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The electric tow tug comes in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the best fit for your purpose. You can find models that suit all reasonable budgets, they are easy to use, and anyone can learn to operate one in a very short amount of time.

The electric tow tug has numerous applications across many business sectors, from manufacturing to warehouses, retail, and hospitality. They can pull or push with their powered forward and reverse and move palletised goods, tow light aircraft, pull baggage trolleys and bins, or move personnel around extensive work sites.

Many businesses love their electric tow tug because it is a cost-effective solution, with a tough and reliable nature that requires very low maintenance. Best of all, you or your workers do not need a forklift truck licence or even a driver’s licence to use one.

Features & benefits

An electric tow vehicle is environmentally friendly and does not emit fumes, making them ideal for use indoors, but they are entirely at home outdoors as well. Businesses can protect their workers’ health and safety as they no longer need to attempt to move loads that are too heavy.

Highly maneuverable, the electric tow tug is ideal for accessing narrow spaces, such as warehouse aisles, where space is at a premium. They can be kitted out with different wheels for driving over a variety of terrains, from concrete surfaces in warehouses to unpaved surfaces such as graveled factory yards.

Our electric tow tug models have plenty of power with smooth acceleration, allowing them to climb ramps and slightly sloping surfaces of up to 30%. To ensure maximum safety levels, every model is fitted with highly-effective brakes.

Rechargeable batteries power the tugs, and the operator can quickly charge them at any mains socket. With quick charging and long-lasting batteries, it is easy to get through any shift. With tiller controls, swivel heads, remote controls, and safety sensors, it has never been easier to move goods around the worksite safely.

What to look for when purchasing

When considering which electric tow tug to purchase, there are several things to consider carefully. Primarily the load and tow weights are essential considerations. Tugs are categorised as medium-duty at up to 8,000kg and heavy-duty above this and up to 30,000kgs.

You should also consider if you need custom adaptations and modifications. These personalisations are a commonplace requirement, adapting trolleys for use with unique crates and roll cages. You might need a bespoke towbar, custom boxes and platforms, special shelf configurations, ballasts, and hooks. You might also be looking for pedestrian electric tow tugs capable of seating two or four passengers.

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