Manchester City Take Delivery Of 2 Fully Enclosed Electric Buses From ePowerTrucks

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Manchester City has recently taken delivery of 2 fully enclosed electric buses from ePowerTrucks.

Theses electric passenger buses are the zero-emission solution that can comfortably transport up to 13 passengers quickly and quietly.

With today’s air and noise pollutants, these electric buses are ideal for sustainable mobility projects and Eco-friendly public/private transportation.

London Borough of Barnet Invest In 8 Bespoke Glutton Electric Vacuums

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London Borough of Barnet has invested in 8 bespoke painted Glutton Electric Vacuums. The all-electric litter vacuum will now be the forefront of their street cleansing regime to tackle the litter and debris on the streets, parks and in the centre of Barnet, before the Glutton was implemented Barnet had opted to use push along barrows which was inefficient, time consuming and unhygienic.

The Glutton is an all Electric urban vacuum designed to assist the guys to collect the litter off the streets and city centres! For more information on the Glutton or to arrange your demonstration on-site contact ePowerTrucks on 0161 626 9628 or email to

ePowerTrucks Supplies Army Reserve Barracks With 3rd Electric Passenger Vehicle

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Army reserve barracks takes delivery of another 6 passenger people carrier this will be their 3rd such vehicle.

The aim of this site is to remove all non-essential cars and vans from the main campus and replace them with noise and emissions friendly alternatives.

We here at ePowerTrucks are happy to help this transition with our full range of solutions.

ePowerTrucks Supply Electric Pedestrian Platform Truck To ID Verde

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ePowerTrucks have recently supplied id verde UK with an EP 800 electric platform truck which will be used for grounds maintenance.

The EP 800 four-wheeled electric platform truck offers a longer chassis and higher carrying capacity to the standard EP 500.

Great stability, 800kg capacity, 12m range with a full load on a single charge. Quick simple recharging. Comes with a 240V charger suitable for a domestic 3 pin plug. Approx 4hr charging time.

Can be left on charge overnight, charger has auto-cut-off. Zero emissions, silent running, low maintenance.

Titanic Hotel takes delivery of fully refurbished Motrec E-330 from ePowerTrucks.

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Titanic Hotel takes delivery of fully refurbished Motrec E-330 from ePowerTrucks.

The E-330 burden carrier stands out with superior maneuverability and safety.

Batteries are located on the rear to increase weight on the traction drive, enhancing the braking performance with a short stopping distance.
Steering is smoother thanks to less weight on the front axle.

Oxford College Has Taken Delivery of an EP 500 From ePowerTrucks

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The EP 500 pedestrian controlled electric platform truck is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Great stability, 500kg capacity, 12m range with a full load on a single charge.Quick simple recharging. It comes with a 240V charger suitable for a domestic 3 pin plug. Approx 4hr charging time.

Can be left on charge overnight, the charger has auto-cutoff. Zero emissions, silent running, low maintenance.

Ramps aren’t a problem as the EP 500 can handle a 20% gradient with a 300kg load. Engaged by a simple thumb control (forward/reverse) and steered by a tiller arm, the EP 500 electric platform truck range is simply designed and easy to control.

Safety features are standard. If the operator releases the handle, even on a slope the EP 500 range stops immediately.

The tiller arm automatically returns to its upright position when released, triggering the automatic cutoff. This is also activated if contact is made with the red safety button at the end of the tiller arm.

BAE Systems Takes Delivery of ePowerTrucks M6.5

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BAE systems take delivery of m6.5 with lifting arm attachment.

This unit will assist in a major new project within the factory.

6000kg tow capacity pedestrian controlled tug. Small maneuverable, reliable and very powerful.

The jobmaster pedestrian tow tug is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

Available with a load cage for additional transport of small parcels and boxes. Even the load cage has a load capacity of 250kg!

Drop pin tow hitch as standard, we can supply any kind of hitch required. Roll cage moving brackets available. Custom boxes and trailers, strobe lights, motion beepers etc. We are happy to build the tug around your application.

Will cover approx 12m fully loaded. Approx 4 hour recharge time with 240V charger. Low maintenance, silent running, easy to use.

