by OMS Admin

Airport safety has and will always be a priority. Good airport safety etiquette includes being respectful to airport and transport staff, as well as other passengers. With coronavirus, staff are keeping you safe at the airport in various ways.

You can play your part and remember that you must wear a mask or face covering. You can say your goodbyes outside so that family and friends are not put at undue risk. On your return, ask your lift to wait outside or in their vehicle.

Try not to mix with people in the departure lounge and remain seated during the flight. Follow the airport staff and cabin crew’s instructions because they have everyone’s best interests at heart. If you become ill at the airport, let the staff know. You must also complete a passenger locator form within 48 hours before your flight.

Guidelines & Procedures

You may feel confident that you are up to date on the COVID-19 guidelines and airport safety, but things change quickly. You should check the latest information and travel warnings related to coronavirus before you book a flight.

Your airline will share with you the current measures for minimising coronavirus transmission. If you live in England, you can only travel overseas or fly within the UK if the purpose is for education, work, or another permitted reason.

You can check your luggage into the aircraft hold to speed up the boarding process. If you are legally allowed to fly, you should check-in online to avoid unnecessary face-to-face contact with the airport staff.

To maintain airport safety, do not travel if you feel unwell or experience any coronavirus systems in the seven days before travel. Do not travel if you are self-isolating or in a support bubble with someone who has displayed symptoms over the last 14 days.


You may encounter various passenger airport transport vehicles and equipment within the airport environment. Under certain circumstances and when assistance is needed, you may be asked to board an EP11 electric multi-passenger bus. These are an eco-friendly option with zero emissions and are the ultimate choice for not adding to airport pollution.

These vehicles help you or the cabin crew get to the gate. They are comfortable, quick, maneuverable, and quiet. This multi-passenger electric vehicle can transport up to ten people around the airport safely. Its sister models include the EP4 (2+2) and EP8 (6+2).

If you need to walk from the departure gate to the plane, watch out for the electric tow tug. These tugs have superior performance and can travel at speeds of up to 25km/h. These are highly dependable, low maintenance, and powerful vehicles.

Your airport safety shouldn’t be dismissed, so keep an eye on your social distancing while remembering to keep an eye out for silent-running passenger airport transport vehicles.