EP AMP XL Supplied To Royal Albert Dock Liverpool for Waste Management

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In conjunction with B&M Waste Services ePowerTrucks has recently delivered an EP AMP XL with a custom trailer to the Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool.

The EP AMP XL is ideal for the Royal Albert Dock due to its small profile, great power and ample load capacity. It will be used around the large site by the maintenance team.

Are White Vans Going Green?

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Angled shot of x-cell vehicle

The Government recently confirmed that by 2030, all new light commercial vehicles (LCVs) sold must be fully electric. However, is ‘white van man’ ready to go green? A recent study by vehicle finance specialists Lombard found some surprising answers.

There is a perception that sole traders and small business owners, do not care about the environment, but Lombard’s research found the opposite. The company asked 500 van drivers about their environmental concerns and how they feel about electric LCVs.

Ready to switch?

Of those surveyed, 40% said that they will consider an electric van when they next look to replace their work vehicle. And one in five respondents said they actually feel guilty about driving a diesel van, because of its emissions. Alarmingly, only 20% said that their current vehicle would meet emissions standards for clean air zones and the London Ultra Low Emission Zone – these require diesel engines to meet the Euro 6 standard, and petrol-powered vans to meet Euro 4.

However, many van drivers felt that there were obstacles in their way to swapping a diesel van for an electric vehicle (EV). Almost half worried that there were not enough charging points, and four out of 10 were concerned about the range capabilities of an e-van. However, 65% travelled 50 miles or less per day – well within the capabilities of electric commercial vehicles. Furthermore, 47% felt that the purchase price of electric LCVs was too high.

Additionally, 58% of participants said a grant would help incentivise them to make the switch to an EV, while 38% said they were unaware of Government and local grants to help companies transition to all-electric vans.

To read the full report, click here

Spreading the cost

If you are thinking about investing in electric light trucks or e-vans, ePower Trucks can help. We work with finance specialists to make it easier and more cost-effective to bring electric LCVs into your business.

Commercial electric vehicles help to cut your carbon footprint and reduce air pollution – and can also bring many financial benefits to businesses. There are grants, tax breaks and incentives to help you switch, as well as significantly reduced ‘fuel’ costs.

ePower Trucks offers one of the widest ranges of road-legal electric commercial vehicles in the UK.

As an independent business, we can recommend the best vehicle to meet your specific needs. This includes the popular Alke range as well as the X-Cell series of last-mile delivery vehicles.

Click here to view our full range of road-legal electric utility trucks:


View our last-mile delivery vehicles here:

Edwards Leisure Park Invests In 2 Glutton H20 Perfect Electric Street Cleaners

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Edwards Leisure & Caravan Park has invested in 2 all new electric Glutton Street Cleaning Vacuums for their North Wales Caravan Park.

The Glutton H₂O Perfect vacuum cleaner cleans and disinfects your venues. The Glutton® electric industrial vacuum has revolutionised the work of maintenance staff. The cleaning attendant has traded in his broom and his litter picker for a modern machine that allows them to reach higher standards while benefiting them with less stress and strain. 

Woodlands Resort Takes Delivery of 2 EP AMP XL Electric Utility Vehicles From ePowerTrucks

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Another 2 x EP Amps XL‘s delivered yesterday to the stunning Woodlands Glencoe Resort in Scotland.

These latest additions will add to their growing electric fleet used for maintenance and operations teams.

Being fully electric there is no noise or emissions which will ensure they are not disturbing the guests.

This utility vehicle is ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle. A small profile makes it perfect for security details in congested areas such as parking garages, maintenance sites, and college campuses.

2nd Electric Shuttle Bus For Dyrham Park

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Dyrham Park has taken delivery of their 2nd electric wheelchair bus from ePowerTrucks.

The custom-made shuttle bus has been specially modified for the large National Trust site to accommodate a wheelchair and make the movement around the 270-acre site accessible for all.

The EP 14 electric shuttle bus was fitted with a custom ramp and a row of seats remove to accommodate space for the wheelchair.

ePowerTrucks EV Spotted In Westminster

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One of ePowerTrucks electric vehicles was used as part of the Ocean Hero campaign from WWF + Sky Ocean Rescue.

The X-Cell+ zero-emission electric vehicle was converted into a solar powered vegan ice cream truck.

