Built on the popular MP-250 base, the more powerful MT-290 is equal parts modern workhorse and mobile workshop. Its efficient AC motor offers impressive acceleration, even when towing loads of 7,250 kg. Its all-steel construction and four-wheel vibration dampening design ensure a smooth and stable ride even on bumpy surfaces.

High-efficiency asynchronous AC / Direct Drive motor
This electric tug offers better control for full motor performance, as well as higher possible speeds and better torque at low speeds. Maintenance-free brushless electric motor equipped with temperature and speed sensors.

AC controller with sealed connectors paired with multifunction display
It allows for precise speed control for greater safety and vehicle performance. Includes indicators for speed, battery state of charge, hour meter, odometer and fault warnings. Password-protected parameters and monitoring capability.

Powerful automatic electromagnetic parking brake
Increases safety by automatically applying the parking brake whenever the vehicle stops moving or is shut off. It also doubles as an emergency stop. Entirely sealed to protect it from debris, elements, etc.

MotorBrushless AC motor, 9 HP Intermittent, 15 HP Max
TransmissionDirect drive
ControllerAC Electronic speed controller
Drive AxleHelical gear differential
SteeringAutomotive steering wheel