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*Please note, as of November 2022, the EP Electric Bed Mover has now been discontinued and is no longer available to purchase*

Materials handling & electric vehicle specialist ePowerTrucks innovative EP Electric Bed Transporter system is designed to prevent work-related injury and make life easier for hospital porters and nursing staff whilst moving beds.

The exceptionally manoeuvrable, power-assisted, EP Electric Bed Transporter provides the perfect solution to moving hospital beds. It greatly reduces the effort required in manual handling them, therefore diminishing the risk of musculoskeletal and repetitive strain injuries caused by lifting heavy equipment.

The ergonomically-designed, compact, lifter and transport system is compatible with almost all beds, specialty beds, stretchers, trolleys and other movable equipment worldwide, without the need to change attachments.

The dual drive system with height-adjustable handle allows a single person to drive equipment weighing up to 600kg with just one finger or thumb, without any strain on their back muscles, thanks to its effortless 360º movement.

The straightforward claw-like design of the lifter allows stress-free attachment to the bed or trolley, adapting easily to different castor sizes. Its wheelbase expands smoothly from 550cm to 890cm as it captures and lifts the bed by its castors with its patented ‘Connect & Lock’ jaw assembly.

Hospital staff pushing beds, stretchers and equipment walk on average 15-20km a day, while the increase in the total weight of many beds and patients makes the EP Electric Bed Transporter even more useful.

As well as protecting workers from injury, the EP Hospital Bed Mover, with its quiet, efficient wheels, makes their work simpler, less tiring and more enjoyable, boosting morale and decreasing uncertainties about staff availability.

As a further bonus, in preventing injury the EP Bed Mover also reduces the risk of workers’ compensation claims and sickness costs.

Safety features such as jaw and brake bypasses allow for release in an emergency, and the mover can be securely operated on gradients of up to 7º, seamlessly coping with uneven terrain and tight corners. Reliability, efficiency and safety are all assured.