by OMS Admin

Electric hospital equipment is fundamental to the operations of busy healthcare facilities. As more recognition is placed on staff and patients’ wellbeing and the demands to be ever more efficient grow, it makes excellent sense to invest in electric hospital equipment.

There is intense pressure on wards in hospitals across the UK, and this is felt by the people who work on them, including nursing staff and hospital porters.

Hospital porters are constantly in motion, day-in/day-out, and need to keep pace with demands, even when they surge skywards. Likewise, nurses have more patients under their care as patient numbers swell, which creates a scenario where they spend less time treating patients.

Electric hospital equipment can help staff keep pace, improve efficiency, and avoid bottlenecks in healthcare facilities. With access to the right tools, it is possible to prevent physical lifting injuries and general physical strain involved with either lifting single heavy loads or repetitively moving loads over long shifts.

Electric Equipment is used in Hospitals Every Day

By leveraging electric hospital equipment daily, NHS and private hospitals reduce the number of staff required to move beds, patients, and medical equipment.

Lifting and shifting electric hospital equipment brings oxygen canisters and other medical supplies onto wards right when they are needed. Trolleys of waste or laundry are seamlessly whisked away, and beds efficiently move between wards and operating theatres.

Our Range of Hospital Equipment

Our range of hospital equipment provides a cost-effective approach to streamlining processes and reducing the pressure on staff. Suitable for small and large hospital sites, our electric burden carriers make an instant difference because they can be used by anyone and do not require an operator’s licence.

The MC-360 and MC-660 Multi-Passenger Burden Carriers move heavy loads over long distances and are a favourite with maintenance departments.

The Jobmaster Pedestrian Electric Tug and EP 500 Electric Platform Trucks provide a reliable solution for porters to move loads of up to 1,500kg around the facility. Where extreme moving power is demanded, the E-242 HD, MT-250, and MT-290 Tow Tractors tackle any towing load of up to 7,250kg.

Aside from preventing injuries and streamlining processes, there are many other benefits to choosing our electric hospital equipment. Powered by electricity, all vehicles and moving equipment are almost silent, so it does not disrupt patients’ recovery. There are no exhaust fumes or gases, so air quality is maintained, helping patients breathe easy.

For more information on how our range of electric hospital equipment can ease healthcare establishments’ burdens, please contact our team.