At ePowerTrucks, our range of powered trolleys and platform trucks can carry between 250kg and 1000kg capacity loads. Our powered trolleys are tough, reliable, and low maintenance, making them an ideal choice for many businesses.

Able to fulfil a variety of needs, platform trucks have many options such as custom boxes and platforms for supporting different loads, from office equipment to heavy boxes of paper records.

ePowerTrucks supplies electric platform trucks with various chassis lengths and widths, tyres, and shelf configurations, to meet your needs. We provide a full range of accessories for our entire range of three-wheel and four-wheel electric pedestrian platform trucks.

EP 400 Electric Platform Truck

The EP 400 electric pedestrian platform truck is a 3 wheel motorised trolley that can be equipped with various type of load cages and platforms.

EP 500 Electric Platform Truck

The EP 500 electric platform trolley was created for various special applications. All sorts of equipment or containers can be assembled for multiple usage.

EP 800 Electric Pedestrian Platform Truck

The EP 800 is a 4-wheel motorised trolley with a load capacity up to 600 kg that can be equipped with a large number of load cages and platforms.

R5 Electric Pedestrian Platform Truck

The R5 pedestrian electric platform truck is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Great stability, 750kg capacity, 16km range with a full load on a single charge.

R6 Electric Pedestrian Platform Truck

The R6 is a 4 wheel drive electric vehicle that has been designed to be used on difficult grounds like sandy or muddy terrain. It is equipped with 2x800w motors.

M 15 Electric Pedestrian Platform Truck

The M15 electric trolley is ideal for quickly and easily carry weights up to 500 kg and is equipped with a loading platform of 1040 x 640 mm.

What Industries Would Use An Electric Platform Truck?

Any industry can make use of the advantages of powered trolleys. They are often selected as the number one choice for moving items around garden centres, schools, colleges, and hospitals. Airports, local councils, and agricultural businesses also find these compact and versatile platform trucks extremely useful.

Our powered trolleys can be equipped with load cages, removable sides, or drop down sides for easy loading and unloading. The electric platform cart produces zero emissions so they can be operated indoors and outdoors.

The powered platform trucks are highly manoeuvrable with tight turning circles. The multi-use platform trucks are silent running and have a 12 mile or 20km range. You can charge the powered trolleys within a few hours or charge them overnight, making them extremely convenient.

Powered Trolleys For The Toughest Jobs

ePowerTrucks offers platform trucks capable of undertaking the most demanding jobs with up to 1000 kg load capacity and up to 4000 kg tow capacity. Outstanding stability is assured, and our four-wheel-drive powered trolleys can be used on muddy or sandy terrain. The braking is efficient and safe, even on a 30% slope, and the robust steel construction ensures your trolley will have a long life.

If you need further advice or guidance, please get in touch with our friendly experts. We are ready to help you choose the right trolley for your business.