ATX 310E are professional, extremely agile, flexible Small Electric Vehicles that are sturdy and compact in size with a chassis load capacity of 620 kg and towing capacity of up to 2.000 kg.

The ATX 310E model has been designed for use in limited space.
With its limited size and inner turning radius of only 2.6 metres, it can be used in warehouses, historic town centres or the narrow streets of small towns, for example.

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Its performance is guaranteed by its AC 48 V electric motor which can reach a maximum power of 14 kW and achieve remarkable energy saving thanks to braking with energy recovery.

The batteries have a maximum autonomy of approximately 75 km with a full recharge cost of approximately £2.

Although size in size, ATX 310Es are very sturdy electric vehicles that can cope with very difficult operating conditions because, in addition to having an excellent motor, they can negotiate maximum gradients of 30%.

They are fitted with MacPherson front suspension and rear suspension with a De-Dion bridge and stabiliser bar that guarantee maximum grip even on unmade roads and tracks and avoid skidding or loss of control, all for enhanced driving comfort.

Thanks to their configuration, ATX 310E vehicles can provide the best results both as far as performance and running costs are concerned.

Why choose the ATX 310E?

  • Maximum chassis load capacity: 620 kg
  • Towing capacity: 2.000 kg (in private area)
  • Inner turning radius of 2.6 metres
  • Ideal for operating in limited space: 3,03m x 1,27m

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