The EP Bed Mover offers proven technology designed to prevent work-related injury by reducing the effort required to move hospital beds.

The EP Electric Bed Transporter and transport system is compatible with most beds, bariatric beds, stretchers and other movable equipment – the compatibility is unquestionable without the need to change attachments and therefore without the risk of losing valuable parts.

This simple compact design allows easy connection to any bed or trolley – the claw design adapts easily to different castor sizes and expands easily from 550cm to 840cm – capturing the product by the castors. Once attached the dual drive system allows the hospital porter to drive equipment up to 600kg in weight with one thumb.

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    Power-assisted manual handling bed solution for your hospitals

    The EP Hospital Bed Mover and transport system does more than protecting workers from injury. It makes their work easier, less tiring and more enjoyable. The unit is compact, quiet and efficient. With the end-users needs paramount to the design process, it has outstanding maneuverability and allows hands-free and bend free bed connection.

    With the touch of a finger, it can turn a 360-degree corner with ease and can deal with slopes, uneven terrain and tight corners with no limitations. The ergonomic engineering of the EP Bed Mover enables single-person operation, without any strain on the user’s back muscles. It helps to prevent workplace injury and subsequently reduces workers’ compensation claims and sickness costs.

    What are the workplace safety concerns addressed by the bed mover?

    • Hospital staff pushing beds, stretchers and equipment on average 15-20km / day
    • Bed and patient weight totals are increasing
    • Concern for staff availability and morale

    Will the bed mover work with all beds and equipment?

    The universal feature of the 5000 is designed to work with most standard beds in the global market. It will also work with most stretchers, trolleys and bariatric beds.

    How does the bed mover attach to equipment?

    The patented “Connect & Lock” jaw assembly safely grabs and lifts the castor assembly at either the foot or the head end of the bed, adding only 180-200mm length to most standard hospital beds.