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Electric Vehicle News

Prestigious London Film Studio Goes Electric with ePowerTrucks

We are excited to announce that a prestigious London film studio has taken delivery of two electric vehicles from ePowerTrucks: one EP AMP 4-seater road legal vehicle and one EP Flatbed road legal vehicle. The EP AMP 4-seater is a compact and versatile electric vehicle that is perfect for short journeys and transporting people and equipment […]

ePowerTrucks Teams Up with Partner Mitie to Deliver Glutton Street Cleaning Vacuum to Windsor Castle!

ePowerTrucks is delighted to announce our collaboration with Mitie to provide Windsor Castle with the powerful Glutton H2O Perfect Electric Street Vacuum. With Mitie’s expertise in facility services and our cutting-edge electric street vacuum, we’re taking Windsor Castle’s cleanliness to the next level. This iconic landmark deserves nothing less than the best, and we’re proud […]

Royal Parks Go Electric with 5 New Electric Utility Vehicles

In partnership with OCS, ePowerTrucks has supplied Royal Parks in London with 5 EP AMP XL electric utility vehicles. The new vehicles will be used for a variety of tasks, including transporting tools and equipment, moving materials, and carrying out general maintenance duties. The EP AMP XL is a versatile and durable vehicle that is […]

eRod vs. Mazda MX-5: The Roadster Showdown

Roadsters have a special place in the hearts of car enthusiasts. They represent the perfect blend of open-top driving, exhilarating performance, and timeless design. According to Autocar, the Mazda MX-5 is the world’s bestselling roadster, with this Japanese two-seater being made for the last 35 years. However, with the push for electric and ecofriendly vehicles, […]

The Precious Seconds That Define Emergency Care: A Deep Dive Into A&E Waiting Times

During life’s unexpected emergencies, the clock takes on an entirely new dimension. Every passing second becomes crucial, and the value of time is immeasurable. Yet, for those seeking urgent medical attention at their local Accident & Emergency (A&E) departments, these precious seconds seem to stretch into seemingly endless stretches of waiting. The battle against time […]

A Comprehensive Report On The Busiest Airports In 2023: A Detailed Analysis Of Traveller Traffic

According to data from the UK Civil Aviation Authority, air travel in the UK experienced a notable surge in 2022. The number of passengers traveling to and from UK airports exceeded 224 million, reaching an impressive 75 percent of the levels recorded in 2019. This high volume of travellers often results in queues and extended […]

ePowerTrucks Partners with CityQ to Bring Innovative Cargo Bike to the UK

ePower Trucks, a leading supplier of electric powered vehicles, is thrilled to announce that they have added the CityQ Pedal Assist Electric Cargo Bike to their range of products. The CityQ bike is a state-ofthe-art electric bike that offers an efficient and eco-friendly way to transport goods in urban areas. CityQ is a Norwegian company […]

The Business Owner’s Guide to Choosing an Electric Cargo Bike

Electric cargo bikes are becoming increasingly popular among both businesses and families, and for good reason. These bikes are widely regarded as the future of city mobility due to their eco-friendliness, ability to reduce traffic congestion, space-saving properties, and overall enjoyable user experience. Electric cargo bikes offer an impressive amount of storage capacity, making them […]

The Environmental Impact Of Last Mile Delivery And Strategies For Sustainable Solutions

The transportation of goods from a local distribution centre to the final destination, usually the customer’s doorstep, is known as last mile delivery. This process has a considerable environmental impact due to the large number of vehicles involved and the long distances travelled. The challenges are even more significant in urban areas, where population density, […]

Vacuum Road Sweeper Technology Offers Cleaner, Greener Streets Than Ever Before

To maintain clean streets in the UK, local authorities spent £699 million or £30 per household from 2018 to 2019. The UK’s street cleansing service is made up of appointed contractors and employed local council staff. According to research, the UK’s street sweeping services are estimated to employ over 20,000 people. According to the independent […]

Red Cross DEC Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal

We did it! 🙌 Our company bake sale was a huge success, and we managed to raise over £275 for the Red Cross Earthquake appeal! 🍰🧁🍪 We’re thrilled to have made a contribution to those affected by the recent earthquakes, and we couldn’t have done it without all of our members of staff. https://www.dec.org.uk/

Using An Electric PRM Vehicle To Navigate The UK’s Busiest Airports

The UK is home to some of Europe’s busiest airports. In the UK there is a total of 40 airports, which holidaymakers frequently fly. Often leading to queues and long waits. According to data released by the Civil Aviation Authority, the number of passengers checking through UK airports is continuing to break records. Before the […]

