can eliminate heavy lifting with a motor wheelbarrow that moves loads of up to 500kg. The three-wheel configuration is easy to manoeuvre with a design that balances the load between the wheels, to give the operator complete confidence.

Made to the highest standards and with high-quality components, the electric wheelbarrow is equipped with pneumatic wheels for indoor and outdoor use, without damaging surfaces.

Whether it is on a building site, down a mine, or in a backyard, these models do the backbreaking work so that you don’t have to.

Our Range Of Electric Motor Wheelbarrows

Our range of electric motor wheelbarrows includes the Dumper Jet with three capacities; 300kg, 400kg, and 500kg. The frame is made from steel and has powder-coated exterior paint, and the skip will not rust or corrode. A key is used for security and start-up, and there is an emergency stop button, a red safety dead man lever, and an LED that shows the battery’s status.

Charging is fast and straightforward with an external plug, and by charging during break times, the electric wheelbarrow will see you through a hard-working day. The electric wheelbarrow requires no maintenance, and the enclosed machinery and electronics allow the wheelbarrow to be washed down without causing short circuits.

If you are interested in an electric wheelbarrow or any of our electric vehicles please get in touch with a member of our team.