The X-CELL+ is an all-electric compact utility vehicle that can travel up to 50 mph with a range of up to 50 miles and has an exceptional payload capacity of 500kg. This breakthrough van offers a zero-emission solution for services whose needs could only previously be fulfilled by diesel or petrol vehicles. Safe, dependable and low maintenance, it has multiple cargo bed configuration options.

The X-Cell is equipped with four-wheel disc and ABS brake system which provide consistent braking. The cabin structure is made from a re-inforced steel frame for increased protection.

The X-Cell’s battery pack is located at the bottom of the vehicle making the centre of gravity lower than any other similar vans in its class. The lower centre of gravity reduces the risk of rollover during emergency manoeuvres.

The roomy interior features many modern extras as standard, making its use for last mile delivery shiftwork, an attractive choice compared to similar vehicles. Its compact size makes it easy to manoeuvre and park easily in tight spaces.

Along with its low-cost operational savings, the X-Cell’s modular system design provides ease of access and simplifies maintenance, repair and component replacement time.

Fosse Park Goes Electric With ePowerTrucks

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Fosse Shopping Park, one of Britain’s biggest out-of-town shopping parks has recently upgraded to an Alke 330E from ePowerTrucks.

The ATX 330E zero-emissions vehicles matches robustness and power for the toughest off-road jobs as well as giving the performance and agility necessary for urban applications.

The electric motor AC 48 V guarantees a high level of performance and remarkable energy saving as well, thanks to its powerful and regenerative braking with energy recovery. This mix, with low maintenance requirements, ensures reduced operational costs and high profitability for your any business.

Southern Dealer Takes Delivery Of Another E-250 Electric Powered Tow Tug From ePowerTrucks

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One of ePowerTrucks dealers has taken delivery of another E-250 electric tow tug. They chose the electric tug from ePowerTrucks due to its superb towing ability and excellent handling.

This electric-powered bin tug will be used to pull 1100 litre bins around a large power station.

The ePowerTrucks E-250 Electric Vehicle combines the stability of a 4-wheel vehicle with the maneuverability of a 3-wheel tow tug thanks to its exclusive steering design. This electric tow tug has a powerful 6 hp motor. This tug can tow up to 2,300 kg and can be fitted with a fully enclosed cab.

New Cleaning Machines Increase Productivity for NCP

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The UK’s leading car park operator says its new fleet of cleaning machines have helped it efficiently manage its estate during the pandemic.

NCP, which operates more than 500 sites across the UK, invested in 20 Glutton cleaners to further enhance safety and cleanliness in its car parks. The Glutton delivered significant productivity gains, enabling NCP to keep its sites in great condition, even with a reduced workforce during the current pandemic and furlough period.

Brian Devonshire, Director of Managed Services for NCP, said: “With the onset of the pandemic we have had to look closely at all opex and make efficiencies wherever possible without impacting service. Therefore, having the Glutton machines at a time when we have a reduced workforce from furlough measures has meant we have been able to keep on top of a key objective of keeping our car parks clean for our customers.”

The Glutton is an all-electric, pedestrian controlled vacuum cleaner that can tackle dust, dirt and debris up to 12.5cm in diameter. The battery-powered machine is quiet, efficient and designed to capture dust, helping to improve air quality.

Brian added: “We have had very positive feedback from our teams, who recognise the value of time given back to re-deploy labour more effectively by utilising the Glutton. Replacing manual brush and shovel with something as efficient and effective as Glutton has made their lives a lot easier and has helped them dedicate more time to helping customers and to become even more proud of their car parks.”

ePower Trucks, the authorised UK distributor for the Glutton, supplied the machines in a custom colour for NCP, along with some specialist trailers. ePower Trucks is a leading independent supplier of on and off-highway electric vehicles, designed for a wide range of applications. The Oldham-based company is celebrating 20 years in business.

“Having received and assessed a range of proposals we began working with ePower Trucks and quickly found they had taken time to understand our business and our objectives,” said Brian. “They listened to us as we explained the challenges we were facing; and we were impressed by the way the team went about ensuring they met our expectations and requirements. We look upon them as a partner rather than as a supplier.

“Quite simply investing in the Glutton machines has enabled us to improve standards, deliver welcome efficiencies and allowed us to re-deploy our people to spend more time with our customers.”