How Dirty Streets Are Affecting The Environment And Property Values In Your Area

The natural world and environment around us, is our most precious inheritance. Everyone wants their country to be a great place to live, with clean air and water, beautiful countryside, habitats, and stunning urban areas that are welcoming and vibrant. The UK is blessed to have diverse landscapes, beautiful countryside, rolling hills, coastlines, and seas. […]

How The NHS Are Leading The Change Towards Electric Vehicles

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) climate change is impacting the health of human lives in a variety of ways. For instance, it is affecting the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. As climate change develops, the UK has experienced 9 out of 10 of the hottest years […]

Why Electric Vehicles Are Vital To Improve The Air Quality Surrounding Hospitals

Air pollution has now become a public health crisis. Almost a third of preventable deaths (36,000) in England are due to air pollution. It can affect everyone from birth to death it surrounds us in every way. Every year tens of thousands of people visit hospitals suffering from various conditions that have been exacerbated by […]

Certifications Required For Explosion-Proof Vehicles When Used Within Hazardous Locations

Any industry that processes, uses, or manufactures material that can produce a flammable atmosphere could potentially have an explosive atmosphere. An explosion can occur when there is a fuel such as gas, an oxidizer, and a source of ignition such as a hot surface. The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) relate to […]

What Classifications Are My Hazardous Zones?

Dangerous substances can severely impact an individual’s safety and put them at risk of fires, explosions, and corrosion. They are classified as any substance that is used or present at work that would, if not properly controlled, cause harm. Often found in virtually all workplaces, they include solvents, paints, varnishes, flammable gases pressurised gases and […]

Keeping Your Electric Vehicle Running Smoothly

Electric vehicles (EVs) operate differently from petrol or diesel-fuelled vehicles and equipment, therefore, differ in their servicing and repair requirements. Here are a few tips from ePower Trucks to enable you to keep your electric vehicle running smoothly. Recharging Batteries Although this may seem an obvious point, it is often forgotten. Batteries should be charged […]

How Electric Warehouse Vehicles Can Help Make Your Warehouse More Environmentally Friendly With ePower Trucks

Global warming and climate change are huge topics looming over our planet. Many businesses are looking for new ways to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Including recycling, changing lighting, and using electric warehouse vehicles. This is the same across the warehousing, transportation, and storage industry. There are various benefits to making your warehouse environmentally […]

Ways Technology Can Optimise Last Mile Delivery

Consumer buying behaviours have developed and changed over time and ecommerce has erupted. As consumers are increasingly turning to online purchasing especially since the pandemic the speed at which fulfilment is anticipated has increased. Customers demand to receive their products on time, and quite rightly in an acceptable condition. The hope placed on businesses for […]

How Electric Vehicles Help Reduce Noise Pollution

With the new UK government’s 10-point green recovery plan, which commits to banning all newly bought petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, it is safe to think that the future of motoring is going to be electric. This is all set to create a carbon neutral UK by 2050. Air pollution is not the only […]

A Closer Look at Our Streets

Street cleaning can often be overlooked and taken for granted. Overall, it involves various strands of activities connecting to the cleanliness of our streets. These can include street sweeping whether this is manual, or machine based, car park cleansing, fly-tip removal, the removal of graffiti, litter picking, weed spraying, dog bin emptying, chewing gum removal […]

Future-Proof Your Operations

Clean Air Zones are going to become more common, as cities fight to reduce air pollution. Now is the time to future-proof your operations and get ahead of the curve. The number of Clean Air Zones (CAZs) across the UK is growing, as cities aim to reduce emissions to improve air quality. Transport is the […]

Going Green on Campus

Electric utility trucks are ideal for closed campus operations. In this article, we run through some of the key benefits you can expect from operating all-electric vehicles. Universities, colleges, and boarding schools all have significantly sized estates to manage. The latest electric utility trucks can help you green your operations on campus, without sacrificing productivity. […]

The Impact Of Using An Electric Last Mile Delivery Vehicle

Last mile delivery is defined as the movement of goods from out-of-town warehouses or suppliers to the final delivery address, such as homes or businesses. With the demand for final mile delivery soaring, it is more important than ever for warehouses, suppliers, and retailers to leverage cost-effective, efficient, and environmentally friendly solutions. Last mile delivery […]

How Supply Chain Optimisation Can Increase Your EBITDA

Increasing EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortisation) through supply chain optimisation is critical for any competitive business. The supply chain is in an active state whenever goods, equipment, products, or materials move within or between companies.  While the processes in the supply chain are often considered functional and not a source of revenue, […]

The 5 Lean Principles To Improve Your Logistics Operation

Lean logistics is a practice, methodology, strategy, philosophy, and concept. It looks to increase efficiency by identifying customer value and eliminating waste and inefficiencies. The five lean principles were born almost fifty years ago, in Toyota Corporation, for perfecting car manufacturing in Japan. It has since been adapted and tweaked for use in many other […]

The Ultimate Guide To Lean Logistics

There are two key points of survival in this economic climate: saving money and increasing profit. Our guide explains what Lean Logistics is, how Lean Logistics helps, and how to implement it in a distribution or last mile delivery setting to save money and increase profits. We look at the principles behind Lean Logistics and [...]

