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Safe Contractor

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Electric Vehicle News

How Dirty Streets Are Affecting The Environment And Property Values In Your Area

The natural world and environment around us, is our most precious inheritance. Everyone wants their country to be a great place to live, with clean air and water, beautiful countryside, habitats, and stunning urban areas that are welcoming and vibrant. The UK is blessed to have diverse landscapes, beautiful countryside, rolling hills, coastlines, and seas. […]

Technical Support Desk

About the Role The role of Technical Support Technician will encompass a range of key customer service activities providing support to our customers. You will act as the prime customer contact point for all query types. Your day will consist of fault management primarily, as well as general support for our various in-house engineers. You […]

How The NHS Are Leading The Change Towards Electric Vehicles

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) climate change is impacting the health of human lives in a variety of ways. For instance, it is affecting the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. As climate change develops, the UK has experienced 9 out of 10 of the hottest years […]

ePowerTrucks Is Hiring!

We are looking for an engineer for our fast-growing company in Oldham, to be based in the North West, who must be prepared to work away when required.   Duties include servicing, maintaining, and fault diagnostics for our range of electrically powered equipment, EV Trucks, and battery-powered handling equipment. Must have a strong electrical/mechanical background […]

HMP Portland Invests In A Fleet Of Zero Emission Electric Pedestrian Trucks From ePowerTrucks

Dorset based HMP Portland has invested in 5 EP 500 electric platform trucks from ePowerTrucks. The zero emission all-electric pedestrian trucks will be used by the on-site maintenance and housekeeping teams. The EP 500 is a pedestrian-controlled electric platform truck that is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, it has great stability and can carry […]

Prestigious Staffordshire School Invests In ePowerTrucks EP AMP XL

A large prestigious school in Staffordshire has switched to electric with the all-electric EP AMP XL. The school maintenance team will be taking full advantage of the EP AMP XL as they can use the large flatbed for carrying up to 400kg of waste/tools, and with its range of up to 90 km, this plug-in […]

The glutton vacuum helps Jewellery Quarter to sparkle

An innovative street cleaning machine is helping Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter to shine even brighter. The Jewellery Quarter is a unique mixture of jewellery makers and retailers, and also has a thriving food and drink scene. The Jewellery Quarter Business Improvement District (JQBID) recently invested in a Glutton street cleaner for its Clean Team, to help […]

Mersey Fire & Rescue Take Delivery Of MC-480 Electric Burden Carrier

Merseyside Fire Rescue Service Training & Development Academy has recently taken delivery of an MC-480 electric burden carrier from ePowerTrucks. With its advanced engineering and improved modular design, the MC-480 electric burden carrier takes productivity to new places.  It boasts superior components throughout, including a high-efficiency AC powertrain and controller with multifunction display, direct drive […]

2 New Alke Electric Vehicles Delivered To Large Manufacturing Site In North West

ePowerTrucks have recently delivered 2 Alke electric vehicles to a large manufacturing site in the northwest. The 2 vehicles will be used around the 52-acre manufacturing site. One of the vehicles is an Alke 340 ED double cab vehicle. This vehicle has a 4 seater capacity as well as a large cargo area and will […]

Why Electric Vehicles Are Vital To Improve The Air Quality Surrounding Hospitals

Air pollution has now become a public health crisis. Almost a third of preventable deaths (36,000) in England are due to air pollution. It can affect everyone from birth to death it surrounds us in every way. Every year tens of thousands of people visit hospitals suffering from various conditions that have been exacerbated by […]

Certifications Required For Explosion-Proof Vehicles When Used Within Hazardous Locations

Any industry that processes, uses, or manufactures material that can produce a flammable atmosphere could potentially have an explosive atmosphere. An explosion can occur when there is a fuel such as gas, an oxidizer, and a source of ignition such as a hot surface. The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) relate to […]

What Classifications Are My Hazardous Zones?

Dangerous substances can severely impact an individual’s safety and put them at risk of fires, explosions, and corrosion. They are classified as any substance that is used or present at work that would, if not properly controlled, cause harm. Often found in virtually all workplaces, they include solvents, paints, varnishes, flammable gases pressurised gases and […]

Workshop Controller

Responsibilities:  The post holder is responsible for the day to day, safe and efficient running of the workshop. The controller is responsible for ensuring efficient stock levels of materials, fixings and fastenings and machine tools (liaising with the Warehouse team) to ensure the smooth and cost-effective progression of projects through the workshop. Daily attendance and […]

Keeping Your Electric Vehicle Running Smoothly

Electric vehicles (EVs) operate differently from petrol or diesel-fuelled vehicles and equipment, therefore, differ in their servicing and repair requirements. Here are a few tips from ePower Trucks to enable you to keep your electric vehicle running smoothly. Recharging Batteries Although this may seem an obvious point, it is often forgotten. Batteries should be charged […]

Tyntesfield National Trust Site Praises ePowerTrucks Electric Shuttle Bus

ePowerTrucks has recently delivered Tyntesfield an all-electric shuttle bus with a custom wheelchair ramp, to be used around their large Somerset estate. The electric vehicle was delivered in November 2011 and has had rave reviews from Malcolm Thorne (Senior Visitor Experience Officer). ePowerTrucks have been brilliant to work with. They are great at quick and […]

How Electric Warehouse Vehicles Can Help Make Your Warehouse More Environmentally Friendly With ePower Trucks

Global warming and climate change are huge topics looming over our planet. Many businesses are looking for new ways to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Including recycling, changing lighting, and using electric warehouse vehicles. This is the same across the warehousing, transportation, and storage industry. There are various benefits to making your warehouse environmentally […]

2 New Electric Buses To Help Boost Chester Zoo’s Transport Options

2 new, all-electric shuttle busses are the latest additions to Chester Zoo’s growing electric fleet from ePowerTrucks. Chester Zoo identified the EP14 from ePowerTrucks as a bus thatcould help them further enhance their shuttle service, which assists visitors around their zoo. One of the electric buses comes equipped with a ramp for wheelchair accessibility. The […]

London Borough of Brent Go Green With A Glutton 2211

London Borough of Brent has taken delivery of a Glutton electric pedestrian street vacuum from ePowerTrucks. The Glutton vacuum will be used in the large civic centre location by the on-site maintenance and grounds team. This all-electric street cleaner will be a helpful hand for the team while cleaning up leaves, litter, and confetti from […]

Ways Technology Can Optimise Last Mile Delivery

Consumer buying behaviours have developed and changed over time and ecommerce has erupted. As consumers are increasingly turning to online purchasing especially since the pandemic the speed at which fulfilment is anticipated has increased. Customers demand to receive their products on time, and quite rightly in an acceptable condition. The hope placed on businesses for […]

How Electric Vehicles Help Reduce Noise Pollution

With the new UK government’s 10-point green recovery plan, which commits to banning all newly bought petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, it is safe to think that the future of motoring is going to be electric. This is all set to create a carbon neutral UK by 2050. Air pollution is not the only […]

ESS Takes Delivery Of 2 Custom Bodied EP AMP XL Electric Utility Vehicles From ePowerTrucks

Eurest Support Services have recently taken delivery 2 custom-bodied EP AMP XL electric vehicles from ePowerTrucks. The 2 electric utility vehicles will be used on the Garats Hay Barracks in Woodhouse Eaves. They have been fitted with custom-made bodies which enable them to be used for a variety of on-site applications. The EP AMP utility […]

Large Machinery Plant In North East England Invests In 3 Electric Stock Chasers From ePowerTrucks

A North East heavy machinery plant has invested in 3 electric-powered stock pickers from ePowerTrucks. The 3 electric stock chasers will be used around the large site to assist the warehouse team. The MS 260 Electric Stock Chaser is the industry’s most versatile stand-up stock chaser/order picker, with a capacity of up to 6,000 lbs. […]