Gilpin Hotel & Lake House Takes Delivery of EP AMP 6

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Gilpin Hotel & Lake House have taken delivery of a fully electric EP AMP 6 vehicle for their guest services team. The luxury hotel is based in the Lake District and boasts 2 onsite restaurants and large gardens.

This electric passenger vehicle is ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle. A small profile makes it perfect for transporting people in congested areas such as college campuses and luxury hotels.

ePowerTrucks Is Hiring!

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We are looking for an engineer for our fast-growing company in Oldham, to be based in the South East, possibly Reading/Swindon areas, who must be prepared to work away when required.  Duties include servicing, maintaining, and fault diagnostics for our range of electrically powered equipment, EV Trucks, and battery-powered handling equipment. Must have a strong electrical/mechanical background and be confident with troubleshooting and diagnosing in the field and workshop.  This role is field-based and the candidate must be able to stay away some nights if and when required. A full, clean driving licence is required.

You will be required to report to our service team with the following responsibilities:

  • Service and repair of a vast range of electric-powered trucks and lifting equipment
  • Advanced fault finding, diagnostics
  • Provide timely and detailed service reports
  • Follow all company’s procedures and protocols
  • Van stock management
  • Cooperate with the technical team and share information across the organisation
  • Comprehend customer requirements and make appropriate recommendations/briefings
  • LOLER & Thorough examinations
  • Build positive relationships with customers

Job brief

This is an opportunity within our company for a professional Technician to join our team, you will be providing service, repair, and customer support during field visits to deliver the desired customer service experience.


  • Proven field service experience
  • Electrical Biased
  •  Extensive experience in Mechanical Engineering, Auto Electrical Engineering including a wide range of equipment such as material handling, lifting products and electric trucks.
  • Ability to troubleshoot, test, repair and service technical equipment
  • English literacy
  • Ability to work flexible hours
  • Ability to work away from home (Maximum of 3 Nights per week) if required
  • Full and clean driving licence
  • Technical degree or certification (Not Essential)
  • Experience and knowledge of both AC and DC motors

Salary is negotiable depending on the right individual. This is an excellent opportunity with a good earning potential and potential for advancement.

The role would suit an experienced person who has come from a busy environment, such as the fork lift industry.  The ability to multi-task and work on your own initiative will be key.  Organisation, attention to detail and a professional attitude is very important. This is a long-term role and would suit someone who is not prone to “job hopping” and is looking for a long-term position.

Must be willing to undertake a CRB check and have a clean driving licence with no history of alcohol related endorsements.

Lift Safe Ltd/ePowetrucks is a diverse privately held company based in Oldham.  They specialise in the sale, service and hire of niche electric trucks and vehicles as well as specialist materials handling equipment. Established in 2000, Lift Safe is experiencing high levels of growth.  They are currently looking to strengthen the service offering and increase their workplace productivity.

Send your CV to jobs@ePowerTrucks.co.uk

ePowerTrucks plans for the future following MBO

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Recent Management buyout of Epowertruck/Lift Safe Ltd, ensures continuity of staff and services in the Oldham based company.

Owner, Jerry Hanss, started Epowertrucks/Lift Safe Ltd 20 years ago and is delighted to sell his majority share of the business to colleagues, whilst retaining a 25% share. Commenting on the timing of the transaction Jerry said: “Years ago I worked for a large American organisation and always wanted to do my own thing. Back then it was a now or never moment and I took the plunge and set up my own company. Now once again the timing seemed right, and I am pleased that three members of the team have formed a management buyout.”

The sale gives the 28 staff at the site in Hawksley Street, Oldham, job security and more importantly, continuity in the workplace. It keeps intact a team that enjoy working together and who deliver results based on their product knowledge.

Jerry stated “This deal works well for all involved. In recent years I have talked to several potential third- party purchasers but was mindful that this meant uncertainty for my staff. The deal we have done removes that uncertainty and I have retained 25% and so will be involved in a transition phase on the board for the next three to four years. More importantly I feel I am leaving the business in safe hands.”

