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A new cleaning machine is making life easier for workers at one of the UK’s fastest-growing airports.

London Southend Airport’s operations team has invested in a Glutton pedestrian-controlled cleaning machine for cleaning the car park, and around the exterior of the terminal. The Glutton is a quiet, clean and environmentally-friendly alternative to ride-on street cleaners and powered barrows. Its powerful vacuum sucks up any waste that can pass through its 12.5cm diameter tube; including paper, cardboard, cigarettes packets and butts, cans and glass, plastic and metal bottles, dog feces, dead leaves, and waste trapped in tree grills.

100% battery powered, the Glutton provides 12 hours of operation between charges. Virtually silent and with powerful dust capturing technology, it can be used during busy periods without creating any noise or air pollution for residents, businesses, and shoppers.

Ergonomically designed, the operator simply uses one hand to steer the self-propelled machine, while the other controls the vacuum that is attached to a wander hose. The Glutton weighs substantially less than a conventionally powered barrow used for street waste collection – and at just 0.75m wide it is far more compact, making it easier to handle.

An intelligent, integrated battery charger enables recharging from any mains electricity supply, allowing for opportune charging in the field. Furthermore, as an all-electric machine, it requires virtually no maintenance or replacement of spare parts. ePowerTrucks also offer passenger airport transport and eMobby vehicles to transport passengers safely.