Veolia UK Purchases M-15 Electric Platform Truck For Their Biogas Site In North Allerton

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The Leeming Biogas site at North Allerton were experiencing issues moving heavy parts around the site on narrow outdoor walkways.

The M15 with its reduced size platform and heavy carrying capability’s was the perfect fit for the job so much so that the unit was bought straight away on the Demo.

Our M 15electric platform trolley is the solution to transport, easily and quickly, heavy loads up to 500 kg. It is equipped with a loading platform made of marine plywood mm 1040 x 640 x 15/ 40.95″ x 25.20″ x 0.59″.

It passes through doors, goes in/out lifts/elevators and it is ideal for confined spaces or narrow aisles, thanks to compact dimensions and to its 360° degrees rotation. This electric trolley can be equipped with various types of sides and a second shelf, available as optional. Thanks to its rounded frame (free from edges) operators can work safely.

ePowerTrucks Supplies E-on With e-330 Electric Burden Carrier

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Custom designed e330 burden carrier recently supplied to E.ON UK for their site @ Humber Gateway wind farm in Grimsby.

This vehicle is road registered and will assist the team in moving tools and equipment to the dock side from their stores unit.

The vehicle was built to the customer’s design incorporating an extra-long deck and a bulk head protector.

The E-330 electric flatbed truck stands out with superior maneuverability and safety.

Batteries are located on the rear to increase weight on the traction drive, enhancing the braking performance with a short stopping distance. This electric truck’s steering is smoother thanks to less weight on the front axle.

For all electric vehicle requirements please contact 0161 626 9628

ePowerTrucks Supplies Electric Burden Carrier To Horris Hill School

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ePowerTrucks have recently supplied an EP Flatbed electric utility vehicles to Horris Hill School.

The EP Flatbed electric truck is the zero emission solution that can comfortably transport 1,000 kg quickly and quietly. With today’s air and noise pollutant issues, this electric flatbed vehicle is the ideal sustainable mobility solution for eco-friendly public and private transportation.

This electric vehicle also has the space for a passenger which makes it the perfect electric vehicle for theme parks, resorts, caravan parks, industrial sites, stadiums, rail stations, airports and more!

Park Cliffe Holiday Park in Windermere Take Delivery of Alke ATX 210e Electric Utility Vehicle

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Park Cliffe holiday park in Windermere have taken delivery of their Alkè 210e. Delivered directly to site fully loaded with extras and the exact spec they required.

The ATX 210E is a professional zero emission electric vehicle. A load capacity of 635 kilos combined with a 2-tonne tow capacity makes this an excellent choice.

Fitted with MacPherson strut independent front suspension and a De-Dion rear axle including stabilizer bar guarantees permanent traction at all wheels, even on rough or undulating surfaces.

The Glutton Shines At London Southend Airport

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A new cleaning machine is making life easier for workers at one of the UK’s fastest-growing airports.

London Southend Airport’s operations team has invested in a Glutton pedestrian-controlled cleaning machine for cleaning the car park, and around the exterior of the terminal. The Glutton is a quiet, clean and environmentally-friendly alternative to ride-on street cleaners and powered barrows. Its powerful vacuum sucks up any waste that can pass through its 12.5cm diameter tube; including paper, cardboard, cigarettes packets and butts, cans and glass, plastic and metal bottles, dog feces, dead leaves, and waste trapped in tree grills.

100% battery powered, the Glutton provides 12 hours of operation between charges. Virtually silent and with powerful dust capturing technology, it can be used during busy periods without creating any noise or air pollution for residents, businesses, and shoppers.

Ergonomically designed, the operator simply uses one hand to steer the self-propelled machine, while the other controls the vacuum that is attached to a wander hose. The Glutton weighs substantially less than a conventionally powered barrow used for street waste collection – and at just 0.75m wide it is far more compact, making it easier to handle.

An intelligent, integrated battery charger enables recharging from any mains electricity supply, allowing for opportune charging in the field. Furthermore, as an all-electric machine, it requires virtually no maintenance or replacement of spare parts.