Peterborough City Hospital To Use State Of The Art Electric Street Cleaning Equipment To Improve Hospital Grounds

Peterborough City Hospital has invested in the all-electric Glutton Urban Vacuum from ePowerTrucks, in a continued bid to keep the large hospital grounds tidy. The Glutton 2411 electric street sweeper is quiet and environmentally friendly as it does not produce pollutants. This easy-to-use and effective vehicle saves operators time and improves productivity. The Glutton handles […]

Bargoed Farm has upgraded its fleet to include electric vehicles from ePowerTrucks

One of Wales’s best-kept secrets has upgraded its fleet to include 2 all-electric utility vehicles from ePowerTrucks. Bargoed Farm, based in the heart of the world renowned Cardigan Bay is a large site that celebrates all things made in Wales in their unique farm shop, butchers, and bistro. They also have a brand new touring […]

A Closer Look at Our Streets

Street cleaning can often be overlooked and taken for granted. Overall, it involves various strands of activities connecting to the cleanliness of our streets. These can include street sweeping whether this is manual, or machine based, car park cleansing, fly-tip removal, the removal of graffiti, litter picking, weed spraying, dog bin emptying, chewing gum removal […]

The Dylan Costal Resort Takes Delivery of EP AMP 6 Electric Utility Vehicle

Dylan Coastal Resort & Facilities has recently taken delivery of an EP AMP 6 electric multi-passenger from ePowerTrucks. This vehicle is ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle. A small profile makes it perfect for transporting people in the stylish resort. The Dylan Luxury Lodges was founded in 2015 and provides stylish […]

Large Wholesale Distributor Takes Delivery of Another Jobmaster Electric Trolley Mover

Another large UK based wholesale distributor has taken delivery of a Jobmaster Electric Trolley MoverThis electric-powered pedestrian tug will be used for the collection and distribution of trolleys around their large car park and warehouse. The Jobmaster Electric Trolley Mover is a compact and practical electric tug suitable for towing and pushing trolleys in narrow […]

Future-Proof Your Operations

Clean Air Zones are going to become more common, as cities fight to reduce air pollution. Now is the time to future-proof your operations and get ahead of the curve. The number of Clean Air Zones (CAZs) across the UK is growing, as cities aim to reduce emissions to improve air quality. Transport is the […]

Going Green on Campus

Electric utility trucks are ideal for closed campus operations. In this article, we run through some of the key benefits you can expect from operating all-electric vehicles. Universities, colleges, and boarding schools all have significantly sized estates to manage. The latest electric utility trucks can help you green your operations on campus, without sacrificing productivity. […]

The Impact Of Using An Electric Last Mile Delivery Vehicle

Last mile delivery is defined as the movement of goods from out-of-town warehouses or suppliers to the final delivery address, such as homes or businesses. With the demand for final mile delivery soaring, it is more important than ever for warehouses, suppliers, and retailers to leverage cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions. Last mile delivery […]

How Supply Chain Optimisation Can Increase Your EBITDA

Increasing EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation) through supply chain optimisation is critical for any competitive business. The supply chain is in an active state whenever goods, equipment, products, or materials move within or between companies.  While the processes in the supply chain are often considered functional and not a source of revenue, […]

Blackpool Council Takes Delivery of 2 Glutton H20 Cleaning Machines

Blackpool Council has recently taken delivery of 2 Glutton H20 electric-powered street cleaning vacuums. The all-electric Glutton H20 vacuums will be deployed in and around the city centre. Equipped with a built-in pressure cleaner the Glutton will make light work of cleaning the northern town. The Glutton street vacuum allows street cleaning operatives to easily […]

Blackpool Pleasure Beach takes delivery of custom electric platform truck from ePowerTrucks.

ePowerTrucks have recently delivered an EP 800 for use by their catering team around the 42 acre site. The EP 800 electric pedestrian-vehicle has been fitted with a mesh cage with drop-down sides and a zinc finish. This multipurpose electric vehicle has great stability and can carry up to 600 kg with a 12-mile range […]

The 5 Lean Principles To Improve Your Logistics Operation

Lean logistics is a practice, methodology, strategy, philosophy, and concept. It looks to increase efficiency by identifying customer value and eliminating waste and inefficiencies. The five lean principles were born almost fifty years ago, in Toyota Corporation, for perfecting car manufacturing in Japan. It has since been adapted and tweaked for use in many other […]

ePowerTrucks Supply Royal Air Force Base With Jobmaster Electric Pedestrian Tug

A Midlands RAF base has recently taken delivery of a Jobmaster Electric Pedestrian Tug for use in and around their large site The pedestrian tug will be added to their current fleet of Jobaster Tugs from ePowerTrucks and will assist with aircraft maintenance. The jobmaster pedestrian tow tug is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. […]

Cosmo delivers the goods for CBD drinks supplier

A leading CBD drinks company is one of the first in the UK to invest in a new electric delivery truck. Intune is a fast-growing producer of all-natural, CBD drinks. The East London-based company recently purchased an X-Cell compact electric truck for delivering online orders to customers in the capital. Intune’s Instagram followers have dubbed […]

The Ultimate Guide To Lean Logistics

There are two key points of survival in this economic climate: saving money and increasing profit. Our guide explains what Lean Logistics is, how Lean Logistics helps, and how to implement it in a distribution or last mile delivery setting to save money and increase profits. We look at the principles behind Lean Logistics and [...]

Luxury Lakefront Development Takes Delivery Of EP AMP 6 Electric Vehicle From ePowerTrucks

The Lakes by Yoo Luxury Lakefront Homes have taken delivery of a fully electric EP AMP 6 vehicle for their guest services team. The luxury lakefront development is based in the Cotswolds. This electric passenger vehicle is ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle. A small profile makes it perfect for transporting people in […]

EP AMP XL Supplied To Royal Albert Dock Liverpool for Waste Management

In conjunction with B&M Waste Services ePowerTrucks has recently delivered an EP AMP XL with a custom trailer to the Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool. The EP AMP XL is ideal for the Royal Albert Dock due to its small profile, great power and ample load capacity. It will be used around the large site […]

Are White Vans Going Green?

The Government recently confirmed that by 2030, all new light commercial vehicles (LCVs) sold must be fully electric. However, is ‘white van man’ ready to go green? A recent study by vehicle finance specialists Lombard found some surprising answers. There is a perception that sole traders and small business owners, do not care about the […]

The Benefits Of Using Electric Street Sweepers

Towns and cities across the UK have a huge task keeping on top of dropped rubbish, as well as pebbles, sand, and salt used during harsh winter weather. The problems presented to local authorities are also often something private businesses, retail parks, and industry have to contend with. The electric street sweeper is a compact and [...]

Unsure What Type Of Electric Delivery Vehicle Is Right For You?

Whether you are a fleet manager or a small business looking for a single delivery solution, choosing the right vehicles is absolutely essential. Most companies and local retailers search for an affordable, reliable, and practical vehicle, and electric delivery vehicles fulfil these three criteria. From this point on, the right electric delivery truck differs for [...]