Buyers, Jamie Radcliffe, Bobby Cullen and Rebecca Parker now have part ownership of the business encompassing Lift Safe Ltd, which supplies ergonomic handling equipment to a vast range of worldwide industries, as well as ePowertrucks, specialising in road-legal electric trucks, electric street vacuums, electric pedestrian tow tugs and a wide range of electric multi-passenger vehicles. The sale also includes the leasing arm of the business, Mueller Donnelly Finance Ltd.

Commenting on the purchase and their plans, Jamie Radcliffe said: “We are now well placed to push the business on and have plans for a turnover of beyond £10million. With green issues taking ever increasing priority, most businesses are looking towards electric options and we have a fantastic client base, which is growing, and a great product suite of on and off-road electric vehicles, alongside a wide range of lifting products.”

This exciting time for the company comes as an increased number of UK cities have introduced Clean Air Zones to address illegal limits of air pollution and have been proven to be the most effective way to address change. Last-mile delivery of postal and parcel service vehicles have shown to be most toxic for health due to the nature of their short journeys undertaken in urban environments which have seen a boom during the pandemic as online shopping increased. This means that zero-emission electric vehicle sales have accelerated to accommodate the inevitable change-over that companies need to make if they are to continue business in inner cities, at a time when Lift Safe Ltd’s ePower Trucks is positioned as one of the UK’s leading electric vehicle providers.

Jerry and his wife Elizabeth were advised by David Middleton from Cole Associates Corporate Finance, Richard Massey from Christian Douglass, Dave Meredith and Keith Kennedy, of Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers. The management team were advised by Brabners Solicitors.

Shrewsbury Town Council has taken delivery of a new electric vehicle

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Shrewsbury Town Council has taken delivery of a new electric vehicle to add to its existing fleet, taking it a step closer to becoming carbon neutral.

The Town Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 and made a commitment to ensure its activities and operations were carbon neutral by 2030.

Helen Ball, Town Clerk, said: “We have looked at our activities within the Town Council and identified areas where we can make an immediate impact on our carbon footprint.

“As part of that process, we have undertaken a review of our vehicles and feel that we are able to gradually replace our fleet of diesel vehicles with new, environmentally-friendly electric ones.”

The new vehicle will be used by the Town Council’s horticultural staff for use in the Quarry.

Leader of the Town Council, Councillor Alan Mosley, said: “As a Town Council, we are actively looking at ways to achieve our target of becoming carbon neutral by 2030, though we hope that it will be much sooner. Introducing more electric vehicles can help us reduce our emissions whilst undertaking our work around the town.

“This course of action will also ensure that we are providing good value for our residents as the new electric vehicles deliver an economic saving to the Town Council, whilst also fulfilling our promise to reduce our carbon emissions.

“This is part of our ambitious Action Plan which was recently fully supported by members of the Climate Emergency Advisory Group and will be financed from a large and ring-fenced budget.” 

A charging point has been installed in the Quarry for this new vehicle and two electric charging points will be installed at the Town Council’s Weeping Cross Centre to help power its fleet of vehicles.

*Taken from https://www.shrewsburytowncouncil.gov.uk/news/going-green-town

New Role – Technical Support Desk

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Job Description


The role entails working in a busy technical service-related operation for a company involved with EV trucks and material handling equipment. The ideal candidate would be an individual who is already working in a service orientated environment supporting customers incoming calls for information and queries regarding vehicle repairs and project managing these through to completion. A sound working knowledge of vehicles is necessary therefore a level 2 or 3 NVQ in mechanics or vehicle repair is very important. An auto mechanical/electrical bias would be beneficial. The candidate must have a previous or present Vehicle technician level 2/3 NVQ qualification or equivalent. You must possess a good telephone manner, in order to use your technical expertise to support and deliver top levels of customer service to our customers.

Works alongside the other Tech Support team members and the Operations Manager in overseeing the skill-set of the field and workshop service/repair team (including sub-contractors) to ensure that all jobs are completed efficiently and competently, within budget, and to customer specifications.

Along with other members of the Tech Support team: actioning, managing and leading technical related training courses to ensure the workshop and field engineers (including sub-contractors) are fully conversant with all products which the company supplies and/or maintains.

Alongside Tech Support colleagues: leads, manages and records all training activities including employee/sub-contractor training plans, achievements, competencies.

Manages and supports all customers, project managing issues through to completion.

