by OMS Admin

Global warming and climate change are huge topics looming over our planet. Many businesses are looking for new ways to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Including recycling, changing lighting, and using electric warehouse vehicles. This is the same across the warehousing, transportation, and storage industry.

There are various benefits to making your warehouse environmentally friendly. From reducing utility bills, reducing the companies carbon footprint, and overall providing an eco-friendly business that staff can be proud of. Even making small changes can have a huge impact in the right direction to making your warehouse more environmentally friendly.

Ways To Make Your Warehouse More Environmentally Friendly

Economical Lighting

Changing your lighting within your warehouse to light-emitting diode (LED) lights is one of the easiest first steps to an environmentally friendly warehouse. LED lighting is brighter than traditional bulbs while using less energy. They can reduce the power required by 80%. LED lighting is also seen as being brighter than their counterparts. Therefore, meaning you can light the same amount of space using less bulbs and energy. Furthermore, LED lights last longer saving you time and money replacing them. Additionally, sky lights could also be an option for your warehouse. These will allow the direct sunlight to stream straight into your warehouse.


Proper installation, correct doors and windows can all benefit the temperature within your warehouse. Therefore, reducing the amount of energy needed for climate control. Keeping temperatures at a consistent level throughout a working day can increase productivity and save money. Furthermore, warehouse installation can help maintain humidity levels. Ideal for items that require a drier environment.


A main way to cut down waste is to reduce the amount of packaging used. Increased efficient packaging will in turn weigh less and therefore reduce costs. Furthermore, if packaging is changed to biodegradable material this can then be composted. Consequently, not taking hundreds of years to break down in landfills like synthetic plastic. Therefore, reducing your carbon footprint.


Additionally, if your warehouse doesn’t already recycle, start now. Typically, warehouses are great places to start with recycling as cardboard and paper make up the vast majority of waste. If your company creates an effective recycling plan, separating all materials, less waste is then sent to landfill.

Expand upwards

As your company and warehouse expand why not consider expanding upwards rather than outwards. Using your vertical space with mezzanine platforms can help you expand without the hassle of relocating or building anything further. Expanding upward allows you to maximise the space you already have.

Energy Efficient Equipment

Changing from combustion engine-driven to electric warehouse vehicles within your warehouse has many benefits. It will not only reduce air pollution from petrol or diesel fumes but also noise pollution. Beneficial to both the globe and your staff’s health and wellbeing.

Electric Warehouse Vehicles From ePower Trucks

Our range of electric warehouse vehicles can help your warehouse improve efficiency. Able to heavy lift and therefore, move stock, equipment, and people with ease. We offer a range of vehicles from electric tow tractors, electric tugs, electric utility vehicles, and electric platform trucks.

Our portfolio of warehouse vehicles offer solutions adapted to narrow or wide aisles and intensive low or high-frequency tasks. Furthermore, they can be adapted to meet the unique needs of your company. With bespoke platforms, cage modifications, and accessories that speed up tasks or increase capacity. All of which are able to enhance performance, reduce risks and improve health and safety.

Every ePower electric warehouse vehicle can reduce your carbon footprint. With clean, zero-emissions and long-lasting, heavy-duty components they get the job done. Made to the highest standards and with only a few moving and wearing parts, these warehouse vehicles require little maintenance, keeping operational budgets low and predictable. Therefore, investing is one stage closer to creating a more sustainable and environmentally friendly warehouse. Contact ePower Trucks today to discuss your warehouse and warehouse truck needs.