Edwards Leisure Park Invests In 2 Glutton H20 Perfect Electric Street Cleaners

Edwards Leisure & Caravan Park has invested in 2 all new electric Glutton Street Cleaning Vacuums for their North Wales Caravan Park. The Glutton H₂O Perfect vacuum cleaner cleans and disinfects your venues. The Glutton® electric industrial vacuum has revolutionised the work of maintenance staff. The cleaning attendant has traded in his broom and his litter […]

Woodlands Resort Takes Delivery of 2 EP AMP XL Electric Utility Vehicles From ePowerTrucks

Another 2 x EP Amps XL‘s delivered yesterday to the stunning Woodlands Glencoe Resort in Scotland. These latest additions will add to their growing electric fleet used for maintenance and operations teams. Being fully electric there is no noise or emissions which will ensure they are not disturbing the guests. This utility vehicle is ideal […]

2nd Electric Shuttle Bus For Dyrham Park

Dyrham Park has taken delivery of their 2nd electric wheelchair bus from ePowerTrucks. The custom-made shuttle bus has been specially modified for the large National Trust site to accommodate a wheelchair and make the movement around the 270-acre site accessible for all. The EP 14 electric shuttle bus was fitted with a custom ramp and […]

ePowerTrucks EV Spotted In Westminster

One of ePowerTrucks electric vehicles was used as part of the Ocean Hero campaign from WWF + Sky Ocean Rescue. The X-Cell+ zero-emission electric vehicle was converted into a solar powered vegan ice cream truck. The X-CELL+ is an all-electric compact utility vehicle that can travel up to 50 mph with a range of up […]

The Benefits Of Buying A Used Electric Vehicle

From mining operations to schools, hospitals, warehouses, and last mile delivery providers, sustainability, purchase and operating costs, and reliability are top priorities when looking for equipment and vehicles. New electric vehicles are undoubtedly reliable, a sustainable solution, and offer low operating costs, but the purchase price can put them out of the reach of many […]

How To Improve Your Last Mile Delivery Service

Last mile delivery is the final step in satisfying the customer’s order. However, this can be the riskiest part of the fulfilment process, with a chance of parcels going missing or not being delivered. Final mile delivery is a vital part of any company and one that can differentiate you from your competitors. Get it […]

How To Choose The Right Electric Tow Tractor For The Job

Companies are constantly striving to meet operational challenges, balancing safety, efficiency, and quality of service. Moving materials, goods, and equipment is a core part of many businesses, which inevitably means using vehicles such as an electric tow tractor. Choosing the right electric tow tractor will result in improving your production flow to achieve higher levels […]

Fosse Park Goes Electric With ePowerTrucks

Fosse Shopping Park, one of Britain’s biggest out-of-town shopping parks has recently upgraded to an Alke 330E from ePowerTrucks. The ATX 330E zero-emissions vehicles matches robustness and power for the toughest off-road jobs as well as giving the performance and agility necessary for urban applications. The electric motor AC 48 V guarantees a high level […]

Southern Dealer Takes Delivery Of Another E-250 Electric Powered Tow Tug From ePowerTrucks

One of ePowerTrucks dealers has taken delivery of another E-250 electric tow tug. They chose the electric tug from ePowerTrucks due to its superb towing ability and excellent handling. This electric-powered bin tug will be used to pull 1100 litre bins around a large power station. The ePowerTrucks E-250 Electric Vehicle combines the stability of […]

What Does First, Middle, & Last Mile Delivery Mean?

Transit from manufacturer to customer almost always consists of a multiple-step journey. Each step needs to be efficient and cost-effective for any company to succeed, survive, and thrive in a competitive space. First mile delivery, middle mile delivery, and last mile delivery are the terms used within the distribution and supply chain to describe each […]

Appin Holiday Homes Goes Electric With New EP AMP XL From ePowerTrucks

Appin Holiday Homes has invested in an all electric utility vehicle from ePowerTrucks. The EP AMP XL is a compact electric utility vehicle with great power, zero-emission, and ample load capacity. Perfect for use in and around the lodges and caravans on site.

How Electric Warehouse Equipment Is Helping Ease The Burden

The warehouse is a unique environment with its challenges, mostly centred around achieving maximum capacity while moving goods, parts, and equipment in, out, and around the facility safely and in the most efficient manner. Electric warehouse equipment plays a crucial role in achieving these goals, and while they look small and compact, they are, in […]

Keeping Communities Safe With Last Mile Delivery Vehicles

We all desire safe communities for ourselves, our family, and our friends. However, if you start a conversation on community safety, it is likely to tackle issues such as crime and anti-social behaviour. Yet, as we relax in our gardens or work within our homes, vehicle noise and pollution are ever-present. One of the worst […]

New Cleaning Machines Increase Productivity for NCP

The UK’s leading car park operator says its new fleet of cleaning machines have helped it efficiently manage its estate during the pandemic. NCP, which operates more than 500 sites across the UK, invested in 20 Glutton cleaners to further enhance safety and cleanliness in its car parks. The Glutton delivered significant productivity gains, enabling […]

How Electric Wheelbarrows Are Changing Agriculture Work

Today we are taking a look at how electric wheelbarrows are changing agricultural work. The agricultural industry has long been at the forefront of innovation. First, it was the ox and plough, and now it is machines carrying out tasks performed by hundreds of people in the past. While these large-scale and laborious jobs needed […]

Gilpin Hotel & Lake House Takes Delivery of EP AMP 6

Gilpin Hotel & Lake House have taken delivery of a fully electric EP AMP 6 vehicle for their guest services team. The luxury hotel is based in the Lake District and boasts 2 onsite restaurants and large gardens. This electric passenger vehicle is ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle. A small […]

How To Reduce Your Last Mile Delivery Costs

In the face of a massive boom in eCommerce, you need to look for ways to reduce your last mile delivery costs, to maintain an effective business model. Last mile delivery might be the final part of the supply chain, but it is largely recognised to account for more than half of all the delivery […]

Are All Electric Vehicles Road Legal?

Electric vehicles (EVs) have plenty of benefits and advantages that many businesses across multiple sectors would like to enjoy. However, not all electric vehicles are road-legal. If you are tasked with purchasing road-legal electric vehicles for your company, you need to ensure that they are denoted as ‘road legal’ or ‘road homologation.’ By switching your […]

ePowerTrucks plans for the future following MBO

Recent Management buyout of Epowertruck/Lift Safe Ltd, ensures continuity of staff and services in the Oldham based company. Owner, Jerry Hanss, started Epowertrucks/Lift Safe Ltd 20 years ago and is delighted to sell his majority share of the business to colleagues, whilst retaining a 25% share. Commenting on the timing of the transaction Jerry said: […]

How The Pandemic Has Shaped The Future Of Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery solutions were already experiencing strong growth as consumers recognised the convenience of shopping from home. However, the pandemic is supercharging this shift in consumer behaviour, creating a rapid upwards surge in home deliveries of non-essential and essential goods as brick and mortar stores face in-person trading restrictions and forced closures. Retailers are […]

How Last Mile Delivery Is Changing The Transport Industry

Last mile delivery has long been considered the most expensive, pollution generating, and inefficient part of the supply chain. Predominantly dominated by diesel or petrol-guzzling vehicles, this sector of the transport industry is changing in response to the changing expectations from consumers and merchants. Existing fleet vehicles are being replaced, and new fleets of clean […]

Keeping University Campus’ Clean With Electric Vehicles

Universities, colleges, and school campuses have various challenges to overcome when striving to achieve a clean and sustainable campus. Fossil-fuelled transportation solutions have inherently been polluters, but electric vehicles (EVs) are taking over this space and solving the clean transportation problem. The latest EVs use innovative technologies to quickly, efficiently and safely handle everyday tasks, […]

How Inefficient Last Mile Deliveries Can Cost You Dearly

For many logistics and distribution companies, as well as smaller local businesses who have brought their service in-house, the final leg of the journey, known as last mile delivery, can be extremely costly. Last mile logistics can account for more than half of the costs associated with expediting products and goods from the final distribution […]

