Bargoed Farm has upgraded its fleet to include electric vehicles from ePowerTrucks

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One of Wales’s best-kept secrets has upgraded its fleet to include 2 all-electric utility vehicles from ePowerTrucks.

Bargoed Farm, based in the heart of the world renowned Cardigan Bay is a large site that celebrates all things made in Wales in their unique farm shop, butchers, and bistro.

They also have a brand new touring caravan, camping & glamping park which these electric utility vehicles will be of great use for the farm staff.

The Dylan Costal Resort Takes Delivery of EP AMP 6 Electric Utility Vehicle

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Dylan Coastal Resort & Facilities has recently taken delivery of an EP AMP 6 electric multi-passenger from ePowerTrucks.

This vehicle is ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle. A small profile makes it perfect for transporting people in the stylish resort.

The Dylan Luxury Lodges was founded in 2015 and provides stylish holidays in the UK.

Large Wholesale Distributor Takes Delivery of Another Jobmaster Electric Trolley Mover

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Another large UK based wholesale distributor has taken delivery of a Jobmaster Electric Trolley MoverThis electric-powered pedestrian tug will be used for the collection and distribution of trolleys around their large car park and warehouse.

The Jobmaster Electric Trolley Mover is a compact and practical electric tug suitable for towing and pushing trolleys in narrow spaces. This version is equipped with a remote control to make this electric tug incredibly versatile for various applications.

It will cover approx 12m with a full load. Approx 4 hour recharge time with 240V charger. Low maintenance, silent running, easy to use.

Future-Proof Your Operations

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Clean Air Zones are going to become more common, as cities fight to reduce air pollution. Now is the time to future-proof your operations and get ahead of the curve.

The number of Clean Air Zones (CAZs) across the UK is growing, as cities aim to reduce emissions to improve air quality. Transport is the main cause of air pollution in the UK, and CAZs are proven to reduce pollutants such a carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and particulate matter.

Types of Zone

There are four types of Clean Air Zone, classified as A to D as follows:

ClassVehicle type
ABuses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles
BBuses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, heavy goods vehicles
CBuses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, vans, minibuses
DBuses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, heavy goods vehicles, vans, minibuses, cars, the local authority has the option to include motorcycles

Current Zones

As of September 2021, the following cities currently have Clean Air Zones:

Bath (class C) and Birmingham (class D) have CAZs which affect van and truck drivers. London also has an Ultra-Low Emissions Zone which works in the same way. If your vehicles do not meet the required emissions standards then you will have to pay a daily charge to enter the zone.

Clean Air Zones due to come online in late 2021 or 2022 in England include: Bristol, Bradford, Greater Manchester, Liverpool, Portsmouth, and Tyneside. In Scotland, Low Emission Zones will be implemented in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, and Glasgow.

Emissions Standards

The emissions standards you have to meet in order to avoid the daily charges are:

Trucks                   Euro VI

Diesel vans         Euro 6

Petrol vans         Euro 4

Zero Emission Zones

Some areas have skipped low emission zones and moved straight onto zero-emissions zones. Oxford is introducing one of these zones. All vehicles entering the zone will have to pay a charge, except for pure electric vehicles (EVs).

Joining the Dots

It isn’t hard to join the dots and see that, ultimately, Clean Air Zones will charge all vehicles apart from EVs. It makes sense now to future-proof your fleet by investing in electric delivery vehicles such as our X-Cell series.

The X-Cell is a compact electric vehicle designed for couriers, post and parcel delivery and last mile logistics applications. It is available in three different versions, which have top speeds of up to 50mph, a range of up to 120 miles, and can carry a 500kg payload. Multiple cargo bed configurations are available. The three models are the X-Cell, X-Cell+, and X-Cell Pro+.

The X-Cell Micro is a 3-wheel electric vehicle which is ideal for light loads such as postal and takeaway deliveries. It offers a top speed of 25mph, payloads of 250kg or 100kg, and a range of up to 55 miles. The Micro can be customised with a refrigeration box, insulated box for hot food and drink, or be fitted with an adaptable cargo box. It is available in two models, the Micro and Micro+.

