by OMS Admin

Electric vehicles (EVs) operate differently from petrol or diesel-fuelled vehicles and equipment, therefore, differ in their servicing and repair requirements. Here are a few tips from ePower Trucks to enable you to keep your electric vehicle running smoothly.

Recharging Batteries

Although this may seem an obvious point, it is often forgotten. Batteries should be charged at the end of every working day and fully recharged at least once a month. Additionally, this should be done even if the vehicle is not being used like any other device to preserve its life.


As with traditional vehicles, individuals need to check the tires for pressure and wear and tear periodically. Maintaining these to the manufacturer’s specified pressure extends tire life as well as your range. Ideally, checks should be done first thing in the morning before the vehicle has moved.

Using The Regenerative Braking System

If your electric vehicle has a motor brake it is ideal to use this as much as possible. This has many advantages, the first one being it recharges the battery and therefore increases the battery autonomy. Additionally, it saves around 30% of energy consumption, ideal for activities that are very stop and go. Furthermore, the duration of the brakes is increased. Therefore, it is advised to decelerate by simply releasing the accelerator pedal rather than using the brakes. The longer the deceleration, the more energy is sent to the battery.

Inspecting And Servicing Electric Vehicles

Maintenance of electric vehicles undoubtedly needs to be performed less than traditional combustion vehicles. This is mainly due to less mechanical arts and simpler operation. However, the implications of downtown for a business can be monumental. Therefore, scheduling regular inspections and maintenance checks of your vehicle is paramount. When completed consistently it prevents future problems before they impact performance and cost more.

Servicing By ePower Trucks

ePower Trucks will keep your electric vehicles in perfect condition and safe to use. Our highly-skilled, professional service teams offer service plans, designed to save you money and time. We only use the highest quality parts when servicing and repairing your vehicle. In addition, all of our parts are guaranteed for 12 months from the date they are fitted.

All of our engineers are equipped with Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) ensuring they have all of your essential details straight away. This helps them focus on your requirements and start the job straight away. Each engineer carries a large range of stock meaning 90% of problems can be fixed straight away. Moreover, when you sign up for a service contract, you will receive a 10% discount on high-quality parts and discounted service visits. Contact ePower Trucks today to find out more about our services.