Are White Vans Going Green?

The Government recently confirmed that by 2030, all new light commercial vehicles (LCVs) sold must be fully electric. However, is ‘white van man’ ready to go green? A recent study by vehicle finance specialists Lombard found some surprising answers. There is a perception that sole traders and small business owners, do not care about the […]

The Benefits Of Using Electric Street Sweepers

Towns and cities across the UK have a huge task keeping on top of dropped rubbish, as well as pebbles, sand, and salt used during harsh winter weather. The problems presented to local authorities are also often something private businesses, retail parks, and industry have to contend with. The electric street sweeper is a compact and [...]

Unsure What Type Of Electric Delivery Vehicle Is Right For You?

Whether you are a fleet manager or a small business looking for a single delivery solution, choosing the right vehicles is absolutely essential. Most companies and local retailers search for an affordable, reliable, and practical vehicle, and electric delivery vehicles fulfil these three criteria. From this point on, the right electric delivery truck differs for [...]

The Benefits Of Buying A Used Electric Vehicle

From mining operations to schools, hospitals, warehouses, and last mile delivery providers, sustainability, purchase and operating costs, and reliability are top priorities when looking for equipment and vehicles. New electric vehicles are undoubtedly reliable, a sustainable solution, and offer low operating costs, but the purchase price can put them out of the reach of many […]

How To Improve Your Last Mile Delivery Service

Last mile delivery is the final step in satisfying the customer’s order. However, this can be the riskiest part of the fulfilment process, with a chance of parcels going missing or not being delivered. Final mile delivery is a vital part of any company and one that can differentiate you from your competitors. Get it […]

How To Choose The Right Electric Tow Tractor For The Job

Companies are constantly striving to meet operational challenges, balancing safety, efficiency, and quality of service. Moving materials, goods, and equipment is a core part of many businesses, which inevitably means using vehicles such as an electric tow tractor. Choosing the right electric tow tractor will result in improving your production flow to achieve higher levels […]

What Does First, Middle, & Last Mile Delivery Mean?

Transit from manufacturer to customer almost always consists of a multiple-step journey. Each step needs to be efficient and cost-effective for any company to succeed, survive, and thrive in a competitive space. First mile delivery, middle mile delivery, and last mile delivery are the terms used within the distribution and supply chain to describe each […]

Keeping Communities Safe With Last Mile Delivery Vehicles

We all desire safe communities for ourselves, our family, and our friends. However, if you start a conversation on community safety, it is likely to tackle issues such as crime and anti-social behaviour. Yet, as we relax in our gardens or work within our homes, vehicle noise and pollution are ever-present. One of the worst […]

How Electric Wheelbarrows Are Changing Agriculture Work

Today we are taking a look at how electric wheelbarrows are changing agricultural work. The agricultural industry has long been at the forefront of innovation. First, it was the ox and plough, and now it is machines carrying out tasks performed by hundreds of people in the past. While these large-scale and laborious jobs needed […]

How To Reduce Your Last Mile Delivery Costs

In the face of a massive boom in eCommerce, you need to look for ways to reduce your last mile delivery costs, to maintain an effective business model. Last mile delivery might be the final part of the supply chain, but it is largely recognised to account for more than half of all the delivery […]

Are All Electric Vehicles Road Legal?

Electric vehicles (EVs) have plenty of benefits and advantages that many businesses across multiple sectors would like to enjoy. However, not all electric vehicles are road-legal. If you are tasked with purchasing road-legal electric vehicles for your company, you need to ensure that they are denoted as ‘road legal’ or ‘road homologation.’ By switching your […]

ePowerTrucks plans for the future following MBO

Recent Management buyout of Epowertruck/Lift Safe Ltd, ensures continuity of staff and services in the Oldham based company. Owner, Jerry Hanss, started Epowertrucks/Lift Safe Ltd 20 years ago and is delighted to sell his majority share of the business to colleagues, whilst retaining a 25% share. Commenting on the timing of the transaction Jerry said: […]