For more details on our complete range of electric trucks for last-mile delivery, visit

Going Green on Campus

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Electric utility trucks are ideal for closed campus operations. In this article, we run through some of the key benefits you can expect from operating all-electric vehicles.

Universities, colleges, and boarding schools all have significantly sized estates to manage. The latest electric utility trucks can help you green your operations on campus, without sacrificing productivity. Reducing emissions might be the main objective for educational establishments, but there are many more benefits to going electric.

  1. Cost

Campus estate management teams are often surprised to learn how cost-effective it can be to switch from a diesel van to an all-electric utility truck. Vehicles like our Alke utility trucks cost just pennies per mile to run in “fuel”. For example, the Alke ATX 320E has a range of up to 70km and a full charge costs around £2.

Furthermore, the drive train on an Alke electric vehicle is far less complex than an internal combustion engine (ICE). The motor is maintenance free, and the entire system has far fewer moving parts than an ICE vehicle. This means a lower risk of a breakdown, and much less maintenance and servicing required. Reduced down-time also equates to less interruption to your operations, while its robust nature means an Alke electric truck will last longer than a diesel van.

When these factors are combined – lower operating costs, lower maintenance costs, less down time, and longer life – it becomes abundantly clear that replacing a diesel van with an Alke electric truck will deliver substantial cost savings.

2. Versatility

One of the key advantages of an Alke utility truck over a diesel van is its versatility. You can choose between solid and reliable lead batteries, or lithium power for extended range and faster recharge times. And, unlike some electric trucks, the Alke series are N1 certified for use on public roads.

Due to the high torque provided by powerful electric motors, utility trucks such as the Alke range also have great off-road capabilities, tackling gradients of up to 35 per cent. This added bonus makes them perfect for estates management activities such as grounds keeping and landscaping.

Furthermore, the power of the electric drive train makes Alke vehicles ideal for towing significant loads – for example, the Alke ATX 330E can tow up to 4,500kg. Alternatively, the flat bed can carry up to 1,575kg, putting it on a par with many diesel vans.

3. Ease of Recharging

You do not need to invest in electric car charging infrastructure to charge an Alke electric truck! It is highly likely that your campus already has the single phase and three phase electricity supplies needed to charge Alke vehicles. And if not, you can get it installed for a fraction of the price of an electric car charge point.

4. Fit for Purpose

There is a huge range of Alke vehicles from which you can choose, ensuring you get the right vehicle for your needs. The ATX series are available with five different wheelbases, two- or four-seat cabs, and three different sized cargo beds. We can also provide a range of different bodies such as dropside and tipper, as well as box body and mesh cage. If you need something specific, ePowerTrucks has the capability to provide bespoke bodies.

Furthermore, you can buy accessories that turn your truck into a snow plough and gritter, making it an even more valuable asset over the winter months.

5. A Strong Statement

Now more than ever, students and their families place great value on fighting climate change. Your electric utility trucks make a strong statement to applicants about your commitment to the environment. This is reinforced every day as students see your vehicles at work.

6. More Solutions

For material handling operations in campus that can’t be done with a vehicle, check out our fantastic range of electric pedestrian-controlled tow tractors. These enable users to make light work of lifting and shifting loads of up to 3,000kg. We also offer a full range of electric platform trucks and trolleys, which are ideal for delivery and collection of goods such as mail and laundry.

Click here for further information on our full range for campus operations.

Blackpool Council Takes Delivery of 2 Glutton H20 Cleaning Machines

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Blackpool Council has recently taken delivery of 2 Glutton H20 electric-powered street cleaning vacuums.

The all-electric Glutton H20 vacuums will be deployed in and around the city centre. Equipped with a built-in pressure cleaner the Glutton will make light work of cleaning the northern town.

The Glutton street vacuum allows street cleaning operatives to easily clean up dog mess, pigeon droppings and all kinds of dirt left on pavements, around public bins and underneath public benches etc. The Glutton is compact, silent and eco-friendly, and will be well utilised in and around Blackpool.

Glutton Blackpool Council - Street Clearing Electric Tool

Blackpool Pleasure Beach takes delivery of custom electric platform truck from ePowerTrucks.

