by OMS Admin

Companies are constantly striving to meet operational challenges, balancing safety, efficiency, and quality of service. Moving materials, goods, and equipment is a core part of many businesses, which inevitably means using vehicles such as an electric tow tractor.

Choosing the right electric tow tractor will result in improving your production flow to achieve higher levels of operational efficiency. Here we take a look at what you should consider when selecting your next tow tractor.

Capacity: Can It Carry What You Need

When choosing your electric tow tractor, you should consider:

  • Capacity – Being able to pull the load is, of course, the first consideration. The electric tow tractor range includes made-to-last models with a wide choice of cab and body types. At the heaviest end, we have industrial tow tractors that can pull up to 90,000kg. However, there are also much smaller tug tow tractors that are lighter, agile, and versatile. There is plenty of choice for firms where heavy-duty towing isn’t the priority, as might be the case in a warehouse.
  • The load – If you are moving palletised goods, then you may opt for a stacker, but outside of this, tow tugs excel. You can hitch your existing trailers, trolleys, or bins with absolute ease and pull multiple trolleys at once, making for a significantly more efficient process compared to that achievable with a forklift truck.
  • CustomisationTow tractors can be customised to carry tools for maintenance tasks, first aid equipment for incident response, or take on a standard form for functions such as for mobilising security teams on extensive work or mining sites.

From navigating through narrow aisles, through doorways, or around tight corners and bends, the tow tug is in its prime. You can tow extremely heavy loads over long distances and increase productivity with cost-efficient options such as stand-on electric tow tractors or seated models with impressive acceleration.

Will It Work In Your Environment

You should ensure your choice is suitable for your work environment, with options available to you that are ideal for hospitals, airports, warehouses, factories, and mines. Different models handle different roles, from stock picking and eliminating manual handling to pulling light aircraft or luggage at airports.

Each electric tow tug is designed with safety and visibility in mind. A few of the many attributes that pair them will with working environments include:

  • Highly-reliability
  • Zero-emissions
  • All-steel construction
  • 360-degree visibility
  • Multifunctional displays for precise speed control and battery status
  • Standard and customisable accessories

For help and assistance in choosing the right electric tow tractor for your company or organisation contact us today.