Large Wholesale Distributor Takes Delivery of Another Jobmaster Electric Trolley Mover

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Another large UK based wholesale distributor has taken delivery of a Jobmaster Electric Trolley MoverThis electric-powered pedestrian tug will be used for the collection and distribution of trolleys around their large car park and warehouse.

The Jobmaster Electric Trolley Mover is a compact and practical electric tug suitable for towing and pushing trolleys in narrow spaces. This version is equipped with a remote control to make this electric tug incredibly versatile for various applications.

It will cover approx 12m with a full load. Approx 4 hour recharge time with 240V charger. Low maintenance, silent running, easy to use.

Features, Uses and Benefits of Electric Burden Carriers

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The electric burden carrier is a favourite within many businesses, giving the workforce the power to move materials or tow products through the company’s indoor and outdoor spaces. Flatbed utility carts are invaluable in warehouses, workshops, waste management, and manufacturing facilities, providing a better alternative to forklifts and other large vehicles.

A burden carrier is often the best choice when it comes to safely moving supplies, people, or debris. Whether you are looking to improve efficiency or reduce your organisation’s environmental impact, we have the burden carrier you are looking for.

Features of a Burden Carrier

The features of a burden carrier are plentiful, with models rated for moving light through to heavy loads. Extremely manoeuvrable, these vehicles can quickly move through tight or small spaces where larger vehicles, such as forklifts, cannot go.

The large tow and load capacity allow you to get bulky items to where they need to be quickly. On the other side of the scales, a burden carrier can be fitted with cages for moving waste or bags of rubbish. They can also be equipped with ladders for picking items from racking.

Safety is paramount in a business, and this is why transporting personnel is one of their best features. People who are on foot are incredibly vulnerable to work vehicles, where the driver is often focused on the load and not those walking around them. The various models give you a range of options from two-seaters to those with a drop-down bench, permitting up to four passengers to jump on board while still retaining the option to tow a load.

Furthermore, electric utility carts are environmentally friendly. They run on rechargeable batteries and do not emit fumes like diesel carts.

When to use Burden Carriers

These utility vehicles are a great choice wherever loads need to be smoothly and efficiently moved through narrow spaces. They lower the risk of accidents that might damage goods, equipment, machinery, or other workers. With lower risks of damage, your business can keep its maintenance costs under tighter control. You can also save a considerable amount of time when it comes to taking visitors or clients safely around your work site.

If you are searching for a high-quality burden carrier for your factory, warehouse, or other commercial business, contact ePowerTrucks today. We have the broadest range of electric utility carts in the UK.

How our Electric Hospital Equipment is supporting the NHS

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ePowerTrucks’ electric hospital equipment is making the life of NHS workers easier at a difficult time with increased patient numbers due to the current coronavirus and quickly arriving winter. NHS nurses and porters are under extreme mental and physical stress levels as they attempt to handle longer shifts in conjunction with greater family needs at home. 
To help prevent work-related injuries and strain, we need to help hospital staff reduce the physical effort involved in their job. Their working day often consists of moving beds and walking many miles down hospital corridors and between wards and buildings. 
NHS workers can make use of our electric hospital equipment to reduce the daily demands on tired muscles. Our medical electric equipment includes extremely maneuverable bed movers and multi passenger vehicles

Electric Hospital Bed Mover 

In addition to an influx of patients with COVID-19, bed and patient weights are increasing. This makes it even more essential to support staff with electric hospital equipment, such as our electric hospital bed mover. 
Bed movers reduce the strains on hospital porters and nurses and they are ideal for use in small and large hospital sites. Our machines are compatible with most beds, stretchers, trolleys and bariatric beds, allowing one device to fulfil many needs and different bed models, new and old. 
With our electric hospital equipment, there is no need to change attachments, and hence, there is no risk of losing detachable parts. Operators enjoy a hands-free and bend-free connection process that keeps the user’s back muscles out of the equation. The mover connects easily at the head or the foot of the bed, using a claw that adapts to the castor’s size. 
Nurses and hospital porters can effortlessly move up to 600kg, turn around a tight corner and deal various inclines. 

Electric multi-passenger vehicles 

Our multi-passenger people carriers are a versatile and low maintenance form of hospital transport. This electric hospital equipment can significantly reduce the number of steps taken each day while also saving a large amount of time that can be dedicated instead to looking after patients. 
Our electric hospital equipment is suitable for use indoors and outdoors and they can move various amounts of people over large distances. Custom modifications can further aid NHS workers and people carriers can be modified to handle wheelchair transport as well.   

