by OMS Admin

The use of electric vehicles in business premises and worksites is quickly growing as their convenience becomes recognised and businesses put a focus on reducing their carbon emissions. In use in a diverse range of industries, including warehouses, hospitals, universities, airports, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals, it is highly advantageous for your workers and operators to be given the opportunity to attend electric vehicle training courses.

An electric vehicle training course will help your team improve their skills, safety, and performance. From the basic knowledge of manoeuvering, loading, and navigating to advanced operator skills, refresher courses, and instruction on how to use new vehicles added to your fleet, successful businesses always make safety their top priority.

Your employees need to understand the limits of the equipment they use and what it can and cannot be used for to prevent misuse and downtime if the vehicles are damaged. Whether it is platform trucks, or ATEX explosion-proof vehicles, electric vehicle training courses will help prevent accidents that might cause injury to your workforce, clients, and visitors, or expensive damage to your products and premises.

Comprehensive Electric Vehicle Training Programs

ePowerTrucks offers comprehensive electric vehicle training courses for all of the vehicles we supply. While your operators do not need a driving licence to use certain vehicles and equipment, they will need training in the skills needed to use and operate various vehicles safely.

We can customise your training to meet your business’s needs, incorporating educational elements such as the basic observational checks to carry out before use. Your team will get valuable hands-on experience in a safe and controlled manner, closely watched by the trainer. We can help your workers build their confidence, learn how to avoid hazards, plan clear pathways, and lift and move safely.

We also provide training on electric vehicle health and safety issues, rules, regulations, and processes associated with owning electric vehicles. Our electric vehicle training courses offer expert advice on charging, hazard management, electric vehicle technology, control systems, and motors. 

Our electric vehicle training courses can take the shape of onsite group training programmes, one-on-one employee training, and train the trainer sessions. At the end of the course, attendees receive a certificate of completion to show their commitment to a safe working environment.

You Can Trust EPowerTrucks To Deliver The Training You Need

There are no formal entry requirements for attending one of our electric vehicle training courses, so even your newest employee can learn the skills they need on day one. A highly experienced trainer runs each course. Our Expert trainers have committed themselves to a career in electric vehicles.

Since we were established in 2000, ePowerTrucks has supplied electric vehicles to SMEs through to large corporations such as BP, Heathrow Airport, the NHS, and Glaxo Smith Kline, to name just a few. If you are looking to maximise safety and efficiency, it pays to learn from the best in the industry.