by OMS Admin

Street cleaning can often be overlooked and taken for granted. Overall, it involves various strands of activities connecting to the cleanliness of our streets. These can include street sweeping whether this is manual, or machine based, car park cleansing, fly-tip removal, the removal of graffiti, litter picking, weed spraying, dog bin emptying, chewing gum removal and flyposting.

When all these activities are performed to a high standard, they often go unnoticed, however when not completed or stopped the evidence is visible. Therefore, often reducing the attractiveness of villages, towns, and cities. It has been reported that the local environment has an impact both positive and negative on people’s quality of life and satisfaction within their neighbourhoods. Additionally, research has found a correlation between the quality of surrounding environments and forms of disorder and crime within that community.

This has become an ongoing issue and since 2000 various local authorities have tried to address such matters with outreach programs in schools and fines for littering to create a sense of ownership for their community. Also, back in 2018 the government updated their Litter strategy for England policy which aims to reduce the amount of rubbish polluting our rivers and seas causing backups and flooding. This policy was based upon 3 stages, sending a clear message via anti-litter campaigns, cleaning up the country by increasing the number of bins for example and finally improving enforcement.

‘Britain’s Filthy Streets’ with reporter Fiona Foster on ITV conducted a survey by speaking to 55 litter picking groups across the UK. They found that these groups filled over 1200 bags of rubbish and collected 1000 dog poo bags, in just one month.

Furthermore, as the number of cars on our roads increase, the pressure on our roads also increases often resulting in potholes, cracks, and general wear a tear. All of which form crevices for dirt to build up.

Benefits of Street Sweepers

Enhances the Appearance

Perhaps an obvious benefit to street sweeping however, one that is very important for the people living within these communities. Towns and cities that have poor cleaning will gather rubbish, stains and potentially start to smell resulting in potentially less tourism and a negative connotation to the area which could even impact the area financially.

Helps the environment

The RSPCA have reported that they receive around 5000 calls a year which are related to litter and its’ impact upon our wildlife. Items such as plastic bags, glass, food containers and cans as well as things such as elastic bands and balloons all having damaging consequences on our animals. Furthermore, waste can develop dangerous bacteria and hazardous toxins which can also impact the environment and animal habitats. Lastly, rubbish left near roads could entice animals looking for their next meal and potentially lead them to being run over or injured by passing traffic. Therefore, having clean streets and using electric road sweepers can massively benefit the environment.    

Prevent vehicle damage & Improves Safety  

When rubbish such as food containers, cigarette buds, broken glass, cans, and general debris are left on our roads these can lead to various issues for people using our roads. Risks such as drivers swerving to avoid the debris, collisions, flat tyres, windscreen damage from items hitting the vehicles, floods and collisions caused by animals attracted to the roads. Councils using machines such as the glutton street vacuum cleaner could prevent such instances

How We Can Do Our Bit

There are a variety of things we can do as humans to ensure streets stay clean and hygienic for everyone:

  • Dispose of rubbish responsibly including chewing gum
  • Recycle when possible
  • If you smoke dispose of the bud correctly
  • If you can’t find a bin take your rubbish home
  • Dispose of larger items responsibly by taking them to your nearest waste recycling centre
  • Report any concerns to your local council
  • Join your local litter picking group
  • Clean up after your dog correctly
  • Speak up if appropriate if you see someone disposing irresponsibly

Waste Management Within Business

Various businesses approach waste management differently but they all have one common opinion that it is important. Every business generates wate and depending on the industry depends on the type of waste. With climate change becoming a real threat, environmental consciousness is ever increasing, and businesses are becoming greener. Ethics is often a key component to consumer choice and practices are becoming more important to both customers and employees.

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