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Scottish Prison Service has teamed up with ePowerTrucks, a leading provider of electric utility vehicles, to introduce the state-of-the-art EP AMP XL into their maintenance operations.

The maintenance team at the Scottish Prison Service faced the challenge of navigating vast grounds and rugged terrain efficiently. Traditional methods often proved laborious and time-consuming, hindering productivity and straining resources.

Equipped with a spacious cargo bed and ample storage, the EP AMP XL offers the flexibility to transport equipment, move supplies, and tackle a myriad of tasks with ease. Its silent operation minimises disturbance, allowing the maintenance team to work discreetly without disrupting daily routines.

This attribute is crucial in maintaining an environment for rehabilitation and ensures that daily routines remain uninterrupted. Furthermore, the vehicle’s electric motor underscores the Scottish Prison Service’s commitment to sustainability by reducing carbon emissions and embracing eco-friendly practices.

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