Why you need a Pedestrian electric tow tug

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The pedestrian electric tow tug is a firm favourite in businesses across the UK. Electric tow tugs are tough and reliable and with low maintenance, they are the perfect solution for businesses that need to pull and push heavy wheeled loads or trailers. 
The pedestrian electric tow tug is not classed as a vehicle, and this means that operators do not need a driving license to operate one. Anyone can learn how to safely use these battery-powered electric tugs in a short amount of time. 

Features of a Pedestrian electric tow tug 

Nothing is as versatile as a pedestrian electric tow tug and there are models of all shapes and sizes. Standard models are rated to move different amounts of weight, allowing you to manage your budget by buying exactly what you need. 
Many businesses select a pedestrian electric tow tug due to its specialised features, but custom modifications are often part of the sale. Your business can choose a model with a design for moving bins and baggage or opt for a bespoke unit with custom boxes and platforms. 
Different shelf configurations, chassis lengths and widths all hone the tugs features to the owner’s precise needs. They can further be equipped with accessories such as ballasts and hooks and you can select tyres that are suitable for paved or unpaved surfaces, such as gravel. 
Electric tow tractors have powered forward and reverse, allowing the operator to place the load exactly where it needs to be. They recharge in only a few hours at any mains socket and have batteries that will see them through a full shift. 

 When to use a tow tug 

A pedestrian electric tow tug is a cost-effective solution for any case where loads or trolleys need to be moved. If the load weighs more than what a worker alone can manage to pull or push safely, then they are simply a must-have solution. 
There are multiple applications for these tugs and they are in use in various industries, from logistics and warehouses to manufacturing, retail and hospitality. A pedestrian electric tow tug is adept at moving palletised products and cages and can venture both indoors and outdoors. 
Tow tugs are particularly effective at moving loads through narrow spaces or aisles. They can manoeuvre goods across flat terrain or slightly sloped surfaces and ramps. They can tow wheeled loads of up to 10,000 kg. 
Safety is paramount and because of this, the design favours power over speed, with good acceleration and effective braking. Many pedestrian tug models have swivel tiller heads, remote controls, and safety sensors to ensure they do not bump into people or accidentally damage equipment and racking. 

Electric Burden Flatbed Utility Carts

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An electric burden carrier is one of the most useful types of utility vehicles and quickly becomes a valuable asset when used in a commercial or business setting. Renowned for being small yet strong, flatbed utility carts can tow products or materials across your business workspace or site with ease.

Traffic within a worksite poses one of the most considerable risks to pedestrian safety. You can keep them safe from the dangers of industrial vehicles and forklifts by placing them in a highly-visible budget-friendly burden carrier.

If you are searching for a highly efficient and smooth ride that can access areas through narrow spaces, then electric utility carts might be the solution for your warehouse, indoor, or outdoor premises.

Uses of a Burden Carrier

A burden carrier is a versatile vehicle that boosts productivity, especially when you need quick access to narrow aisles. They are extremely maneuverable and can go where more oversized industrial vehicles can not. You also benefit from high tow capacities and cargo beds designed to carry heavy loads.

With a burden carrier, you can carry supplies, move debris, or pick stock. The flatbed can hold many boxes, reducing the number of trips staff need to make when picking high volumes. You can also customise a burden carrier with options such as ladders for picking materials from elevated locations.

Compared to forklifts, these vehicles are involved in fewer accidents and are less likely to damage equipment and racking. You can quickly transport you and co-workers or clients around your site, reducing the risk of not being seen when walking around on foot.

Useful at keeping pedestrians in a safe place with improved visibility, you can also opt for models with foldaway benches for transporting up to four people in one vehicle, all while towing heavy-duty materials.

Who uses Burden Carriers

You will find a burden carrier in all manner of environments across many industries and business sectors. Their most significant use is in warehouses, distribution facilities, and manufacturing factories. However, they can be deployed wherever you need some extra pull. They are found on large estates for groundwork, used in events management, and anywhere that is advantageous to save wasted time spent walking between one location and another.

Another great benefit is they are environmentally friendly. Electric models do not emit fumes like diesel vehicles, making them safe for use indoors. There are many different models available, so prospective buyers can closely match their needs and budget.

Future Fleet Forum 2020

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ePowerTrucks are proud to be exhibiting at the 2020 Future Fleet Forum.

