by OMS Admin

The pedestrian electric tow tug is a firm favourite in businesses across the UK. Electric tow tugs are tough and reliable and with low maintenance, they are the perfect solution for businesses that need to pull and push heavy wheeled loads or trailers. 
The pedestrian electric tow tug is not classed as a vehicle, and this means that operators do not need a driving license to operate one. Anyone can learn how to safely use these battery-powered electric tugs in a short amount of time. 

Features of a Pedestrian electric tow tug 

Nothing is as versatile as a pedestrian electric tow tug and there are models of all shapes and sizes. Standard models are rated to move different amounts of weight, allowing you to manage your budget by buying exactly what you need. 
Many businesses select a pedestrian electric tow tug due to its specialised features, but custom modifications are often part of the sale. Your business can choose a model with a design for moving bins and baggage or opt for a bespoke unit with custom boxes and platforms. 
Different shelf configurations, chassis lengths and widths all hone the tugs features to the owner’s precise needs. They can further be equipped with accessories such as ballasts and hooks and you can select tyres that are suitable for paved or unpaved surfaces, such as gravel. 
Electric tow tractors have powered forward and reverse, allowing the operator to place the load exactly where it needs to be. They recharge in only a few hours at any mains socket and have batteries that will see them through a full shift. 

 When to use a tow tug 

A pedestrian electric tow tug is a cost-effective solution for any case where loads or trolleys need to be moved. If the load weighs more than what a worker alone can manage to pull or push safely, then they are simply a must-have solution. 
There are multiple applications for these tugs and they are in use in various industries, from logistics and warehouses to manufacturing, retail and hospitality. A pedestrian electric tow tug is adept at moving palletised products and cages and can venture both indoors and outdoors. 
Tow tugs are particularly effective at moving loads through narrow spaces or aisles. They can manoeuvre goods across flat terrain or slightly sloped surfaces and ramps. They can tow wheeled loads of up to 10,000 kg. 
Safety is paramount and because of this, the design favours power over speed, with good acceleration and effective braking. Many pedestrian tug models have swivel tiller heads, remote controls, and safety sensors to ensure they do not bump into people or accidentally damage equipment and racking.