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Electric Pedestrian Platform Trucks

ePowerTrucks supplies a range of electric powered trolleys and platform trucks that effortlessly move loads of between 250kg and 800kg. These motorised trolley carts are tough, reliable, and low maintenance.

The powered trolleys are easy to operate and manoeuvre, making them a practical choice for workers of any level, physical build, or experience. Whether it is making a tight turn down a narrow aisle, reversing through a doorway, or navigating across the work yard, these powered trolleys keep workers, visitors, and your premises safe, with automatic cut-off if the operator releases the handle or hits the red emergency button.

Used indoors or out, the platform truck adapts to any situation, protecting the environment with zero emissions. The latest battery technology innovations see ranges of miles from a single charge, smoothly moving loads from the first shift of the day to the last. On most models, battery recharging is quick and straightforward through a domestic three-pin plug. A full charge is attainable in a few hours or left overnight, as you find most convenient.

Trucks & Trolleys To Suit A Range Of Sectors

Our powered trolleys and motorised platform trucks are suitable for a wide range of industries and sectors. Custom boxes and platforms are available to cater to the precise needs of businesses such as factories, garden centres, warehouses, schools, and hospitals.

The powered trolleys have various chassis lengths and widths. Different shelf configurations, cages, lockable doors, and a full range of accessories make it easy to handle any task, from small item picking to moving a single-piece heavy load. A choice of tyres and optional 4×4 drive gives access, grip, and motion across surfaces such as solid concrete, loose gravel, sand, mud, and inclined or declined ramps.

Contact ePowerTrucks today to discover which powered trolley is right for your business on 0161 509 6224.