The ATX340E electric vehicles were born to face the tough conditions in all sectors thanks to their high level power, robustness and load capacity out of the standard: 1.630 kg (chassis) and 4.500 kg towing capacity for 340EH.

The ATX340E is the best electric utility vehicle in its category. This vehicle is able to combine high performance, strength and robustness thanks to high power electric motor, engine braking with energy recovery, full floating rear axle, auxiliary cooling electro fan for tough jobs, powerful Curtis controller, high-performance traction batteries with on-board high-frequency charger to plug wherever you want.

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Where no other electric vehicle in its segment can assure it, the ATX340E establishes the highest standard regarding cost-effectiveness and precision driving as well, even on off-roads applications.

Its configuration with independent Mac Pherson front suspensions and De-Dion rear axle with a stabilizer bar, together with large tyres, guarantees permanent grip of all wheels, even on rough ground, avoiding possible skidding or loss of control. Thanks to these characteristics, the ATX340E can deliver the highest load and towing capacity of its segment with efficiency and safety.

Why choose ATX 340 E?

  • Maximum chassis load capacity: 1.630 kg (the best in its segment)
  • Towing capacity: 4.500 kg (the best in its segment)
  • Negotiable slope: 30%-35% (the best in its segment)
  • Autonomy up to 150 km
  • Outstanding robustness
  • Approved for road circulation (N1)

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