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ePower Trucks has recently delivered Tyntesfield an multi passenger electric vehicle with a custom wheelchair ramp, to be used around their large Somerset estate.

Tyntesfield National Trust Site Praises ePower Trucks Electric Shuttle Bus 3

The electric vehicle was delivered in November 2011 and has had rave reviews from Malcolm Thorne (Senior Visitor Experience Officer).

ePower Trucks have been brilliant to work with. They are great at quick and clear communication, always replying to questions and queries in good time and with full information provided.

When I reached out to ePower Trucks, we were in a particularly tricky situation as the old vehicles that we had been using were failing and we needed a quick turnaround on a new vehicle and ePower Trucks was able to deliver with a short turnaround.

Not only did ePower Trucks work with me on the specifications and delivery time of the vehicle, but they also came to site to meet in person to walk the driving route to ensure that the vehicle would suit our route and terrain.

The vehicle is well thought out and, considering the very generous lease rate, is built to a good quality. The team are very happy with it, and it provides a much-needed reliability and increased comfort level to our daily mobility service.

Moreover, the vehicle is fully electric, so helps us to move towards being much more environmentally conscious as a workplace. The battery lasts brilliantly, rarely going below 60% charge at the end of a day – including having the heater on all day in the winter.

All in all, I would highly recommend working with ePower Trucks if you are looking to take the leap into using electric vehicles for your workplace. The range of vehicle options available is brilliant and they are very reasonably priced for what they can deliver on. Most importantly, from my experience so far, they have great people working for them who genuinely care about their customers – can’t ask for much more than that!