by OMS Admin

With non-essential retail closed down once again as part of the November 2020 pandemic lockdown, there will be an increased demand on warehouses. On-demand warehousing solutions and direct to consumer shopping look set to be a more significant part of today’s warehouse.

This will put extra strain on warehouse staff with a more significant number of picks and dispatches. However, warehouse work has always been centered around warehouse equipment, which will become a more valuable asset to those involved in stock movement.

While panic buying and empty supermarket shelves are unlikely through the winter, warehouse work will need to respond to the changing situation. Here we take a look at the electric vehicle warehouse equipment that your warehouse can use to meet increased demand while protecting your workforce’s health and safety.

Pedestrian Electric Platforms

Pedestrian electric platforms are a fantastic way for the team to move goods around without causing physical strain. They are suitable for use indoors but can venture outdoors as well. These make warehouse work quick and easy, increasing the productivity of your staff.

They are incredibly convenient, as well. One charge can give miles of travel, and because they are electric, they do not pollute the air. There are solutions for weights up to 500kg and heavy-duty models ranging upwards to 3000kg.

Of course, the platform handles and controls could become a point of transmission, picking up the virus and passing it on to others. Solutions to this issue include sanitising the touchable surfaces after each use, wearing gloves, or assigning one electric platform to one worker. Frequent hand washing with an alcohol-based soap is also an effective measure. You can fix sanitiser to the trolley, making this process convenient, quick, and unlikely to be forgotten when positioning is prominent.

Electric Passenger Transport

Electric passenger transport tugs will let your workers get from A to B in record time. If your facility is expansive or stretches across multiple buildings, the time saving can be huge.

These tow tugs can seat multiple passengers and include fold-down benches for multi-purpose functionality. Models come in all shapes and sizes with plenty of customisation options for the specific warehouse work you undertake.

Other ways to make warehouse work safe in light of the pandemic include adding screens where workers are close together, staggering shifts, introducing one way systems, and enforcing the wearing of PPE such as face masks.