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Electric utility trucks are ideal for closed campus operations. In this article, we run through some of the key benefits you can expect from operating all-electric vehicles.

Going Green on Campus 3

Universities, colleges, and boarding schools all have significantly sized estates to manage. The latest electric utility trucks can help you green your operations on campus, without sacrificing productivity. Reducing emissions might be the main objective for educational establishments, but there are many more benefits to going electric.

  1. Cost

Campus estate management teams are often surprised to learn how cost-effective it can be to switch from a diesel van to an all-electric utility truck. Vehicles like our Alke utility trucks cost just pennies per mile to run in “fuel”. For example, the Alke ATX 320E has a range of up to 70km and a full charge costs around £2.

Furthermore, the drive train on an Alke electric vehicle is far less complex than an internal combustion engine (ICE). The motor is maintenance free, and the entire system has far fewer moving parts than an ICE vehicle. This means a lower risk of a breakdown, and much less maintenance and servicing required. Reduced down-time also equates to less interruption to your operations, while its robust nature means an Alke electric truck will last longer than a diesel van.

When these factors are combined – lower operating costs, lower maintenance costs, less down time, and longer life – it becomes abundantly clear that replacing a diesel van with an Alke electric truck will deliver substantial cost savings.

2. Versatility

One of the key advantages of an Alke utility truck over a diesel van is its versatility. You can choose between solid and reliable lead batteries, or lithium power for extended range and faster recharge times. And, unlike some electric trucks, the Alke series are N1 certified for use on public roads.

Due to the high torque provided by powerful electric motors, utility trucks such as the Alke range also have great off-road capabilities, tackling gradients of up to 35 per cent. This added bonus makes them perfect for estates management activities such as grounds keeping and landscaping.

Furthermore, the power of the electric drive train makes Alke vehicles ideal for towing significant loads – for example, the Alke ATX 330E can tow up to 4,500kg. Alternatively, the flat bed can carry up to 1,575kg, putting it on a par with many diesel vans.

3. Ease of Recharging

You do not need to invest in electric car charging infrastructure to charge an Alke electric truck! It is highly likely that your campus already has the single phase and three phase electricity supplies needed to charge Alke vehicles. And if not, you can get it installed for a fraction of the price of an electric car charge point.

4. Fit for Purpose

There is a huge range of Alke vehicles from which you can choose, ensuring you get the right vehicle for your needs. The ATX series are available with five different wheelbases, two- or four-seat cabs, and three different sized cargo beds. We can also provide a range of different bodies such as dropside and tipper, as well as box body and mesh cage. If you need something specific, ePowerTrucks has the capability to provide bespoke bodies.

Furthermore, you can buy accessories that turn your truck into a snow plough and gritter, making it an even more valuable asset over the winter months.

5. A Strong Statement

Now more than ever, students and their families place great value on fighting climate change. Your electric utility trucks make a strong statement to applicants about your commitment to the environment. This is reinforced every day as students see your vehicles at work.

6. More Solutions

For material handling operations in campus that can’t be done with a vehicle, check out our fantastic range of electric pedestrian-controlled tow tractors. These enable users to make light work of lifting and shifting loads of up to 3,000kg. We also offer a full range of electric platform trucks and trolleys, which are ideal for delivery and collection of goods such as mail and laundry.

Click here for further information on our full range for campus electric vehicles operations.