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ePowerTrucks have recently delivered an EP 800 for use by their catering team around the 42 acre site. The EP 800 electric pedestrian-vehicle has been fitted with a mesh cage with drop-down sides and a zinc finish.

This multipurpose electric vehicle has great stability and can carry up to 600 kg with a 12-mile range on a single charge.

Perfect for garden centres, agricultural applications, schools, colleges, hospitals and councils. Tough and reliable with large pneumatic tyres for rough terrain, it’s built to withstand exposure to the elements. While silent, smooth running and zero emissions also makes it perfect for indoor use.

ePowerTrucks Supply Royal Air Force Base With Jobmaster Electric Pedestrian Tug

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A Midlands RAF base has recently taken delivery of a Jobmaster Electric Pedestrian Tug for use in and around their large site

The pedestrian tug will be added to their current fleet of Jobaster Tugs from ePowerTrucks and will assist with aircraft maintenance.

The jobmaster pedestrian tow tug is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 3000kg tow capacity pedestrian controlled tug. Small maneuverable, reliable and very powerful.

The tiller arm folds back over the machine to take up minimal room, perfect for small lifts and storage.

Cosmo delivers the goods for CBD drinks supplier

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A leading CBD drinks company is one of the first in the UK to invest in a new electric delivery truck.

Intune is a fast-growing producer of all-natural, CBD drinks. The East London-based company recently purchased an X-Cell compact electric truck for delivering online orders to customers in the capital. Intune’s Instagram followers have dubbed the vehicle ‘Cosmo’ following a social media poll. Along with delivering to consumers, bars, restaurants and cafes, Cosmo is also used as a pop-up bar for events, recently travelling to the Camp Bestival music festival in Dorset and Birch Community, the out-of-London retreat.

Nakita Banger, Marketing Manager at Intune, said: “Cosmo has helped us to diversify our business and show up in a fun and creative way at events, bars and venues and for our customers. We wanted an electric delivery vehicle because it is in line with our sustainability goals.

“The X-Cell is ideal for our needs, plus it also looks really distinctive and works as a mobile billboard for our business. Cosmo turns a lot of heads wherever we go, which is great for building brand awareness. It is very simple to use and to charge up, and we easily get a day’s deliveries done on a single charge.”

CBD – short for cannabidiol – is a cannabis plant extract that is believed to help regulate our sleep, our immune responses, and how we feel pain. The Intune range includes soft drinks and mixers.

The X-Cell is designed for couriers, post and parcel delivery and last mile logistics applications. It is available in three different versions, which have top speeds of up to 50mph with a range of up to 120 miles and can carry a 500kg payload. Multiple cargo bed configuration are available. Intune opted for a bespoke box body, which easily converts into a mobile bar for events.

Intune purchased the X-Cell from ePowerTrucks, one of the UK’s leading independent providers of commercial electric vehicles.

Jamie Radcliffe, Sales Director South for ePowerTrucks, said: “Intune is a really forward-thinking and innovative company. They recognise the sustainability and cost benefits of operating an electric delivery vehicle, particularly in London. We are delighted that Cosmo has proved such a hit with the company and its clients; and look forward to following its adventures on social media.”

Intune will be taking Cosmo to a range of outdoor events and festivals this summer, including the Alfresco Festival in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and the Wildwood Disco near Linton, Cambridgeshire.

Luxury Lakefront Development Takes Delivery Of EP AMP 6 Electric Vehicle From ePowerTrucks

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The Lakes by Yoo Luxury Lakefront Homes have taken delivery of a fully electric EP AMP 6 vehicle for their guest services team. The luxury lakefront development is based in the Cotswolds.

This electric passenger vehicle is ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle. A small profile makes it perfect for transporting people in congested areas such as college campuses and luxury hotels.

EP AMP XL Supplied To Royal Albert Dock Liverpool for Waste Management

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In conjunction with B&M Waste Services ePowerTrucks has recently delivered an EP AMP XL with a custom trailer to the Royal Albert Dock in Liverpool.