Shrewsbury Town Council has taken delivery of a new electric vehicle

Shrewsbury Town Council has taken delivery of a new electric vehicle to add to its existing fleet, taking it a step closer to becoming carbon neutral. The Town Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 and made a commitment to ensure its activities and operations were carbon neutral by 2030. Helen Ball, Town Clerk, said: […]

Last Mile Delivery FAQ

The last mile delivery solution is the most critical element of the eCommerce supply chain. Customers might expect this to be free, which might be a person or a business, and they certainly expect it to be fast. These delivery companies need to be competitive and meet consumer demand while simultaneously cutting costs and improving […]

New Role – Technical Support Desk

Job Description Responsibilities The role entails working in a busy technical service-related operation for a company involved with EV trucks and material handling equipment. The ideal candidate would be an individual who is already working in a service orientated environment supporting customers incoming calls for information and queries regarding vehicle repairs and project managing these […]

How Electric Hospital Equipment Is Helping Ease The Burden

Electric hospital equipment is fundamental to the operations of busy healthcare facilities. As more recognition is placed on staff and patients’ wellbeing and the demands to be ever more efficient grow, it makes excellent sense to invest in electric hospital equipment. There is intense pressure on wards in hospitals across the UK, and this is […]

The Lexicon Bracknell Upgrades To Electric With All New Alke Electric Utility Vehicle

The Lexicon Bracknell recently took delivery of an Alke 330E Electric Utility Vehicle from ePowerTrucks. This utility vehicle was supplied with a bin trailer capable of carrying 4 x 1100 litre bins. The Lexicon Bracknell is a contemporary, open-air complex of shops, restaurants & cafes, as well as a multiplex cinema and the Alke ATX […]

Construction Company Takes Delivery of Jobmaster HD

London based construction company takes delivery of a Jobmaster HD electric pedestrian tow tug. This powerful electric tug will be used on a London block of flats for moving bins from the underground storage to street level. The Jobmaster HD bin tug can tow up to 3,000 kg and can travel up to 12 miles […]

Are Road Sweepers Hygienic?

If you venture out onto the roads or city centre streets in the early hours of the morning, then you are sure to come across road sweepers regularly. Road sweepers are used across the UK to clear urban areas of debris, dust, and dirt that collect on road surfaces and pavements. The newest road sweepers […]

What Is Last-Mile Delivery

The last-mile delivery is the last stage of moving goods or people to their final destination. This leg of the journey is something that warehouses and factories often have a significant need for, taking goods from the back of a lorry into the facility. Local delivery companies have a similar need, and the demand to […]

North West Reserve Forces & Cadets Association Upgrades To An AMP 4 From ePowerTrucks

The The North West of England and the Isle of Man Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association (NW RFCA) recently took delivery of an AMP 4 electric passenger vehicle from ePowerTrucks. This vehicle is ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle. A small profile makes it perfect for transporting people in congested areas such as industrial sites and college campuses. The […]

Northern Forklift Truck Dealer Takes Delivery of E-250 Electric Tow Tug

A large Northern based forklift truck dealer has recently taken delivery of an E-250 electric for their well-established healthcare customer. They chose the electric tug from ePowerTrucks due to its superb towing ability and excellent handling. The E-250 combines the stability of a 4-wheel vehicle with the maneuverability of a 3-wheel tow tug thanks to […]

Refresh Your Workers With New Training

The use of electric vehicles in business premises and worksites is quickly growing as their convenience becomes recognised and businesses put a focus on reducing their carbon emissions. In use in a diverse range of industries, including warehouses, hospitals, universities, airports, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals, it is highly advantageous for your workers and operators to be […]

London Based Apartment Block Takes Delivery Of Jobmaster HD Electric Tug

ePowerTrucks has recently supplied a large, London based, apartment building block with a Jobmaster HD electric pedestrian tug. This electric vehicle is the perfect tool for moving 1100 litre bins from the underground storage to street level, thus assisting the on-site maintenance team to be more productive, as well as reducing the manual handling across […]

What Are Explosion Proof Electric Vehicles

Explosion-proof vehicles are designed for use in the most demanding conditions and hazardous environments. They avoid ignition risks in the surrounding atmosphere, making them an essential item of oil and gas equipment at gas and oil processing plants. They are also used in chemical plants, tunnel construction, and mining. Whether it is for maintenance, logistics, […]

ePowerTrucks Keeps National Trust Site Catering Team Moving With The Help Of EP AMP Electric Vehicle

The catering department at a large midlands based National Trust site has a new all-electric vehicle supplied by ePowerTrucks. The fully electric EP AMP is helping employees at the large site to move everything from food, catering equipment, waste and more around the large 800+ acre site. The EP Amp is a compact electric utility […]

Are Your Business Health & Safety Practices Up To Date?

You know that you must comply with workplace health & safety, yet many business owners and SMEs find this challenging, while new businesses can feel overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. Business health & safety laws and regulations change frequently, so it can be difficult to stay on top of things. It can take a […]

Manchester Apartment Blocks Takes Delivery of Electric Bin Tug

ePowerTrucks have supplied a large Manchester apartment block with an e-250 electric bin tug. This electric bin tug will be an ideal tool for the maintenance team, speeding up the transfer of bins around the site as well as reducing manual handling issues for all staff. The e-250 electric tug combines the stability of a […]

The Increased Demand on Warehouses is Expected to Continue In 2021

Warehouse work continues to see demand increases, and there are no signs of this slowing down in 2021. As non-essential retail businesses are closed in another national lockdown, people again turn to online shopping, which means more warehouse work, especially in small orders dispatched directly to consumers. As lockdowns become less of a shock, panic […]

Are You following Waste Management Process?

A waste management process is both important and required under the law. The regulations intend to reduce commercial waste, recycle waste, and safely move or store it to prevent fires, slips, trips, and blocked exits. Commercial waste is any waste originating from industry, agriculture, demolition, or construction. This could be scrap metal, compostable materials, chemical […]

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme is the government’s initiative to help decarbonise the UK’s transport systems, achieve zero tailpipe emissions, and reduce air pollution.  The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) helps people who want to charge their electric vehicles at home. There is also a version of the scheme for businesses, which we will cover in our report’s final part.  The […]

How warehouses are staying safe in covid-19

Warehouses are an essential part of the supply chain, and a COVID secure warehouse is something all businesses should strive for. It is going to require greater levels of flexibility from employees and employers to tackle the pandemic.  What we know about COVID-19 so far is that workers are at particular risk if they are older […]

Rosliston Forestry Centre Choose ePowerTrucks

Many thanks to Rosliston Forestry Centre in Derbyshire who have chosen ePowertrucks and Alke electric vehicles as they move from Diesel to Electric.This road legal truck will be used on and off the site for the coming years as a general maintenance vehicle.www.epowertrucks.co.uk#electric #ev #electricvehicle

Our Training Services

Knowing how to operate electric vehicles and equipment correctly is essential for keeping your workforce and business visitors safe. As an experienced handling equipment supplier, we know that training is absolutely invaluable. With electric vehicle training, your team will be able to prevent injuries and avoid causing costly damage to premises, products, and your infrastructure. […]

How to ensure your tunnel workers are safe

There are thousands of tunnels in the UK and hundreds of tunnel workers operating in sectors such as gas, oil, utilities, transport, and underground construction. There are similar and industry-specific safety risks, so tunnelling workers must be prepared to encounter a wide range of potential hazards. To ensure your workers can embark safely on tunnelling projects, […]

How to Safely Transport Dangerous & Hazardous Goods

Safety should never be overlooked, and if your business is or intends to undertake the transportation of dangerous goods, then you must know what you are doing. Hazardous and highly-dangerous materials include flammable, explosive, radioactive, or acidic items and include items you might think of as common goods, such as paints, pesticides, and solvents. Whether […]

Waste Management Tips

Waste management is an important issue for UK businesses and factories. Firms are under more pressure than ever before to reduce their environmental impact and save money at the same time. Effective waste management is vital, regulations must be adhered to, and businesses should always dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous materials responsibly. Here we have […]

The Increased Demand On Warehouses

With non-essential retail closed down once again as part of the November 2020 pandemic lockdown, there will be an increased demand on warehouses. On-demand warehousing solutions and direct to consumer shopping look set to be a more significant part of today’s warehouse. This will put extra strain on warehouse staff with a more significant number […]

How to choose the best electric tow tug

The electric tow tug comes in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the best fit for your purpose. You can find models that suit all reasonable budgets, they are easy to use, and anyone can learn to operate one in a very short amount of time. The electric tow tug has numerous applications […]

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!

