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Our range of ATEX electric vehicles are intended for use in the most demanding conditions. Our vehicles are designed to avoid any ignition risk in hazardous environments. These explosion-proof vehicles are built using certified components.

Explosion-proof certification approval for electric vehicles use in potentially explosive areas as oil and gas processing plants, tunnels, chemical plants.

Design, prototyping and manufacturing of all Alkè explosion-proof vehicles are carried out entirely in Italy, using the best of European and North American components in order to guarantee top quality and safety standards.

black and yellow electric vehicle

Alkè explosion-proof electric vehicles are professional vehicles designed for use in the hardest, most demanding conditions. In fact, it’s no coincidence that they’ve already been deployed for years in critical environments such as the frozen wastelands of northern Europe or in the extreme temperatures of the Sahara desert or other remote locations in the Middle East and Africa.

The electric vehicles used in these areas are designed to avoid any ignition risk in the surrounding atmosphere during their normal use and are built using special, certified components.

parts for atex certified vehicles

Why choose the Alke’ Atex explosion proof vehicles?

Explosion-proof vehicles according to ATEX 2014/34/EU

Coverage for category 2 and 3 (surface activity)

Coverage for category M2 (underground activity)

wiring for explosion relief vehicles

The Alkè line of explosion-proof vehicles includes ATX 340EX model with load capacity up to 1.205 kg, that can tow up to 4.500 kg, and have an autonomy level of up to 90 km with a single recharge. The ED version (ATX 340EDX) have a twin cab, so it can accommodate 4 people. On all the models (2-seat or 4-seat), another two seats can be added on the loading area thanks to the special (optional) rear seats kit.

These vehicles come in a wide variety of versions thanks to the numerous optional fittings and configurations. They can be used for logistics, maintenance, first aid, firefighting, surveillance services, units with mobile cranes, etc.

Comfort in the cab is guaranteed by an air-conditioning system designed to work at up to 55°C, and by an electric heating system – both explosion-proof certifiied.

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