How The Pandemic Has Shaped The Future Of Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery solutions were already experiencing strong growth as consumers recognised the convenience of shopping from home. However, the pandemic is supercharging this shift in consumer behaviour, creating a rapid upwards surge in home deliveries of non-essential and essential goods as brick and mortar stores face in-person trading restrictions and forced closures. Retailers are […]

How Last Mile Delivery Is Changing The Transport Industry

Last mile delivery has long been considered the most expensive, pollution generating, and inefficient part of the supply chain. Predominantly dominated by diesel or petrol-guzzling vehicles, this sector of the transport industry is changing in response to the changing expectations from consumers and merchants. Existing fleet vehicles are being replaced, and new fleets of clean […]

Keeping University Campus’ Clean With Electric Vehicles

Universities, colleges, and school campuses have various challenges to overcome when striving to achieve a clean and sustainable campus. Fossil-fuelled transportation solutions have inherently been polluters, but electric vehicles (EVs) are taking over this space and solving the clean transportation problem. The latest EVs use innovative technologies to quickly, efficiently and safely handle everyday tasks, […]

How Inefficient Last Mile Deliveries Can Cost You Dearly

For many logistics and distribution companies, as well as smaller local businesses who have brought their service in-house, the final leg of the journey, known as last mile delivery, can be extremely costly. Last mile logistics can account for more than half of the costs associated with expediting products and goods from the final distribution […]

Last Mile Delivery FAQ

The last mile delivery solution is the most critical element of the eCommerce supply chain. Customers might expect this to be free, which might be a person or a business, and they certainly expect it to be fast. These delivery companies need to be competitive and meet consumer demand while simultaneously cutting costs and improving […]

How Electric Hospital Equipment Is Helping Ease The Burden

Electric hospital equipment is fundamental to the operations of busy healthcare facilities. As more recognition is placed on staff and patients’ wellbeing and the demands to be ever more efficient grow, it makes excellent sense to invest in electric hospital equipment. There is intense pressure on wards in hospitals across the UK, and this is […]

Are Road Sweepers Hygienic?

If you venture out onto the roads or city centre streets in the early hours of the morning, then you are sure to come across road sweepers regularly. Road sweepers are used across the UK to clear urban areas of debris, dust, and dirt that collect on road surfaces and pavements. The newest road sweepers […]

What Is Last-Mile Delivery

The last-mile delivery is the last stage of moving goods or people to their final destination. This leg of the journey is something that warehouses and factories often have a significant need for, taking goods from the back of a lorry into the facility. Local delivery companies have a similar need, and the demand to […]

Refresh Your Workers With New Training

The use of electric vehicles in business premises and worksites is quickly growing as their convenience becomes recognised and businesses put a focus on reducing their carbon emissions. In use in a diverse range of industries, including warehouses, hospitals, universities, airports, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals, it is highly advantageous for your workers and operators to be […]

What Are Explosion Proof Electric Vehicles

Explosion-proof vehicles are designed for use in the most demanding conditions and hazardous environments. They avoid ignition risks in the surrounding atmosphere, making them an essential item of oil and gas equipment at gas and oil processing plants. They are also used in chemical plants, tunnel construction, and mining. Whether it is for maintenance, logistics, […]

Are Your Business Health & Safety Practices Up To Date?

You know that you must comply with workplace health & safety, yet many business owners and SMEs find this challenging, while new businesses can feel overwhelmed and unsure where to begin. Business health & safety laws and regulations change frequently, so it can be difficult to stay on top of things. It can take a […]

The Increased Demand on Warehouses is Expected to Continue In 2021

Warehouse work continues to see demand increases, and there are no signs of this slowing down in 2021. As non-essential retail businesses are closed in another national lockdown, people again turn to online shopping, which means more warehouse work, especially in small orders dispatched directly to consumers. As lockdowns become less of a shock, panic […]

Are You following Waste Management Process?

A waste management process is both important and required under the law. The regulations intend to reduce commercial waste, recycle waste, and safely move or store it to prevent fires, slips, trips, and blocked exits. Commercial waste is any waste originating from industry, agriculture, demolition, or construction. This could be scrap metal, compostable materials, chemical […]

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme is the government’s initiative to help decarbonise the UK’s transport systems, achieve zero tailpipe emissions, and reduce air pollution.  The Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) helps people who want to charge their electric vehicles at home. There is also a version of the scheme for businesses, which we will cover in our report’s final part.  The […]

How warehouses are staying safe in covid-19

Warehouses are an essential part of the supply chain, and a COVID secure warehouse is something all businesses should strive for. It is going to require greater levels of flexibility from employees and employers to tackle the pandemic.  What we know about COVID-19 so far is that workers are at particular risk if they are older […]