East Anglia’s premier beach resort will be much cleaner now it has a Glutton Collect H20 to clean Great Yarmouth’s famous golden mile and all that goes with a popular family seaside destination. The operatives were extremely impressed with how quiet the machine was and how easy it was to operate. It performed exceptionally well […]

Features, Uses and Benefits of Electric Burden Carriers

The electric burden carrier is a favourite within many businesses, giving the workforce the power to move materials or tow products through the company’s indoor and outdoor spaces. Flatbed utility carts are invaluable in warehouses, workshops, waste management, and manufacturing facilities, providing a better alternative to forklifts and other large vehicles. A burden carrier is […]

How Staff Are Keeping You Safe At The Airport

Airport safety has and will always be a priority. Good airport safety etiquette includes being respectful to airport and transport staff, as well as other passengers. With coronavirus, staff are keeping you safe at the airport in various ways. You can play your part and remember that you must wear a mask or face covering. […]

How our Electric Hospital Equipment is supporting the NHS

ePowerTrucks’ electric hospital equipment is making the life of NHS workers easier at a difficult time with increased patient numbers due to the current coronavirus and quickly arriving winter. NHS nurses and porters are under extreme mental and physical stress levels as they attempt to handle longer shifts in conjunction with greater family needs at home.  To help prevent work-related injuries […]

Why you need a Pedestrian electric tow tug

The pedestrian electric tow tug is a firm favourite in businesses across the UK. Electric tow tugs are tough and reliable and with low maintenance, they are the perfect solution for businesses that need to pull and push heavy wheeled loads or trailers.  The pedestrian electric tow tug is not classed as a vehicle, and this […]

E480 Electric Burden Carrier Supplied To Northern Automotive Factory

ePowerTrucks have recently delivered a northern automotive factory with a custom bodied E-480 electric burden carrier. This utility vehicle will be used to carry components and part from the large warehouse to the fast moving production line.

Electric Burden Flatbed Utility Carts

An electric burden carrier is one of the most useful types of utility vehicles and quickly becomes a valuable asset when used in a commercial or business setting. Renowned for being small yet strong, flatbed utility carts can tow products or materials across your business workspace or site with ease. Traffic within a worksite poses […]

RAF Mildenhall Takes Delivery of EP AMP XL

RAF Mildenhall recently took delivery of an EP AMP XL Electric Utility Vehicle. This utility vehicle is perfect for light work and as a site transport vehicle.

Large Aviation Services Company Takes Delivery Of Pedestrian Electric Tug

A large aviation services company takes delivery of another Jobmaster HD pedestrian tug. This tug will be used to move loads around the aircraft dispersal area mainly the large Ground Power Units.

Large Northwest Campus Takes Delivery of AMP 6

A large northwest campus has recently taken delivery of an EP AMP 6 passenger electric vehicle. This electric multi-passenger vehicle has replaced an old 4 seater petrol golf buggy. The move to electric was a simple decision, due to the reduction in noise and fumes from the old petrol vehicle. The EP AMP 6 is […]

EP500 Supplied For Use On Windfarm

ePowerTrucks have recently supplied an EP500 to a windfarm maintenance team. This mobile electric platform truck will be used to transport tools and equipment down the jetty and onto a boat for the maintenance team to service offshore wind farms. Ramps aren’t a problem as the EP 500 can handle a 20% gradient with a […]

London Bike Rental Scheme Takes Delivery of Alke ATX 340E

ePowerTrucks are Pleased to have supplied this lithium powered ATX340E to a new bicycle scheme in London. Human Forest offers bike rentals, with electric assist, which can be used free of charge for 20 minutes. The bikes are available in and around the Islington area but they will soon spread throughout London. The ATX vehicle […]

Major Hospital Takes Delivery Of 2 Fully Electric Tucks With Rear Can Boxes

Two fully electric trucks with rear van boxes fitted going to a major hospital today to assist with cleaning operations. More units in stock ready to go. Call ePowerTrucks 0161 626 9628

ePowerTrucks Supply Refurbished Motrec 480

Pleased to supply this refurbished Motrec 480 complete with a new hot pressure washer yesterday to a site in London. We supplied this in two weeks from the order so the machine can be used in a new cleaning operation. Thank you to our customer, Industrial Cleaning Equipment

North Tyneside General Hospital Take Delivery Of Electric Tow Tug From ePowerTrucks

E250 electric tow tug delivered to North Tyneside General Hospital recently by ePowerTrucks. This is the latest addition to their fleet of e250s to assist the porters in waste and material handling throughout the hospital.

Aintree University Hospital Takes Delivery Of 2 e250 Electric Tugs

2 x e250 electric tugs prepped and ready to go to Aintree University Hospital. These tugs come at a crucial time for the hospital whose existing tugs are old and not fit for purpose anymore.

Custom EP Flatbed Converted Into Coffee Cart

Great shot of a completed coffee cart we supplied a few weeks ago. We converted the body but the customer made a fantastic job of the fit-out himself, adding all the equipment. The custom body with stainless steel washout base was fitted to one of our EP Flatbed electric trucks. Grab yourself a socially distanced […]

RAF Base Uses Electric Tugs To Assist With Aircraft Maintenance Operations

Two Jobmaster electric tugs out for delivery today to an RAF base in the midlands. These 3 tonne capacity tugs will add to their current fleet of Jobmasters to assist with aircraft maintenance operations.

Electric Bin Tug Takes The Strain For High Rise Manchester Apartment Building

Refurbished bin tug and cradle delivered recently to a high rise apartment building in Manchester city centre. This electric tug will help avoid any accidents or injuries when taking the bins from the underground bin store to the ground level for weekly collection.

Refurbished E-242 Electric Tug For Large Factory

Fully re-furbished E242 electric tug out for delivery today. This tug will be used in a large factory for the collection of 1100 litre waste bins. At Epowertrucks we sell, lease, and hire new and used equipment with something available for every budget.

Electric Wheelchair Bus To Help Derriford Hospital

Another electric wheelchair bus supplied to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. We supplied this prior to lock down and I know our customer is looking forward to getting the bus into service when restrictions ease. This particular bus was supplied with two electric retractable steps to help those who need it to access the vehicle.

3 Electric Shuttle Buses For Manchester City Football Club

Three electric shuttle buses ready to be delivered to Manchester City Football Club. Two have been supplied with wheelchair ramps. They will be used for the stadium and academy tours. They now have a fleet of five buses. I’m looking forward to seeing them in action when the tour reopens.

Tresco Island Invests In 10 ePowerTrucks Electric Vehicles

We recently delivered 10 custom electric vehicles to Tresco Island on the Isles of Scilly. Four lithium powered buses for transporting people from the heliport and six buggies to help visitors explore the island.

