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Industrial Ride On Electric Tow Tugs

Electric Tow Tugs & Tractor

EPowerTrucks supplies a range of electric tow tugs tractors that are built to last. The electric tow tractor is an extremely powerful vehicle that can pull up to 90,000kg. These models are ideal for pulling loads in hospitals, factories, warehouses, airports, and a wide range of other industries.

The electric tow tractors has a design that allows it to hitch up to customer’s existing bins, trolleys, or trailers. We have a wide choice of electric tow tug models to meet the different demands of each sector and the specific roles within them.

Transport Heavy Loads With Tug Tow Tractors

The tug tow tractor range delivers everything from nimble versatility up to the most demanding heavy-duty pulling.

We provide an electric tow tug that is quick and highly manoeuvrable, which is ideal for warehouses and stock picking. The vehicle moves the driver and the load through door openings, down narrow aisles, and around tight corners with absolute ease.

On the other end of the scale, we have an industrial tow tractor that can pull heavy loads over long distances. The electric tow tractor can be anything from part mobile workshop to part modern workhorse, conducting tasks such as plant security, maintenance, or first aid.

Each tow tug is designed with excellent visibility and safety in mind. They provide a low maintenance solution that is highly dependable in any environment. Utilising powerful industrial batteries, you have a tow tractor that can get the job down while being kind to the environment, with zero-emissions.

Our team is ready to help you find the right electric vehicle for your business and needs. Contact us on 0161 509 6224 or send an email to info@epowertrucks.co.uk.