by OMS Admin

From mining operations to schools, hospitals, warehouses, and last mile delivery providers, sustainability, purchase and operating costs, and reliability are top priorities when looking for equipment and vehicles. New electric vehicles are undoubtedly reliable, a sustainable solution, and offer low operating costs, but the purchase price can put them out of the reach of many firms. However, used electric vehicles offer all of these benefits with a purchase price that is far more affordable.

Unlike electric and hybrid cars, commercial electric vehicles have been around for decades, which means there is a wide choice of used electric vehicles for sale, from nearly new down.

One of the most significant factors that attracted industry sectors to electric engines was their ability to operate indoors as well as outdoors. From the early morning, silent-running utility vehicles to non-choking electric platform trucks spawned the development of electric pedestrian vehicles, tow tugs, and the electric motor and battery technology that powers them.

With highly durable batteries developed over decades, used electric vehicles are a viable second-hand purchase for many types of business.

An Affordable Option

Brand new electric vehicles will save you money over the long term, but for some companies, the initial outlay falls outside the purchase price they would like. This makes used electric vehicles extremely popular, offering the benefits of new but without a price tag that will smash your budget.

Depending on the age, used electric vehicles can be offered at two-thirds, half, or even less than their original purchase price. Fewer components mean there is less that can go wrong, making used electric vehicles a safe and reliable bet. With fewer parts to wear, your future maintenance costs will also be less than a vehicle with a combustion engine.

However, the benefits of buying used electric vehicles go far beyond affordability, lower fuel bills, and reduced operating costs.

Great For The Environment

EVs are great for the environment and produce zero emissions. By not polluting their immediate surroundings, electric vehicles are an excellent choice for towns, cities, and indoor spaces. Air quality and purity are maintained, protecting the health of the general public, workers in warehouses, and patients in hospitals.

Choosing electric vehicles will also help the world tackle climate change. While electricity production may create emissions at power stations, these are more than 40% less than choosing diesel. As the UK adopts more green electricity-producing technologies, such as solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro, the impact of your used electric vehicles on the environment will be even less.

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