ePowerTrucks range of industrial electric burden carriers is second to none. These electric trucks can carry up to 6,800 kg and have a run time of up to 30 miles per charge.

These industrial electric platform trucks are ideal for transporting pallets, goods and equipment indoors or outdoors. These electric trucks can be equipped with cabs, heaters, hard and soft doors and a wide range of other options.

The MC-270 is the industry’s smallest burden carrier. Its narrow, highly maneuverable design can fit through most standard door openings, and will bring you and materials closer to work stations. This low-profile, multi-purpose vehicle boasts a long deck for more cargo space.

The MC-360 is our most versatile multi-passenger burden carrier. This durable, low-maintenance work truck easily hauls heavy loads over long distances, and can be equipped with decks of up to 245cm to further reduce the number of trips per shift.

With its advanced engineering and improved modular design, the MC-480 takes productivity to new places. It boasts superior components throughout, including a high-efficiency AC powertrain and controller with multifunction display, direct drive differential and larger drum brakes.

The MC-660 is the ideal carrier for long and heavy loads of up to 6,800 kg even over long distances. Its fully customisable modular design features a low, long flatbed cargo deck and powerful four-wheel drive. Also available in unlimited configurations including our cab option, or with the single seat and half-cowl for full-length deck space on the right side.