The EP AMP XL is ideal for the Royal Albert Dock due to its small profile, great power and ample load capacity. It will be used around the large site by the maintenance team.

Are White Vans Going Green?

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Angled shot of x-cell vehicle

The Government recently confirmed that by 2030, all new light commercial vehicles (LCVs) sold must be fully electric. However, is ‘white van man’ ready to go green? A recent study by vehicle finance specialists Lombard found some surprising answers.

There is a perception that sole traders and small business owners, do not care about the environment, but Lombard’s research found the opposite. The company asked 500 van drivers about their environmental concerns and how they feel about electric LCVs.

Ready to switch?

Of those surveyed, 40% said that they will consider an electric van when they next look to replace their work vehicle. And one in five respondents said they actually feel guilty about driving a diesel van, because of its emissions. Alarmingly, only 20% said that their current vehicle would meet emissions standards for clean air zones and the London Ultra Low Emission Zone – these require diesel engines to meet the Euro 6 standard, and petrol-powered vans to meet Euro 4.

However, many van drivers felt that there were obstacles in their way to swapping a diesel van for an electric vehicle (EV). Almost half worried that there were not enough charging points, and four out of 10 were concerned about the range capabilities of an e-van. However, 65% travelled 50 miles or less per day – well within the capabilities of electric commercial vehicles. Furthermore, 47% felt that the purchase price of electric LCVs was too high.

Additionally, 58% of participants said a grant would help incentivise them to make the switch to an EV, while 38% said they were unaware of Government and local grants to help companies transition to all-electric vans.

To read the full report, click here

Spreading the cost

If you are thinking about investing in electric light trucks or e-vans, ePower Trucks can help. We work with finance specialists to make it easier and more cost-effective to bring electric LCVs into your business.

Commercial electric vehicles help to cut your carbon footprint and reduce air pollution – and can also bring many financial benefits to businesses. There are grants, tax breaks and incentives to help you switch, as well as significantly reduced ‘fuel’ costs.

ePower Trucks offers one of the widest ranges of road-legal electric commercial vehicles in the UK.

As an independent business, we can recommend the best vehicle to meet your specific needs. This includes the popular Alke range as well as the X-Cell series of last-mile delivery vehicles.

Click here to view our full range of road-legal electric utility trucks:

View our last-mile delivery vehicles here:

Edwards Leisure Park Invests In 2 Glutton H20 Perfect Electric Street Cleaners

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Edwards Leisure & Caravan Park has invested in 2 all new electric Glutton Street Cleaning Vacuums for their North Wales Caravan Park.

The Glutton H₂O Perfect vacuum cleaner cleans and disinfects your venues. The Glutton® electric industrial vacuum has revolutionised the work of maintenance staff. The cleaning attendant has traded in his broom and his litter picker for a modern machine that allows them to reach higher standards while benefiting them with less stress and strain. 

Woodlands Resort Takes Delivery of 2 EP AMP XL Electric Utility Vehicles From ePowerTrucks

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Another 2 x EP Amps XL‘s delivered yesterday to the stunning Woodlands Glencoe Resort in Scotland.

These latest additions will add to their growing electric fleet used for maintenance and operations teams.

Being fully electric there is no noise or emissions which will ensure they are not disturbing the guests.

This utility vehicle is ideal for light work and as a general transport vehicle. A small profile makes it perfect for security details in congested areas such as parking garages, maintenance sites, and college campuses.

2nd Electric Shuttle Bus For Dyrham Park

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Dyrham Park has taken delivery of their 2nd electric wheelchair bus from ePowerTrucks.

The custom-made shuttle bus has been specially modified for the large National Trust site to accommodate a wheelchair and make the movement around the 270-acre site accessible for all.

The EP 14 electric shuttle bus was fitted with a custom ramp and a row of seats remove to accommodate space for the wheelchair.

ePowerTrucks EV Spotted In Westminster

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One of ePowerTrucks electric vehicles was used as part of the Ocean Hero campaign from WWF + Sky Ocean Rescue.

The X-Cell+ zero-emission electric vehicle was converted into a solar powered vegan ice cream truck.

