At ePowerTrucks, our range of electric platform trucks can move between 250kg and 800kg capacity loads. Tough, reliable, low maintenance. Custom boxes and platforms available. Various chassis lengths and widths, tyres, shelf configurations, and a full range of accessories available.


The EP 400 electric pedestrian platform truck is a 3 wheel motorised trolley that can be equipped with various type of load cages and platforms.

The EP 500 electric platform trolley was created for various special applications. All sorts of equipment or containers can be assembled for multiple usage.

The EP 800 is a 4-wheel motorised trolley with a load capacity up to 600 kg that can be equipped with a large number of load cages and platforms.

The R5 pedestrian electric platform truck is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Great stability, 750kg capacity, 16km range with a full load on a single charge.

The R6 is a 4 wheel drive electric vehicle that has been designed to be used on difficult grounds like sandy or muddy terrain. It is equipped with 2x800w motors.

The M15 electric trolley is ideal for quickly and easily carry weights up to 500 kg and is equipped with a loading platform of 1040 x 640 mm.