by OMS Admin

Electric vehicles (EVs) have plenty of benefits and advantages that many businesses across multiple sectors would like to enjoy. However, not all electric vehicles are road-legal. If you are tasked with purchasing road-legal electric vehicles for your company, you need to ensure that they are denoted as ‘road legal’ or ‘road homologation.’

By switching your fleet to electric vehicles, you can take advantage of electric vehicles’ energy-efficiency and convenience. They create zero-emissions, emit no pollutants, and create no noise pollution, making them an ideal choice when you want something that is as practical indoors as it is out.

Road legal models are convenient, efficient, and environmentally friendly, from delivery vans to burden carriers

Legal Requirements

Electric vehicles are governed by the same laws and regulations as those that apply to motor vehicles and set out in the Road Traffic Act 1988. These laws are in place to ensure safety, consistency, and environmental sustainability.

So what does this mean for your business? Your business will need to maintain vehicle insurance and vehicle tax. Your electric vehicles will have a registration and be designed and manufactured to meet the technical standards and inspections set out by the DVSA and their N1 European road homologation standards.

Your employees will need a full driver’s license, and drivers and your company will be subject to the same fines and penalty points as any other type of vehicle that is not following the laws of the road.

Your EVs should not be used on the pavement or driven along the public right of way footpaths, over land that is only to be used on foot. Equally, you should not drive them on cycle paths.

Because they emit no emissions or pollutants, your electric vehicles will be exempt from Low Emissions Zone charges, which offers a massive reduction in operational costs for drivers moving in and out of city centres.

Our Range Of Road Legal Electric Vehicles

Our range of road legal electric vehicles includes sturdy and compact utility vehicles with manoeuvrability to make tight turning circles. We supply models with off-road performance and models with high power levels, combining robustness with high load capacities of up to 1,630kg, with towing capacities of up to 4,500kg.

Many of our flatbeds, trikes, and last-mile delivery vehicles have engine braking and energy recovery, with batteries that can be recharged for as little as £2. They can have a range of up to 120 miles, negotiate slopes of up to 35 degrees, and achieve top speeds of up to 50mph.

Modern conveniences have not been overlooked, with options such as cab heating, air conditioning, and stereo systems. Driver protection is increased in cabs with a reinforced steel frame, and flatbeds have a low point of gravity to reduce rollover risks when making emergency manoeuvers.

The road-legal electric vehicles are low maintenance with no transmission, engine, fuel system, or cooling system. This means that they do not need engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, belts, or filters when they are serviced.

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