Preston Hospital Takes Delivery of Fleet of Jobmaster Electric Tugs

Royal Preston Hospital has recently taken delivery of a fleet of Jobaster HD electric pedestrian tow tugs. These tugs will be used across the large hospital site for towing 1100 litre bins and waste laundry trollies.

ePowerTrucks Supplies The Wave Inland Surfing Destination With 2 Custom Electric Buses

Two electric 14 passenger buses supplied to The Wave in Bristol. The Wave is an inland surf destination where everyone can surf on consistent, safe waves all year round. We even supplied the buses with surfboard racks!!!

Future Fleet Forum 2020

ePowerTrucks are proud to be exhibiting at the 2020 Future Fleet Forum. We will be exhibiting our range of street cleaning equipment. Come and see us on stand 20. The LAPV Future Fleet Forum is hosted by The City of London and will bring together Fleet and Transport Managers from the public sector and its […]

Large Manufacturing Plant Takes Delivery of Jobmaster Electric Tug

A large well-known manufacturing plant in the UK has recently taken delivery of a Jobmaster electric pedestrian tug to assist in moving heavy tooling around their large UK plant. The Jobmaster is a maneuverable, reliable and very powerful electric tug,  perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  The Jobmaster has a towing capacity of up to 1,500kg.

SEC Centre Takes Delivery Of Fully Enclosed EP14 With Wheelchair Ramp

Scotland’s Largest Exhibition Centre has recently taken delivery of a fully enclosed EP 14, which has been fitted with a fully functional wheelchair ramp. This electric passenger bus is to be used around their large site and will be assisting in the transportation of visitors.

ePowerTrucks Supply Large Manufacturer In The North West With A Road Legal Alke With Custom Trailer

ePowerTrucks have recently supplied a large manufacturer in the northwest of England with a road-legal Alke electric utility vehicle and a custom-built trailer. This road-legal electric vehicle and custom trailer will be used to transfer materials and finished products between factories on a large industrial site.

ePowerTrucks Supplies 2 Custom Built 8 Passenger Vehicles To Prestigious Hotel & Spa

ePowerTrucks have recently supplied 2 custom-build 8 passenger vehicles to a prestigious Hotel & Spa in the North East of England. These custom multi-passenger electric buggies have had custom bodies fitted to them and will be used to transport special guest of the hotel around their large site.

Bridgend County Borough Council Take Delivery Of Electric Vehicle For Watering Flower Beds

ePowerTrucks have supplied Bridgend County Borough Council with an EP 500 electric pedestrian tug which was fitted with a custom water bowser. This electric vehicle will be used by the maintenance/gardening team for watering flower beds and hanging baskets around the borough.

Win A Cadbury Chocolate Hamper

New Year Prize Draw Win a Cadbury chocolate hamper when you spend over £250 (excl.VAT) on parts. Offer ends 31st January 2020. All parts purchases over £250 (excl.VAT) will automatically be entered.

ePowerTrucks Have Recently Supplied Chester University With 7 EP AMPS

ePowerTrucks have recently supplied Chester University with 7 EP Amps. These utility vehicles are ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle. A small profile makes it perfect for security details in congested areas such as parking garages, maintenance sites and college campuses.

Large Estate In The North East Of England Adds 2 More Electric Powered Wheelbarrows To Their Fleet

Large private estate in North East of England has added to their fleet by purchasing 2 more electric powered wheelbarrows to their fleet.

ePowerTrucks Supplies Imperial War Museum With 2 EP 14 Electric Multi Passenger Vehicles

ePowerTrucks have recently supplied the Imperial War Museum with 2 customised EP 14 electric multi-passenger vehicles. One of the electric multi-passenger vehicles was fitted with a custom wheelchair ramp. These electric vehicles will be used for transporting visitors around the large site.

ePowerTrucks Supply Furness General Hospital With Another Jobmaster Electric Tug

ePowerTrucks have recently supplied Furness General Hospital with another Jobmaster HD walk along electric tug. This all-electric pedestrian tug is to be used in the waste management and housekeeping departments of the hospital. The Jobmaster HD will cover approx 12m with a full load. Approx 4 hour recharge time with 240V charger. Low maintenance, silent […]

ePowerTrucks Supply The University Of Hull With All Electric EP500 Electric Pedestrian Platform Truck

ePowerTrucks have supplied The University of Hull with an all-electric pedestrian platform truck to assist in the science experiment labs. The EP 500 pedestrian controlled electric platform truck is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Great stability, 500kg capacity, 12m range with a full load on a single charge.Quick simple recharging. Comes with a 240V […]

Martin-Baker Aircraft Take Delivery Of 2 Custom Made Electric Burden Carriers

Martin-Baker Aircraft take delivery of 2 x custom-made electric burden carriers. These custom built MC 480 AC electric burden carriers where fitted with specially designed vehicle bodies and painted in the customers custom Pantone colour.

The University Of Manchester Take Delivery Of 2 Electric Vehicles

The University of Manchester has recently taken delivery of 2 electric vehicles. These electric utility vehicles will assist the facility and waste management teams across the large site.

Sidcot School Adds EP Flatbed To Their School Maintenance Fleet

ePowerTrucks have recently supplied an EP Flatbed to Sidcot School for their maintenance team. This all-electric utility vehicle can comfortably transport up to 1,000kg and with its many standard features, it makes it the perfect runaround vehicle for the school team.

Progress Rail Add Another Electric Vehicle To Their Existing Fleet From ePowerTrucks

Progress Rail has added another electric vehicle to their existing fleet from ePowerTrucks. They have recently purchased a D1 electric wheelbarrow. The D1 electric wheelbarrow is designed to work with loads up to 400Kg. The frame is made from steel and powder coated with exterior paint. We have worked hard to create the right balance […]

ePowerTrucks Supply O2 Arena With Alke ATX Electric Vehicle For Use On Their Large Site

ePowerTrucks have recently supplied the O2 Arena with an Alke ATX electric utility vehicle for use on their large site. This electric vehicle will be used for general maintenance, it has been fitted with a custom body specifically for carrying tools, maintenance equipment and for the collection of cash boxes from the various pay and […]

ePowerTrucks Supplies Large Prestigious Liverpool Apartments With Jobmaster HD For Bin Towing

ePowerTrucks have recently supplied a large prestigious Liverpool apartment block with an electric pedestrian tug for towing bins from an underground carpark up a ramp to street level. This compact electric pedestrian tug eliminates the manual handling issues the site was having and is ideal for towing up to 4 bins in one go!

Fleet Of Jobmaster Electric Pedestrian Tow Tugs To High Profile London Business District

ePowerTrucks have recently supplied a high profile London business district with a fleet of 5 Jobmaster electric pedestrian tow tugs, these electric vehicles will be used for towing waste trailers around the London site. Low maintenance, silent running, easy to use the Jobmaster electric tug takes up minimal room, perfect for agricultural applications, schools, colleges, […]

Manchester City Take Delivery Of 2 Fully Enclosed Electric Buses From ePowerTrucks

Manchester City has recently taken delivery of 2 fully enclosed electric buses from ePowerTrucks. Theses electric passenger buses are the zero-emission solution that can comfortably transport up to 13 passengers quickly and quietly. With today’s air and noise pollutants, these electric buses are ideal for sustainable mobility projects and Eco-friendly public/private transportation.

