by OMS Admin

Universities, colleges, and school campuses have various challenges to overcome when striving to achieve a clean and sustainable campus. Fossil-fuelled transportation solutions have inherently been polluters, but electric vehicles (EVs) are taking over this space and solving the clean transportation problem.

The latest EVs use innovative technologies to quickly, efficiently and safely handle everyday tasks, including moving staff, students, goods, equipment, and consumables across the campus’ and on public roads.

Electric vehicles are highly manoeuvrable and include multi-passenger vehicles, tow tractors, and electric utility trucks. Whether it is building management, landscaping, or transporting faculty staff, electric vehicles provide the speed, comfort, and range extensive university campus’ need.

A Cost Effective Solution

Electric vehicles have advanced to a position where they offer a practical and cost-effective solution for maintenance, operations, and grounds teams. You can quickly boost your sustainability efforts and create an environment with improved air quality and reduced noise pollution.

Low-carbon, zero-emissions vehicles can conveniently charge overnight or in a short amount of time, with staff accessing vehicles that can see them through any shift. Furthermore, you can eliminate fossil fuel storage hazards and waste, simplifying risk assessments and health and safety.

The Right Electric Vehicles For Your Campus

ePowerTrucks has been supplying environmentally-friendly electric utility vehicles to colleges and universities for 20 years. We can provide the right electric vehicles for your campus with a range that includes models such as:

EP Flatbed: This compact re-invention of a flatbed truck is incredibly versatile and can carry loads of up to 1,000kg with its practical loading bed.
EP Amp XL: This compact utility vehicle is ideal for general transport with an ample load capacity. The compact design lets it excel in environments with narrow roads, pathways, and access points.
Jobmaster: Bridging indoor and outdoor spaces, this electric tug has a towing capacity of up to 3,000kg, handling almost any heavy-duty task.
EP 400/500: This three-wheeled electric platform truck was developed for special applications, moving containers, and equipment of different shapes, weights, and sizes.
EP 800: This four-wheeled motorised electric platform trolley can be equipped with various load cage configurations, making it adept in roles such as collecting waste or loose materials.
ATX320E: With a load capacity of up to 635kg and a 2,000kg towing capacity, this versatile electric vehicle has a load bed with aluminium drop sides and a steel full-height cargo barrier.
ATX330E: When your campus needs a robust, powerful off-road performance and agility, this EV goes where other utility vehicles cannot.

With university, college, and school campuses’ becoming ever more expansive, electric vehicles continue to play a more significant role in creating clean and sustainable environments.

For more information on ePower Truck‘s range of electric vehicles, please contact our team.