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Safe Contractor

1st Class

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Of Electric Vehicles

EP 2500 Electric Waste Platform Truck

The EP 2500 four-wheeled electric platform truck offers a higher carrying capacity than the standard EP 800. Excellent stability with a 2,500kg capacity and 12m range with a full load. All of these amazing features, on a single charge. Then once the job is complete the EP 2500 is quick and simple to recharge.

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    The EP 2500 is a four-wheeled electric waste collection platform truck. Offering 2500kg capacity up to 12m even with a full load. The easy-to-charge electric platform truck offers flexibility and stability.

    The EP 2500 is ideal for city centres, garden centres, agricultural applications, schools, colleges, hospitals, councils. Tough and reliable with large pneumatic tires for rough terrain, it’s built to withstand exposure to the elements. While silent, smooth running and zero emissions make it perfect for indoor use.

    With zero emissions, the EP 2500 runs in complete silence, with low maintenance. ePower can produce custom-made boxes to ensure your electric truck is suitable for the job at hand. Whether that be high or low sides or a large or small platform. We can even add bespoke hinged drop sides, mesh, roofs, and doors that lock.

    We are always happy to bring an electric platform truck to your site, look at your application and work with you to find the best solution.

    Engaged by a simple thumb control (forward/reverse) and steered by a tiller arm, the EP 2500 range is simply designed and easy to control.

    Safety features are standard. If the operator releases the handle, even on a slope the EP 2500 electric platform truck range stops immediately.

    The tiller arm automatically returns to its upright position when released, triggering the automatic cut-off. This is also activated if contact is made with the red safety button at the end of the tiller arm.

    Once the task is complete the electric truck can be placed on charge and even left overnight if required. The charger will simply automatically cut off once the battery is fully charged.

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    Carrying Capacity

    2500 kg


    12 miles

    Charging Time

    Approximately 4 Hours


    3 mph


    24 Volt



    Frame Construction



    ePowerTrucks – EP 2500 Full Spec Sheet