We will be exhibiting our range of street cleaning equipment, including the all-new Zen – Road Legal Sub-Compact Electric Sweeper.

Come and see us on stand 20.

The LAPV Future Fleet Forum is hosted by The City of London and will bring together Fleet and Transport Managers from the public sector and its contracting organisations, to address key challenges faced by our industry, including procurement issues, compliance, safety, and sustainability.

The Future Fleet Forum and LAPV Awards are now firmly established as the world-leading event for fleet and transport managers in the public sector and contracting organisations.

Featuring a truly international speaker line-up, the Forum will share global fleet management best practice and address the critical challenges faced by our industry, including procurement issues, compliance, safety and sustainability.

Large Manufacturing Plant Takes Delivery of Jobmaster Electric Tug

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A large well-known manufacturing plant in the UK has recently taken delivery of a Jobmaster electric pedestrian tug to assist in moving heavy tooling around their large UK plant.

The Jobmaster is a maneuverable, reliable and very powerful electric tug,  perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  The Jobmaster has a towing capacity of up to 1,500kg.

ePowerTrucks Have Recently Supplied Chester University With 7 EP AMPS

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ePowerTrucks have recently supplied Chester University with 7 EP Amps. These utility vehicles are ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle. A small profile makes it perfect for security details in congested areas such as parking garages, maintenance sites and college campuses.

Large Estate In The North East Of England Adds 2 More Electric Powered Wheelbarrows To Their Fleet

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Large private estate in North East of England has added to their fleet by purchasing 2 more electric powered wheelbarrows to their fleet.

The D1 electric wheelbarrow is designed to work with loads up to 400Kg.

The frame is made from steel and powder coated with exterior paint. We have worked hard to create the right balance between the load and the wheels to give the customers confidence when using the product which allows them to maneuver the wheelbarrow easily.

The D1 is supplied with a key for easy startup, a red safety deadman lever, emergency stop button, LED to show the battery power status, low-level battery acoustic detector, and an external plug for a fast and easy charging.

The 600W motor has an electromagnetic brake that automatically engages when the power is turned off, this brake is more than adequate on slopes up to 30% when the barrow is fully loaded.
The gear train is in a sealed oil bath, eliminating maintenance; the electric control unit is in an enclosed casing allowing the machine to be cleaned without causing short circuits.

ePowerTrucks Supply Furness General Hospital With Another Jobmaster Electric Tug

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ePowerTrucks have recently supplied Furness General Hospital with another Jobmaster HD walk along electric tug.

This all-electric pedestrian tug is to be used in the waste management and housekeeping departments of the hospital.

The Jobmaster HD will cover approx 12m with a full load. Approx 4 hour recharge time with 240V charger. Low maintenance, silent running, easy to use.

ePowerTrucks Supply The University Of Hull With All Electric EP500 Electric Pedestrian Platform Truck

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ePowerTrucks have supplied The University of Hull with an all-electric pedestrian platform truck to assist in the science experiment labs.

The EP 500 pedestrian controlled electric platform truck is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Great stability, 500kg capacity, 12m range with a full load on a single charge.Quick simple recharging. Comes with a 240V charger suitable for a domestic 3 pin plug. Approx 4hr charging time.

Sidcot School Adds EP Flatbed To Their School Maintenance Fleet

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ePowerTrucks have recently supplied an EP Flatbed to Sidcot School for their maintenance team.

This all-electric utility vehicle can comfortably transport up to 1,000kg and with its many standard features, it makes it the perfect runaround vehicle for the school team.

ePowerTrucks Supply O2 Arena With Alke ATX Electric Vehicle For Use On Their Large Site

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ePowerTrucks have recently supplied the O2 Arena with an Alke ATX electric utility vehicle for use on their large site. This electric vehicle will be used for general maintenance, it has been fitted with a custom body specifically for carrying tools, maintenance equipment and for the collection of cash boxes from the various pay and display sites around the arena.

Fleet Of Jobmaster Electric Pedestrian Tow Tugs To High Profile London Business District

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ePowerTrucks have recently supplied a high profile London business district with a fleet of 5 Jobmaster electric pedestrian tow tugs, these electric vehicles will be used for towing waste trailers around the London site.

Low maintenance, silent running, easy to use the Jobmaster electric tug takes up minimal room, perfect for agricultural applications, schools, colleges, hospitals, councils and warehouses.