by OMS Admin

Today we are taking a look at how electric wheelbarrows are changing agricultural work.

The agricultural industry has long been at the forefront of innovation. First, it was the ox and plough, and now it is machines carrying out tasks performed by hundreds of people in the past. While these large-scale and laborious jobs needed an element of automatic and machine-powered muscle, we should not forget to innovate and find solutions for those smaller-scale yet still backbreaking jobs. 

Whether it is a commercial farm or orchard, a sole trader or laypeople with an allotment who is pushing to maximise organic growth, or a stable owner, the wheelbarrow has always been there to lighten the load. However, as anyone who has worked in agriculture knows, you don’t need to put much weight in a barrow before it causes the operator muscle strain, backache, and potentially an injury.

Ease Worker Strain With A Powered Barrow

Electric wheelbarrows take away a tremendous amount of effort and physical hardship. The electric barrow is highly manoeuvrable and can power its way up slopes and around obstacles and tight corners with ease.

Electric wheelbarrows have a three-wheeled configuration and a low centre of gravity to create incredible stability. The powered wheelbarrow offers a controlled descent downhill and has excellent grip across all surface types. Whenever the power is turned off, the braking mechanism will engage and is more than adequate to hold a fully loaded barrow on slopes of up 30 degrees.

Furthermore, electric wheelbarrows handle one of the most strenuous tasks, tipping out the load. Even if you have never considered an electric power barrow, it is easy to imagine how indispensable they are for intensive agricultural work such as taking feed to animals, mucking out, or carrying 100kgs of potatoes, bags of compost, fertiliser, soil, sand, or firewood.

The Environmental Impact Of Electric Wheelbarrows

The benefits of electric wheelbarrows don’t just stop there. 

Environmentally-friendly, and this is something that resonates strongly with individuals working with animals or growing crops. 

Electric wheelbarrows produce zero emissions and exhaust fumes, maintaining air quality and creating no unnatural odours. They are silent running, which is excellent for use around animals, and maintenance-free, which is good for everyone. 

It is important here to point out battery technologies have improved in leaps and bounds. The batteries are quick to charge using an external plug, and a 4-hour full charge gives a range of up to 12 miles.

ePower Trucks has several electric wheelbarrows on offer with capacities of 300kg, 400kg, and 500kg. The barrows benefit from rust-resistant steel skips, keyed ignition for security, and a convenient LED battery status,

So, if you or your business is feeling the strain when it comes to agricultural work, maybe it’s time to upgrade your wheelbarrow and let it do the heavy lifting, pushing, and tipping for you.

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