Our Training Services

Knowing how to operate electric vehicles and equipment correctly is essential for keeping your workforce and business visitors safe. As an experienced handling equipment supplier, we know that training is absolutely invaluable. With electric vehicle training, your team will be able to prevent injuries and avoid causing costly damage to premises, products, and your infrastructure. […]

How to ensure your tunnel workers are safe

There are thousands of tunnels in the UK and hundreds of tunnel workers operating in sectors such as gas, oil, utilities, transport, and underground construction. There are similar and industry-specific safety risks, so tunnelling workers must be prepared to encounter a wide range of potential hazards. To ensure your workers can embark safely on tunnelling projects, […]

How to Safely Transport Dangerous & Hazardous Goods

Safety should never be overlooked, and if your business is or intends to undertake the transportation of dangerous goods, then you must know what you are doing. Hazardous and highly-dangerous materials include flammable, explosive, radioactive, or acidic items and include items you might think of as common goods, such as paints, pesticides, and solvents. Whether […]

Waste Management Tips

Waste management is an important issue for UK businesses and factories. Firms are under more pressure than ever before to reduce their environmental impact and save money at the same time. Effective waste management is vital, regulations must be adhered to, and businesses should always dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous materials responsibly. Here we have […]

The Increased Demand On Warehouses

With non-essential retail closed down once again as part of the November 2020 pandemic lockdown, there will be an increased demand on warehouses. On-demand warehousing solutions and direct to consumer shopping look set to be a more significant part of today’s warehouse. This will put extra strain on warehouse staff with a more significant number […]

How to choose the best electric tow tug

The electric tow tug comes in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the best fit for your purpose. You can find models that suit all reasonable budgets, they are easy to use, and anyone can learn to operate one in a very short amount of time. The electric tow tug has numerous applications […]

Features, Uses and Benefits of Electric Burden Carriers

The electric burden carrier is a favourite within many businesses, giving the workforce the power to move materials or tow products through the company’s indoor and outdoor spaces. Flatbed utility carts are invaluable in warehouses, workshops, waste management, and manufacturing facilities, providing a better alternative to forklifts and other large vehicles. A burden carrier is […]

How Staff Are Keeping You Safe At The Airport

Airport safety has and will always be a priority. Good airport safety etiquette includes being respectful to airport and transport staff, as well as other passengers. With coronavirus, staff are keeping you safe at the airport in various ways. You can play your part and remember that you must wear a mask or face covering. […]

How our Electric Hospital Equipment is supporting the NHS

ePowerTrucks’ electric hospital equipment is making the life of NHS workers easier at a difficult time with increased patient numbers due to the current coronavirus and quickly arriving winter. NHS nurses and porters are under extreme mental and physical stress levels as they attempt to handle longer shifts in conjunction with greater family needs at home.  To help prevent work-related injuries […]

Why you need a Pedestrian electric tow tug

The pedestrian electric tow tug is a firm favourite in businesses across the UK. Electric tow tugs are tough and reliable and with low maintenance, they are the perfect solution for businesses that need to pull and push heavy wheeled loads or trailers.  The pedestrian electric tow tug is not classed as a vehicle, and this […]

Electric Burden Flatbed Utility Carts

An electric burden carrier is one of the most useful types of utility vehicles and quickly becomes a valuable asset when used in a commercial or business setting. Renowned for being small yet strong, flatbed utility carts can tow products or materials across your business workspace or site with ease. Traffic within a worksite poses […]

Electric Wheelchair Bus To Help Derriford Hospital

Another electric wheelchair bus supplied to Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. We supplied this prior to lock down and I know our customer is looking forward to getting the bus into service when restrictions ease. This particular bus was supplied with two electric retractable steps to help those who need it to access the vehicle.

Future Fleet Forum 2020

ePower Trucks are proud to be exhibiting at the 2020 Future Fleet Forum. We will be exhibiting our range of street cleaning equipment. Come and see us on stand 20. The LAPV Future Fleet Forum is hosted by The City of London and will bring together Fleet and Transport Managers from the public sector and […]

Win A Cadbury Chocolate Hamper

New Year Prize Draw Win a Cadbury chocolate hamper when you spend over £250 (excl.VAT) on parts. Offer ends 31st January 2020. All parts purchases over £250 (excl.VAT) will automatically be entered.

ePowerTrucks EP Bed Mover Makes Work Safer For Hospital Staff

*Please note, as of November 2022, the EP Electric Bed Mover has now been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase* Materials handling & electric vehicle specialist ePowerTrucks innovative EP Electric Bed Transporter system is designed to prevent work-related injury and make life easier for hospital porters and nursing staff whilst moving beds. The […]