by OMS Admin

The last-mile delivery is the last stage of moving goods or people to their final destination. This leg of the journey is something that warehouses and factories often have a significant need for, taking goods from the back of a lorry into the facility.

Local delivery companies have a similar need, and the demand to get goods to customers is growing due to the strength and increasing popularity of eCommerce and online shopping. The last mile of the journey here often takes place across the narrow streets of small towns and historic town centres.

Last-mile delivery vehicles work where larger vehicles cannot, due to space restrictions, pedestrian zones, or where petrol or diesel-powered vehicles are undesirable, such as inside a warehouse or manufacturing plant. They provide a quick and reliable solution to many logistic problems and excel in any environment with a high stop-start delivery nature.

The ‘Final Mile’

The final mile can contribute significantly to delivery and transportation costs. These costs create a need for an efficient last-mile delivery solution, and the electric utility vehicle is filling this need.

Electric utility vehicles are quiet and produce no emissions. They can be recharged between shifts or downtime, and they are always ready to meet fluctuating demands. Adept at near-instantly focusing on new priorities, these last-mile delivery vehicles are poised to help your business save operational costs.

Electric Utility Vehicles

ePowerTrucks offers an excellent range of road legal electric utility vehicles that are compact and agile. These models provide the perfect solution for transporting people and goods around urban environments with greater ease and convenience.

Our range of last-mile delivery vehicles includes:

  • EP AMP XL – A compact utility vehicle for light work and general transport.
  • ATX 310E – A sturdy, compact, flexible, and extremely agile model with a 620kg load capacity and a 2,000kg towing capacity.
  • ATX 320E – This is anN1 European road homologated vehicle with a 635kg load capacity and a 2,000kg towing capacity.
  • ATX 340E – This model is designed for tough conditions with robustness, high power levels, a load capacity of 1,620kg, and a towing capacity of 4,500kg.
  • ATX 340ED – This last mile delivery truck has a double cab for transporting work teams and materials together. The vehicle has a 1,450kg load capacity and a towing capacity of 4,000kg.

For further assistance in choosing the right electric last mile delivery for your needs, please contact our expert team.