by OMS Admin

ePowerTrucks’ electric hospital equipment is making the life of NHS workers easier at a difficult time with increased patient numbers due to the current coronavirus and quickly arriving winter. NHS nurses and porters are under extreme mental and physical stress levels as they attempt to handle longer shifts in conjunction with greater family needs at home. 
To help prevent work-related injuries and strain, we need to help hospital staff reduce the physical effort involved in their job. Their working day often consists of moving beds and walking many miles down hospital corridors and between wards and buildings. 
NHS workers can make use of our electric hospital equipment to reduce the daily demands on tired muscles. Our medical electric equipment includes extremely maneuverable bed movers and multi passenger vehicles

Electric Hospital Bed Mover 

In addition to an influx of patients with COVID-19, bed and patient weights are increasing. This makes it even more essential to support staff with electric hospital equipment, such as our electric hospital bed mover. 
Bed movers reduce the strains on hospital porters and nurses and they are ideal for use in small and large hospital sites. Our machines are compatible with most beds, stretchers, trolleys and bariatric beds, allowing one device to fulfil many needs and different bed models, new and old. 
With our electric hospital equipment, there is no need to change attachments, and hence, there is no risk of losing detachable parts. Operators enjoy a hands-free and bend-free connection process that keeps the user’s back muscles out of the equation. The mover connects easily at the head or the foot of the bed, using a claw that adapts to the castor’s size. 
Nurses and hospital porters can effortlessly move up to 600kg, turn around a tight corner and deal various inclines. 

Electric multi-passenger vehicles 

Our multi-passenger people carriers are a versatile and low maintenance form of hospital transport. This electric hospital equipment can significantly reduce the number of steps taken each day while also saving a large amount of time that can be dedicated instead to looking after patients. 
Our electric hospital equipment is suitable for use indoors and outdoors and they can move various amounts of people over large distances. Custom modifications can further aid NHS workers and people carriers can be modified to handle wheelchair transport as well.