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ePowerTrucks, a leading provider of electric vehicle solutions, has recently collaborated with Greater Manchester Police to repair the battery of an Electric Pedal Cycle (E-Bike), providing crucial support to the local law enforcement.

Sergeant Connor Brook of the Greater Manchester Police expressed his gratitude to ePowerTrucks for the repair work carried out on their E-Bike. The refurbished E-Bike will enable the police community support officer (PCSO) in the Saddleworth North area to resume patrols effectively.

PCSO Lowther, who will be utilising the refurbished E-Bike, has a remarkable track record of success during patrols, including locating high-risk missing persons in remote areas and apprehending off-road bikers. The repaired E-Bike is expected to enhance the effectiveness of patrols conducted by the Saddleworth NPT, leading to further successes in community policing efforts.

ePowerTrucks is proud to support Greater Manchester Police in their mission to ensure public safety and security in the region.