London Borough of Barnet Invest In 8 Bespoke Glutton Electric Vacuums

London Borough of Barnet has invested in 8 bespoke painted Glutton Electric Vacuums. The all-electric litter vacuum will now be the forefront of their street cleansing regime to tackle the litter and debris on the streets, parks and in the centre of Barnet, before the Glutton was implemented Barnet had opted to use push along […]

ePowerTrucks Supplies Army Reserve Barracks With 3rd Electric Passenger Vehicle

Army reserve barracks takes delivery of another 6 passenger people carrier this will be their 3rd such vehicle. The aim of this site is to remove all non-essential cars and vans from the main campus and replace them with noise and emissions friendly alternatives. We here at ePowerTrucks are happy to help this transition with […]

ePowerTrucks Supplies North West Bakery With Electric Pedestrian Tug For Moving Trailers

ePowerTrucks have recently supplied a Jobmaster pedestrian electric tug to a large north-west bakery. This electric tug will be used around the large site for towing the purpose-built trailers. ePowerTrucks worked with the bakery to manufacturer a special attachment which makes hooking up to the trailers a breeze. The Jobmaster is a small maneuverable, reliable […]

Manchester Fort Retail Park Takes Delivery Of Alke Road Legal Utility Vehicle From ePowerTrucks

Manchester Fort Retail Park has taken delivery of fully electric road legal Alke truck to assist the operations team in the maintenance and upkeep of the retail park. This vehicle was supplied in conjunction B&M waste and is one of many supplied across the UK on behalf of B&M.

ePowerTrucks EP Bed Mover Makes Work Safer For Hospital Staff

Materials handling & electric vehicle specialist ePowerTrucks innovative EP Electric Bed Transporter system is designed to prevent work-related injury and make life easier for hospital porters and nursing staff whilst moving beds. The exceptionally manoeuvrable, power-assisted, EP Electric Bed Transporter provides the perfect solution to moving hospital beds. It greatly reduces the effort required in […]

Large School In Hampshire Increases ePowerTrucks Fleet From 5 Electric Vehicles To 8

A large school in Hampshire has increased their range of ePowerTrucks electric vehicles from 5 to 8! These electric utility vehicles are perfect for use around their large site and are perfect for a wide range of applications.

ePowerTrucks has recently supplied a large forklift dealer with a VTA 25 electric tow tug

ePowerTrucks has recently supplied a large forklift dealer with a VTA 25 electric tow tug. This 25-tonne electric tow tug will be used indoors and outside around the clock at a large manufacturing plant. The VTA 25 tonne vehicle makes towing trailers around large sites a breeze.

North Tyneside Hospital in the northeast recently took delivery of a custom-built bariatric mover to transport patients within the hospital.

This unit was built on the popular Motrec chassis to the customer’s exact requirements. There are many unique features on this unit to allow it to work safely within the hospital corridors. Please call Epowertrucks 01616269628 for more information.

A prestigious school in London purchases EP 2XL utility vehicle

A prestigious school in London purchases EP 2XL utility vehicle to assist with the day to day operations around the large campus. The EP 2XL electric vehicle has been fitted with a tow bar so it can tow the custom trailer which will assist the facilities team to carry out tasks more efficiently.

B and M Waste services take delivery of fully electric road-legal Alke truck

B and M Waste services take delivery of fully electric road legal Alke truck to assist in the day to day waste collection and facility management at Gretna Green outlet village. This vehicle will drastically reduce the amount of 1100ltr bins on the site by centralising the waste management to one location within the site. […]

ePowerTrucks Supply Electric Pedestrian Platform Truck To ID Verde

ePowerTrucks have recently supplied id verde UK with an EP 800 electric platform truck which will be used for grounds maintenance. The EP 800 four-wheeled electric platform truck offers a longer chassis and higher carrying capacity to the standard EP 500. Great stability, 800kg capacity, 12m range with a full load on a single charge. […]

Titanic Hotel takes delivery of fully refurbished Motrec E-330 from ePowerTrucks.

Titanic Hotel takes delivery of fully refurbished Motrec E-330 from ePowerTrucks. The E-330 burden carrier stands out with superior maneuverability and safety. Batteries are located on the rear to increase weight on the traction drive, enhancing the braking performance with a short stopping distance.Steering is smoother thanks to less weight on the front axle.

Oxford College Has Taken Delivery of an EP 500 From ePowerTrucks

The EP 500 pedestrian controlled electric platform truck is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Great stability, 500kg capacity, 12m range with a full load on a single charge.Quick simple recharging. It comes with a 240V charger suitable for a domestic 3 pin plug. Approx 4hr charging time. Can be left on charge overnight, the […]

BAE Systems Takes Delivery of ePowerTrucks M6.5

BAE systems take delivery of m6.5 with lifting arm attachment. This unit will assist in a major new project within the factory. 6000kg tow capacity pedestrian controlled tug. Small maneuverable, reliable and very powerful. The jobmaster pedestrian tow tug is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Available with a load cage for additional transport of […]

Veolia UK Purchases M-15 Electric Platform Truck For Their Biogas Site In North Allerton

The Leeming Biogas site at North Allerton were experiencing issues moving heavy parts around the site on narrow outdoor walkways. The M15 with its reduced size platform and heavy carrying capability’s was the perfect fit for the job so much so that the unit was bought straight away on the Demo. Our M15 electric platform […]

ePowerTrucks Supplies E-on With e-330 Electric Burden Carrier

Custom designed e330 burden carrier recently supplied to E.ON UK for their site @ Humber Gateway wind farm in Grimsby. This vehicle is road registered and will assist the team in moving tools and equipment to the dock side from their stores unit. The vehicle was built to the customer’s design incorporating an extra-long deck […]

ePowerTrucks Supplies Electric Burden Carrier To Horris Hill School

ePowerTrucks have recently supplied an EP Flatbed electric utility vehicles to Horris Hill School. The EP Flatbed electric truck is the zero emission solution that can comfortably transport 1,000 kg quickly and quietly. With today’s air and noise pollutant issues, this electric flatbed vehicle is the ideal sustainable mobility solution for eco-friendly public and private […]

Park Cliffe Holiday Park in Windermere Take Delivery of Alke ATX 210e Electric Utility Vehicle

Park Cliffe holiday park in Windermere have taken delivery of their Alkè 210e. Delivered directly to site fully loaded with extras and the exact spec they required. The ATX 210E is a professional zero emission electric vehicle. A load capacity of 635 kilos combined with a 2-tonne tow capacity makes this an excellent choice. Fitted […]

The Glutton Shines At London Southend Airport

A new cleaning machine is making life easier for workers at one of the UK’s fastest-growing airports. London Southend Airport’s operations team has invested in a Glutton pedestrian-controlled cleaning machine for cleaning the car park, and around the exterior of the terminal. The Glutton is a quiet, clean and environmentally-friendly alternative to ride-on street cleaners […]

Sheffield BID Take Delivery Of Alke ATX 230e Electric Utility Vehicle From ePowerTrucks

The new Street Rangers scheme has been developed by Sheffield’s Business Improvement District (BID) as part of its commitment to help clean up the city centre. The Street Rangers will be on duty between 6am and 8am Monday to Thursday and 6am and 9am Friday to Sunday on a scheduled 7-day clean-up of the known […]

ePowerTrucks Supply Serco with an e-250 Electric Tow Tractor

Serco purchase an e250 3 tonne tow tractor for bringing food trolleys to the various parts of the prison complex in a timely manner. This replaces the need to have multiple members of staff to push the 5 trollies from the kitchen to the wings separately

Better Bankside Takes Delivery of Glutton Electric Street Cleaning Vacuum

Better Bankside take delivery of their custom Glutton Electric Vacuum! The fully electric Vacuum is designed to pick up all kinds of litter, from cig butts to 2ltr plastic bottles straight into a 240ltr bin! ePowerTrucks don’t just supply, we are here to offer parts and service your Gluttons too! For more info contact us […]

ePowerTrucks Supplies Colchester Hospital With a e660 Electric Burden Carrier

Custom made E660 burden carrier with tail lift supplied to Colchester Hospital for moving instrument trolleys. Fully electric! Call for more information 01616269628. The E-660 is built to handle the heaviest loads. Its low cargo deck ensures stability and safety of operation. The standard configuration, with a single seat and half-cowl, provides full-length space on […]

Meadowhall Shopping Centre in Sheffield Take Delivery of ep2xl Utility Vehicle to Assist With the Day to Day Operations Around the Complex

Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield take delivery of EP2XL utility vehicle to assist with the day to day operations around the complex. This electric powered utility vehicle is perfect for a wide variety of applications, it can carry up to 400kg with its versatile loading bed.

