Your 100% electric street sweeper: Glutton Zen

The Glutton® Zen® street sweeper is compact, powerful, and silent. It is the ideal cleaner for town centres, alleyways, pedestrian zones, town squares, historical centres, and marketplaces. Wherever confined or inaccessible places exist, this road-legal electric sweeper excels.

This electric street sweeper will make sure your town is clean and serene, and there is less pressure on the environment and your operating budget.


Glutton Zen is a 100% electric street sweeper and is powered by state-of-the-art lithium batteries.
The sweeper emits no CO₂ or exhaust fumes. No dust is released behind the vehicle, which protects the health of the users, residents, and the public.


An original and compact design enables it to move around easily and safely in public spaces. The sweeper can help share your message around town with custom branding. Efficient, elegant, and silent, passers-by will enjoy crossing paths with it.

Peace and quiet

The street sweeper is fast and unobtrusive and maintains peace and quiet for local residents and users. If you are looking to clean your town centre very early or at night while preserving tranquillity for local residents, then this vehicle is the solution you need.


Glutton Zen has an original and compact design enabling it to move around easily and safely in public spaces. This efficiency guarantees a higher return on your investment. Its powerful suction and very long battery life are the allies of your cleaning teams.

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