by OMS Admin

The electric burden carrier is a favourite within many businesses, giving the workforce the power to move materials or tow products through the company’s indoor and outdoor spaces. Flatbed utility carts are invaluable in warehouses, workshops, waste management, and manufacturing facilities, providing a better alternative to forklifts and other large vehicles.

A burden carrier is often the best choice when it comes to safely moving supplies, people, or debris. Whether you are looking to improve efficiency or reduce your organisation’s environmental impact, we have the burden carrier you are looking for.

Features of a Burden Carrier

The features of a burden carrier are plentiful, with models rated for moving light through to heavy loads. Extremely manoeuvrable, these vehicles can quickly move through tight or small spaces where larger vehicles, such as forklifts, cannot go.

The large tow and load capacity allow you to get bulky items to where they need to be quickly. On the other side of the scales, a burden carrier can be fitted with cages for moving waste or bags of rubbish. They can also be equipped with ladders for picking items from racking.

Safety is paramount in a business, and this is why transporting personnel is one of their best features. People who are on foot are incredibly vulnerable to work vehicles, where the driver is often focused on the load and not those walking around them. The various models give you a range of options from two-seaters to those with a drop-down bench, permitting up to four passengers to jump on board while still retaining the option to tow a load.

Furthermore, electric utility carts are environmentally friendly. They run on rechargeable batteries and do not emit fumes like diesel carts.

When to use Burden Carriers

These utility vehicles are a great choice wherever loads need to be smoothly and efficiently moved through narrow spaces. They lower the risk of accidents that might damage goods, equipment, machinery, or other workers. With lower risks of damage, your business can keep its maintenance costs under tighter control. You can also save a considerable amount of time when it comes to taking visitors or clients safely around your work site.

If you are searching for a high-quality burden carrier for your factory, warehouse, or other commercial business, contact ePower Trucks today. We have the broadest range of electric utility carts in the UK.