Charterwalk Shopping Centre Take Delivery of an ep800 Platform Truck to Assist the Facilities Team Around the Centre

Charterwalk Shopping centre take delivery of an ep800 platform truck to assist the facilities team around the centre. This unit will add to the ep 500 they have had since the centre re-developed in 2011 and is still going strong The EP 800 is a 4-wheel motorised trolley with a load capacity up to 800 […]

Singers Hill Synagogue Take Delivery of an xt505 Electric Coffin Mover

Singers hill synagogue take delivery of an XT505 for coffin movement. The XT505 electric coffin mover is a 4 wheel electric pedestrian operated vehicle. Silent, without emissions, no vibrations, no engine noise and minimal maintenance is suitable for indoor and outdoor tasks. It is equipped with rollers for the easy movement of coffins. The motor […]

Toyota Deeside Take Delivery of m12 Electric Pedestrian Tug to Assist in the Casting Plant

Toyota Deeside takes delivery of an M12 pedestrian tug to assist in the casting plant. This small electric tug can pull, push and steer wheeled loads of up to 1,000 kg with ease. It’s very easy to use making it perfect for a variety of applications. It increases productivity, reduces manual handling, improves safety and […]

ePowerTrucks Supplies ep-800 to Charterwalk Shopping Centre

Charterwalk Shopping centre take delivery of an EP 800 platform truck to assist the facilities team around the shopping centre. This unit will add to the EP 500 they have had since the centre re-developed in 2011 and is still going strong The EP 800 four-wheeled electric platform truck offers a longer chassis and higher […]

ePowerTrucks Help Local Hospice With Christmas Tree Collection

Team members from ePowerTrucks volunteered to help our local hospice with their Christmas tree collection service. It took a lot of effort but we did fit all 38 trees into one van! Dr Kershaw’s Hospice provides specialist palliative care for adults with non-curable, life-limiting illnesses in a peaceful and homely environment. Palliative care is an […]

Large Train Manufacturer Takes Delivery Of A VTA 10 Electric Tow Tractor

Large train manufacturer takes delivery of a VTA 10 electric tow tractor. This vehicle along with a custom built trailer will feed the train assembly line with everything from engines to the large air conditioning units. ePowerTrucks worked closely with the end user to provide the correct solution for this niche application. The VTA 10 […]

Great Demo At Southern Power Station

Great demo at a power station in the South of England. VTA7 Tow Tractor towing a 6000kg bowser unit on tarmac and gravel. Great performance. The VTA 7 is a 7,000 kg electric tow tractor is a professional electric airport vehicle. It offers superior performance and durability compared to other similar electric tugs in its […]

Leeds Business Improvement District Take Delivery Of Alke ATX 230e Electric Utility Vehicle From ePowerTrucks

Leeds bid take delivery of Alke 230e fully road registered electric utility vehicle to help with the upkeep of the city centre business district. The vehicle will be used to tow a large power washing unit to clean the streets and pavements.

ePowerTrucks Supply RAF Shawbury With 3 Jobmaster HD Electric Pedestrian Tow Tugs

3000kg tow capacity pedestrian controlled tug. Small maneuverable, reliable and very powerful. The Jobmaster HD pedestrian tow tug is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Available with a load cage for additional transport of small parcels and boxes. Even the load cage has a load capacity of 250kg! Drop pin tow hitch as standard, we […]

ePowerTrucks Supply Central London University With Customised Road Legal Alke Vehicle

ePowerTrucks have just a supplied an ATX210E complete with a customised waste cage to a central London University. The ATX 210E is a road legal professional zero emission electric vehicle with a loading capacity of 635 kg and towing capacity of 2000 kg. Between main characteristics we find: AC motors 8 kW (14 kW peak), […]

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council invests in the Glutton!

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council has purchased a Glutton Urban Vacuum for its street scene team. The Glutton is a quiet, clean and environmentally-friendly alternative to ride-on street cleaners and powered barrows. Its powerful vacuum sucks up any waste that can pass through its 12.5cm diameter tube; including paper, cardboard, cigarettes packets and butts, cans and […]

Wembley Park Takes Delivery of 2 Electric Glutton Urban Vacuums From ePowerTrucks

Today ePowerTrucks delivered and provided training for 2 Glutton Urban Vacuums to Wembley Park! to be used around the stadium and the retail park! Due to heavy footfall from shoppers and sports fans, the Gluttons will help keep the place free from litter!

Large North West Company Takes Delivery of 8 x Electric Jobmaster HD Pedestrian Tugs

Large Northwest company takes delivery of 8 x Jobmaster HD pedestrian tugs. The jobmaster HD pedestrian tow tug is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The 3000kg tow capacity electric pedestrian controlled tug is small maneuverable, reliable and very powerful. This electric tug will cover approx. 12m with a full load. Approx. 6 hour recharge […]

One-Stop Hire Takes Delivery Of 2xD1 Electric Wheelbarrows

Large hire tool and plant hire company One Stop Hire takes delivery of 2 x d1 electric barrows to add to their hire fleet. The range of barrows is fully electric which makes them ideal use indoors and noise-sensitive areas. This electric mini dumper is reliable, durable and can cope with a full day’s work […]

ABM Facilities Takes Delivery of Road Legal Alke ATX 210e

ABM Facilities takes delivery of Alke ATX 210e for use in Victoria Gate Shopping Centre Leeds This road legal electric utility vehicle is a great addition to the fleet that can be used for multiple jobs including grounds maintenance, rubbish collection and general on-site facility maintenance.

Bentley Motors take delivery of their 18th Jobmaster HD from ePowerTrucks

Bentley Motors take delivery of their 18th Jobmaster HD electric tug for use in the production lines. 3000kg tow capacity pedestrian controlled tug. Small manoeuvrable, reliable and very powerful. The jobmaster HD pedestrian tow tug is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. This electric tug will cover approx 12m with a full load. Approx 4 […]

Derby Manufacturer Takes Delivery Of E-330 Electric Burden Carrier For Use In Production Area

A manufacturer in Derby has taken delivery of a E-330 burden carrier for use within the production area. The E-330 electric flatbed truck stands out with superior maneuverability and safety. Batteries are located on the rear to increase weight on the traction drive, enhancing the braking performance with a short stopping distance. This electric truck’s […]

Exminster Company Takes Delivery EP 800 Platform Truck With Water Bowser From ePowerTrucks

A landscaping company in Exminster have supplied a custom built EP800 platform truck complete with a water bowser and pump equipment for watering handling baskets.

ePowerTrucks Provides Tunnel Transport Solution For United Utilities

North West water company United Utilities recently carried out the most extensive inspection ever done on the Haweswater Aqueduct, which links the Lake District with Manchester. Its team of engineers were safely transported along its 56-mile length by electric shuttle vehicles. Paul Anderton, Senior Project Manager at United Utilities, said: “We thought these vehicles would […]

Derby Hospital Takes Delivery Of 3 Electric Utility Vehicles And 2 Customised Trailers

Derby hospital has recently taken delivery of 3 x ATX electric utility vehicles and 2 x customised trailers. These electric utility vehicles will be used in the catering department of the hospital for transporting goods in and around the hospital.