by OMS Admin

Knowing how to operate electric vehicles and equipment correctly is essential for keeping your workforce and business visitors safe. As an experienced handling equipment supplier, we know that training is absolutely invaluable.

With electric vehicle training, your team will be able to prevent injuries and avoid causing costly damage to premises, products, and your infrastructure. Whether you are a warehouse and distribution centre, a manufacturing facility, or an underground tunnel maintenance firm, we provide a comprehensive training program on all the electric vehicles you use.

Workers do not need a licence to operate a burden carrier or a multi-passenger vehicle with a tow. However, it makes sense to preempt potential problems, and training is not only good for safety but can improve productivity and efficiency, adding profit to your bottom line.

Electric Vehicle & Equipment Training

We intend to be as helpful as possible in giving your team the skills they need. To ensure minimal disruption and downtime, we can attend your business premises to provide on-site equipment training.

Our training program covers all essential topics related to equipment health & safety for electric vehicle ownership in a business setting. We give hands-on training to help your employees build the working knowledge and operational skills they need. The hands-on approach builds operator confidence and proficiency for lifting, moving, and safely avoiding potential hazards.
We further help your workers and business reduce risks by preventing the misuse of equipment and practices that may damage your electric vehicle fleet. Downtime and repairs can be extremely costly, so covering misuse is extremely valuable.

We provide tailored training for waste management vehicles, hospital equipment, pedestrian controlled tugs, tunnel, warehouse, and last-mile delivery vehicles.

Our Training Programs

Our training programs are conducted by highly experienced trainers with knowledge built up over many years. As industry experts, we can customise training to your brief and work to a pre-approved agenda, catering to your industry’s specificities or sector. We cover all health and safety regulations, rules, and processes.

We offer courses for groups, but also one-on-one and in a more specialised train-the-trainer format. At the end of the course, all attendees receive a certificate of completion to demonstrate their commitment to a safe working environment and for further developing their careers.