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eRod - Pure Driving

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The Future of
Electric Sports Cars

Electric Sports Car

Step into the future of eco-conscious automotive innovation with the eRod, the epitome of an electric sports car. This cutting-edge marvel, including the Kyburz eRod model, is engineered to redefine the way you think about high-performance vehicles. Embodying the fusion of the latest technology and thrilling design, the eRod car is the embodiment of power and style in one remarkable eco-friendly package.

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eRod Electric Car Without Emissions

Designed for the true automotive enthusiasts, the eRod promises maximum driving pleasure with a clear conscience. This fully homologated electric sports car delivers uncompromising road performance, proving that sustainability and excitement can coexist harmoniously.

The secret to the exhilarating ride of the eRod car lies in its ingeniously designed chassis and robust electric motor. These elements come together seamlessly, creating a driving experience that’s second to none. Feel the rush as you zoom down the road, all while contributing to a greener planet.

Pure Electric Driving Experience

The eRod is more than just an electric sports car. It’s a roadster that encapsulates the essence of driving. Stripped down to its essentials, this sleek machine offers a driving experience that is unadulterated and pure. The sports chassis, combined with the electric motor’s powerful torque and the car’s lightweight construction, work in perfect harmony to create a sensation of driving like no other.

When you step into a Kyburz eRod, you’ll find that only the most essential elements have been included, making every moment behind the wheel an unforgettable one. The eRod car is an extension of your passion for driving.

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E-ROD all electric sports car driving along a road

Peak Performance Sports Car

Under the hood, the eRod boasts a formidable 45 kW (61 CH) electric motor that catapults you from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds flat. This impressive feat is made possible by the car’s 21.08kWh, 96V 228Ah batteries, providing ample power for a thrilling ride.

With a top speed of 75 mph and an impressive autonomy of 125 miles on a single charge, the eRod car ensures that your driving adventures are limited only by your imagination. And all of this is accomplished with a remarkably light 600 kg weight, further enhancing the car’s performance and agility.

The eRod is not merely an electric sports car; it’s a statement of the future. With the Kybruz eRod model, blend of peak performance, sustainability, and a pure driving experience, it’s a testament to what’s possible when technology and passion come together.

Don’t just drive; experience eRod, the electric sports car of the future.

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The Ultimate Electric Driving Experience


Peak Performance

45 kW (61 CH)

0-60 mph

4 seconds


21.08kWh, 96V 228Ah

Maximum Speed

75 mph


125 miles


600 kg

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