Ensure that the service software is constantly updated with issues, actions, correspondence, WIP.

Supports, advises (including producing crib sheets) the After Sales team with customer enquiries or issues.

Accept and partake in any and all training (internal/external) provided by the company to up-skill improve his/her skill-set.

Assists the Sales Team with any projects which require Tech Support input.

Be aware of new product developments in the area of the company’s remit, providing input and tactical direction to the business on customer service and support challenges.

Ensuring all work carried out within their remit is done so in a safe and responsible manner at all times, strictly observing all Company and regulatory body Health & Safety procedures including Manual Handling Regulations. Work alongside the Operations, Warehouse and Workshop Leaders as a “Champion of Working Safely” within the workplace.

Be aware of EHS regulations and updates, cascading these down to the field engineers (including sub-contractors) and ensuring compliance.

The Person

Extensive experience of working in a small team supporting and resolving customer technical issues.

Experience of working with a small team of engineers and mentoring them on best practice Track record of working as an electrical and/or vehicle technician (7 years +) within an automotive workshop or automotive OEM environment.

Advanced understanding of vehicle electrical systems. Recent practical experience of using laptop-based vehicle diagnostic toolsets. Recent practical experience of working with vehicle electrical diagrams and system schematics. Ability to plan, organise & control time efficiently & profitably. Flexible, enthusiastic and self-motivated with good communication skills.

The company value loyalty so you will ideally have demonstrated length of tenure (with stints of 5+ years in your last 2 jobs or similar) • Someone who meets our core values & behaviours: a good communicator with humility, integrity, loyalty, continuous improvement.

The Company

ePowerTrucks/Lift Safe Ltd is a diverse privately held company based in Oldham, Greater Manchester. They specialise in the sale, service and hire of niche electric trucks and vehicles as well as specialist materials handling equipment. Established in 2000, Epowertrucks/Lift Safe has been experiencing high levels of growth over the last few years and need further resources to support this growth. The company prides itself on promoting from within and building a strong and focused team.

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent

email your CV and cover letter to jobs@epowertrucks.co.uk

The Lexicon Bracknell Upgrades To Electric With All New Alke Electric Utility Vehicle

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The Lexicon Bracknell recently took delivery of an Alke 330E Electric Utility Vehicle from ePowerTrucks.

This utility vehicle was supplied with a bin trailer capable of carrying 4 x 1100 litre bins.

The Lexicon Bracknell is a contemporary, open-air complex of shops, restaurants & cafes, as well as a multiplex cinema and the Alke ATX 330E is the perfect electric utility vehicle for on and off road applications, where flexibility and high load capacity are required.

North West Reserve Forces & Cadets Association Upgrades To An AMP 4 From ePowerTrucks

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The The North West of England and the Isle of Man Reserve Forces’ and Cadets’ Association (NW RFCA) recently took delivery of an AMP 4 electric passenger vehicle from ePowerTrucks.

AMP 4 Electric Multi-Passenger Vehicle

This vehicle is ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle. A small profile makes it perfect for transporting people in congested areas such as industrial sites and college campuses.

The AMP 4 multi-passenger electric vehicle will be used around the large campus site to ferry personnel and guest in style.

Northern Forklift Truck Dealer Takes Delivery of E-250 Electric Tow Tug

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A large Northern based forklift truck dealer has recently taken delivery of an E-250 electric for their well-established healthcare customer.

They chose the electric tug from ePowerTrucks due to its superb towing ability and excellent handling.

The E-250 combines the stability of a 4-wheel vehicle with the maneuverability of a 3-wheel tow tug thanks to its exclusive steering design. This electric tow tug has a powerful 6 hp motor and can tow up to 2,300 kg.

London Based Apartment Block Takes Delivery Of Jobmaster HD Electric Tug

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ePowerTrucks has recently supplied a large, London based, apartment building block with a Jobmaster HD electric pedestrian tug. This electric vehicle is the perfect tool for moving 1100 litre bins from the underground storage to street level, thus assisting the on-site maintenance team to be more productive, as well as reducing the manual handling across the development.

This electric tug has been fitted with a large basket top and a strobe beacon for safety. The basket is perfect for carrying tools and other useful items, up to 250kg around the large site.

The Jobmaster HD will cover approximately 12 miles on a full charge.