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Waste Management Vehicles

We have a wide range of facilities management and waste management electric vehicles available. Whether it’s an electric bin tug, road legal waste tipper or an electric pedestrian truck with mesh cages for bags of rubbish, ePowerTrucks has the right solution.

Our range of N1 electric utility vehicles are perfect for inner city rubbish collection, they can be fitted with a wide range of bodies, including cage sides and electric powered waste tippers.

Also our electric pedestrian Glutton Vacuum range is perfect for the collection of general rubbish from the streets/pavements in and around city centres. It is fully electric and has an in-biult filter system for ease of use.

Electric bin tug
The reliable blue Jobmaster electric pedestrian tug

The Jobmaster is a maneuverable, reliable and very powerful, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  The Jobmaster has a towing capacity of up to 1,500kg.

The blue Jobmaster HD electric pedestrian tug

The Jobmaster HD is a maneuverable, reliable and very powerful, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. The Jobmaster HD can tow up to 3,000kg.

The EP 400 electric pedestrian platform truck is a 3 wheel motorised trolley that can be equipped with various type of load cages and platforms.

The EP 500 electric platform trolley was created for various special applications. All sorts of equipment or containers can be assembled for multiple usage.

The EP 800 is a 4-wheel motorised trolley with a load capacity up to 600 kg that can be equipped with a large number of load cages and platforms.

White and black road legal electric truck

ATX 310E is aprofessional, extremely agile, flexible Small Electric Vehicle that is sturdy and compact in size with a chassis load capacity of 620 kg and towing capacity of up to 2,000 kg.

Black and white road legal utility truck

ATX320E is aprofessional zero emission electric vehicle with road homologation, loading capacity of 635 kg and towing capacity of 2,000 kg.

Road legal electric vehicle

The ATX330E zero emission  vehicle  matches robustness and power for the toughest off-road jobs and performance and agility necessary for urban applications.

A robust orange and black road legal electric truck

The ATX340E electric vehicles were born to face the tough conditions in all sectors thanks to their high level power, robustness and load capacity out of the standard: 1.630 kg (chassis) and 4.500 kg towing capacity for 340EH.

Black and white versatile electric truck

Here is the answer for the professionals and organisations that are searching for a compact electric utility vehicle with great power, zero emission and an ample load capacity. This utility vehicle is ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle.

The Glutton® has revolutionised the work of road maintenance staff. The cleaning attendant has traded in his broom and his litter picker for a modern machine.

The Glutton® Zen® street sweeper is compact, powerful and silent, the ideal cleaner for town centres, alleyways, pedestrian zones, town squares, historic centres, marketplaces, confined or inaccessible places.