How Electric Warehouse Equipment Is Helping Ease The Burden

by OMS Admin

The warehouse is a unique environment with its challenges, mostly centred around achieving maximum capacity while moving goods, parts, and equipment in, out, and around the facility safely and in the most efficient manner. Electric warehouse equipment plays a crucial role in achieving these goals, and while they look small and compact, they are, in fact, incredibly strong, efficient, and manoeuvrable.

Electric warehouse equipment is a valuable addition to any logistics, distribution, or storage operation. Whether you are looking to retrieve a product or haul equipment or consumables to different locations within your facility, electric vehicles complete the task with many additional benefits.

Sustainability and environmentally friendly operating strategies are hot topics, so choosing electric warehouse equipment over combustion engine-driven alternatives makes excellent sense. An electric warehouse vehicle will not pollute the air with petrol or diesel fumes, which is vital when choosing vehicles that operate indoors.

Also, electric warehouse equipment does not create noise pollution, which is a consideration that is often overlooked. With near-silent running, drivers and workers within the same environment can complete their jobs without the discomfort caused by wearing ear defenders or earplugs. With clean air to breathe and unrestricted hearing, your facility adds two green ticks on the health and safety checklist

Let Electric Warehouse Vehicles Do The Heavy Lifting

Electric warehouse equipment is a valuable asset when it comes to heavy lifting. Burden carriers sit at the top of the tree and carry loads weighing up to 6,800kg while towing trailers weighing up to 90,000kg. At the other end of the scale are pedestrian tow tugs and platform trucks with capacities of 500kg and more.

Across the range of burden carriers, pedestrian tugs, tow tugs, and electric platform trucks, we find different body forms, including cargo beds that are caged or in an open flatbed configuration. Whether it is boxes of parts, bags of waste, or heavy equipment, there is a solution that is easy to load and quick to move that load around the warehouse environment.

A further benefit of electric motors is they do not create vibrations when running. Without vibrations, handling is improved, and the risks of damaging fragile loads or spilling liquids are significantly reduced.

Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Electric warehouse equipment will help improve your warehouse efficiency and productivity. They are incredibly versatile and agile, moving loads of different sizes and weights with ease. Designed for use running up and down narrow aisles and in and out of tight spaces, your infrastructure is less likely to be damaged.

Burden carriers make excellent personnel carriers moving workers or visitors quickly, saving hours on your timesheets. Burden carriers can move one, two, or four people, and you can still attach a trailer to carry a load simultaneously. Compared to combustion engines, they cost less to run, are more reliable, and require less maintenance. The latest technology innovations provide fast charging and excellent range.

Our team is here to listen to your specific needs and help you find the right electric warehouse equipment. For more information contact us today.