Sheffield BID Take Delivery Of Alke ATX 230e Electric Utility Vehicle From ePowerTrucks

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The new Street Rangers scheme has been developed by Sheffield’s Business Improvement District (BID) as part of its commitment to help clean up the city centre.

The Street Rangers will be on duty between 6am and 8am Monday to Thursday and 6am and 9am Friday to Sunday on a scheduled 7-day clean-up of the known hot spots. BID Levy Payers are also being offered a rapid-response service for specific problems that might occur outside of the scheduled clean.

According to Diane Jarvis, Sheffield’s BID Manager: The Street Rangers service has been introduced following a growing number of complaints from businesses who arrive for work to find that their bins have been raided, and that doorways, private service yards and recesses contain discarded materials used for bedding and other offensive waste and detritus relating to street drinking. All of which is currently cleaned up by the business owners or employees.

Diane said: “We have a vibrant city centre which is on the cusp of great-things. But we can’t ignore the fact there are some environmental hygiene issues. These might not be quite so obvious to visitors, but businesses are being affected by people sleeping rough and others using their shop doorways to relieve themselves late at night.”


ePowerTrucks Supply Serco with an e-250 Electric Tow Tractor

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Serco purchase an e250 3 tonne tow tractor for bringing food trolleys to the various parts of the prison complex in a timely manner.

This replaces the need to have multiple members of staff to push the 5 trollies from the kitchen to the wings separately

Better Bankside Takes Delivery of Glutton Electric Street Cleaning Vacuum

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Better Bankside take delivery of their custom Glutton Electric Vacuum! The fully electric Vacuum is designed to pick up all kinds of litter, from cig butts to 2ltr plastic bottles straight into a 240ltr bin!

ePowerTrucks don’t just supply, we are here to offer parts and service your Gluttons too!

For more info contact us on 0161 626 9628 or

ePowerTrucks Supplies Colchester Hospital With a e660 Electric Burden Carrier

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Custom made E660 burden carrier with tail lift supplied to Colchester Hospital for moving instrument trolleys. Fully electric! Call for more information 01616269628.

The E-660 is built to handle the heaviest loads. Its low cargo deck ensures stability and safety of operation. The standard configuration, with a single seat and half-cowl, provides full-length space on the right side to carry long loads. Low maintenance is guaranteed by automotive differential and self-adjusting disc brakes, with large bolt-on discs.

Charterwalk Shopping Centre Take Delivery of an ep800 Platform Truck to Assist the Facilities Team Around the Centre

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Charterwalk Shopping centre take delivery of an ep800 platform truck to assist the facilities team around the centre.

This unit will add to the ep 500 they have had since the centre re-devolped in 2011 and is still going strong

The EP 800 is a 4-wheel motorised trolley with a load capacity up to 800 kg that can be equipped with a large number of load cages and platforms. It is suitable for the cleaning of large parks, gardens, in the handling of material or goods stocked in pallets, or, as often used in airports and stations for luggage or goods transport, and versatile for many other work situations.

Singers Hill Synagogue Take Delivery of an xt505 Electric Coffin Mover

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Singers hill synagogue take delivery of an XT505 for coffin movement.

The XT505 electric coffin mover is a 4 wheel electric pedestrian operated vehicle. Silent, without emissions, no vibrations, no engine noise and minimal maintenance is suitable for indoor and outdoor tasks.

It is equipped with rollers for the easy movement of coffins. The motor is equipped with an electromagnetic brake that stops the XT505 preventing accidental damage while on ramps at full load.

The XT505 can work inside and outside carrying up to 300 Kg / 660 lbs.

Toyota Deeside Take Delivery of m12 Electric Pedestrian Tug to Assist in the Casting Plant

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Toyota Deeside takes delivery of an M12 pedestrian tug to assist in the casting plant.

This small electric tug can pull, push and steer wheeled loads of up to 1,000 kg with ease. It’s very easy to use making it perfect for a variety of applications.

It increases productivity, reduces manual handling, improves safety and increases the speed of moving loads around the workplace.

The M12 electric pedestrian tug comes standard with a 33 Ah removable gel battery pack.

This electric tug will cover up to 12 miles on a charge and it takes approximately 4 hours to re-charge.