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Electric Vehicle Maintenance & Repair

Electric vehicles (EVs) operate differently from petrol or diesel fuelled cars or traditional equipment, so they differ with their servicing and repair requirements.

While we thoroughly check all our vehicles & equipment before we sell them and offer ongoing maintenance, We have an expert team of electric vehicle mechanics on hand to help if something does go wrong. They will assess the damage and provide you with a breakdown of the work that is needed.

Reduce Downtime With Pre-Planned Maintenance

We understand the implications of unplanned stoppages to your valuable equipment. Our main goal is to ensure your equipment doesn’t let you down.

Scheduling regular service visits helps to avoid problems before they impact performance, but if unforeseen problems do occur we will work quickly to resolve them in order to protect your valuable equipment.

We’ll take as much care servicing and repairing your vehicle as we did delivering it. Our highly skilled service team will help keep your equipment in tip-top condition and safe to use, which could also contribute to its resale value.

We offer service plans as well, designed to save you money and time. By signing up for a service contract, you not only get discounted visits on service but also a 10% discount off parts pricing.

What’s included in our service?

Expect value for money, professional service, and high-quality parts, because no-one knows your equipment as we do.

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    Each Standard Service Covers

    • Up to a minimum of 3 hours labour which includes our engineer’s travel and up to a minimum of 1 hour of onsite labour.
    • Fitting of any standard consumable items used i.e. fuses, tape, and electrical connectors, etc.
    • Full inspection of the product, which includes:
      • Brakes
      • Steering
      • Batteries
      • Wheels
      • Overall Condition
      • Lubrication
      • Power Controller
      • Motor

    Standards You Can Expect

    Every mobile engineer is equipped with a PDA, giving them instant access to all your essential details on the go. This helps our engineers focus on your equipment the minute they arrive, thus being able to get your equipment back up and running ASAP.

    Each of our mobile engineer’s vehicles carries a large stock of suitable parts on board, which means over 90% of problems can be rectified on-site for the first time.

    We use only high-quality parts when servicing and repairing your vehicle and all our parts are guaranteed for 12 months from the date they are fitted on your equipment.

    Lasting Electric Vehicle Repairs

    At ePower Trucks, we pride ourselves on the quality of all of our vehicles and our repair service. We don’t believe in ‘quick fixes’ and will ensure whatever the issue, it is fully fixed before releasing any electric vehicle or equipment back to you, meaning you won’t have to keep returning for extra repairs.

    Our expert team of electric vehicle mechanics are highly qualified and experienced in electric vehicle maintenance offering assistance with issues ranging from tyre care to battery maintenance. We also offer PPM (pre-planned maintenance) which can be completed at intervals to suit you and your requirements.