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If you venture out onto the roads or city centre streets in the early hours of the morning, then you are sure to come across road sweepers regularly. Road sweepers are used across the UK to clear urban areas of debris, dust, and dirt that collect on road surfaces and pavements.

The newest road sweepers release no dust behind the vehicle, offering a hygienic solution that protects workers’ and residents’ health. An electric street sweeper doubles down on the environmental benefits by emitting no exhaust fumes or carbon dioxide.

How They Work

Most road sweepers use spinning brushes to remove debris and cylindrical brushes or suction nozzles to collect waste, which is stored in the storage hopper. Suction nozzles are the preferred option when dust and contamination may be a concern.

Many models use water jets to reduce the quantity of dust that might otherwise be thrown into the air, lowering air quality and potentially causing health and breathing problems. Where hazardous materials or dust is to be removed, suction sweepers can compress the material using water or air.

Road sweepers can also be fitted with mulching fans to handle lightweight bottles and cans, compacting them to maximise storage capacity and reduce the number of emptying trips. 

Our Electric Sweepers

Our range consists of the Glutton Zen sweeper. The Glutton Zen is a road-legal electric sweeper that is suitable for use by local authorities, private roadway owners, and commercial businesses who need to maintain their own access roads.

This compact model offers many benefits, not least allowing traffic to pass by more freely, reducing traffic congestion. With zero CO2 emissions and a 100% electric motor, the Glutton Zen presents a revolutionary solution that fulfills the environmental standards expected by today’s society.

The electric motor and battery technology in the electric road sweepers require no maintenance, making them the ideal solution for companies without automotive maintenance staff. 

When cleaning and sweeping takes place during unsociable hours, the silent running nature of electric sweepers is welcomed. Furthermore, silence is an excellent benefit on sites of healing and recovery, such as hospital grounds and care homes.

The driver of the Glutton Zen will appreciate how easy the vehicle is to handle along narrow roads and pathways. The compact design and a small turning circle let the vehicle navigate and access areas where other sweepers simply could not go.

Whether it is dead leaves, cigarette butts, discarded leaflets, chemical powders, food waste, or oil, the powerful suction and long battery life ensure the job gets done to the highest standard.

If you would like to find out more about our range of electric road sweepers and street sweepers, please contact our team of professionals.