The range of ATX330E zero-emissions vehicles matches robustness and power for the toughest off-road jobs and performance and agility necessary for urban applications.

ATX330E vehicles are the best answer for those off-road or urban jobs where flexibility and high load capacity are demanded.

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The electric motor AC 48 V guarantees a high level of performance and remarkable energy saving as well, thanks to its powerful and regenerative braking with energy recovery. This mix, with low maintenance requirements, ensures reduced operational costs and high profitability for your business.

Meanwhile, 1.575 kg of loading capacity, 4.500 kg of towing capacity (in private area) and the negotiable slope of 35%, together with small dimensions make the ATX330E an agile and robust electric vehicle, the best solution even in toughest conditions.

Why choose ATX330E?

  • Loading capacity up to 1.575 kg (the best in its segment)
  • Negotiable slope of 35% (the best in its segment)
  • Extremely strong mechanics derived from military vehicles (the best in its segment)
  • Ready for the job on off-road and on-road (N1 approval) applications

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