The X-CELL+ is an all-electric compact utility vehicle that can travel up to 50 mph with a range of up to 50 miles and has an exceptional payload capacity of 500kg. This breakthrough van offers a zero-emission solution for services whose needs could only previously be fulfilled by diesel or petrol vehicles. Safe, dependable and low maintenance, it has multiple cargo bed configuration options.

The X-Cell is equipped with four-wheel disc and ABS brake system which provide consistent braking. The cabin structure is made from a re-inforced steel frame for increased protection.

The X-Cell’s battery pack is located at the bottom of the vehicle making the centre of gravity lower than any other similar vans in its class. The lower centre of gravity reduces the risk of rollover during emergency manoeuvres.

The roomy interior features many modern extras as standard, making its use for last mile delivery shiftwork, an attractive choice compared to similar vehicles. Its compact size makes it easy to manoeuvre and park easily in tight spaces.

Along with its low-cost operational savings, the X-Cell’s modular system design provides ease of access and simplifies maintenance, repair and component replacement time.

Fosse Park Goes Electric With ePowerTrucks

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Fosse Shopping Park, one of Britain’s biggest out-of-town shopping parks has recently upgraded to an Alke 330E from ePowerTrucks.

The ATX 330E zero-emissions vehicles matches robustness and power for the toughest off-road jobs as well as giving the performance and agility necessary for urban applications.

The electric motor AC 48 V guarantees a high level of performance and remarkable energy saving as well, thanks to its powerful and regenerative braking with energy recovery. This mix, with low maintenance requirements, ensures reduced operational costs and high profitability for your any business.

Southern Dealer Takes Delivery Of Another E-250 Electric Powered Tow Tug From ePowerTrucks

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One of ePowerTrucks dealers has taken delivery of another E-250 electric tow tug. They chose the electric tug from ePowerTrucks due to its superb towing ability and excellent handling.

This electric-powered bin tug will be used to pull 1100 litre bins around a large power station.

The ePowerTrucks E-250 Electric Vehicle combines the stability of a 4-wheel vehicle with the maneuverability of a 3-wheel tow tug thanks to its exclusive steering design. This electric tow tug has a powerful 6 hp motor. This tug can tow up to 2,300 kg and can be fitted with a fully enclosed cab.

New Cleaning Machines Increase Productivity for NCP

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The UK’s leading car park operator says its new fleet of cleaning machines have helped it efficiently manage its estate during the pandemic.

NCP, which operates more than 500 sites across the UK, invested in 20 Glutton cleaners to further enhance safety and cleanliness in its car parks. The Glutton delivered significant productivity gains, enabling NCP to keep its sites in great condition, even with a reduced workforce during the current pandemic and furlough period.

Brian Devonshire, Director of Managed Services for NCP, said: “With the onset of the pandemic we have had to look closely at all opex and make efficiencies wherever possible without impacting service. Therefore, having the Glutton machines at a time when we have a reduced workforce from furlough measures has meant we have been able to keep on top of a key objective of keeping our car parks clean for our customers.”

The Glutton is an all-electric, pedestrian controlled vacuum cleaner that can tackle dust, dirt and debris up to 12.5cm in diameter. The battery-powered machine is quiet, efficient and designed to capture dust, helping to improve air quality.

Brian added: “We have had very positive feedback from our teams, who recognise the value of time given back to re-deploy labour more effectively by utilising the Glutton. Replacing manual brush and shovel with something as efficient and effective as Glutton has made their lives a lot easier and has helped them dedicate more time to helping customers and to become even more proud of their car parks.”

ePower Trucks, the authorised UK distributor for the Glutton, supplied the machines in a custom colour for NCP, along with some specialist trailers. ePower Trucks is a leading independent supplier of on and off-highway electric vehicles, designed for a wide range of applications. The Oldham-based company is celebrating 20 years in business.

“Having received and assessed a range of proposals we began working with ePower Trucks and quickly found they had taken time to understand our business and our objectives,” said Brian. “They listened to us as we explained the challenges we were facing; and we were impressed by the way the team went about ensuring they met our expectations and requirements. We look upon them as a partner rather than as a supplier.

“Quite simply investing in the Glutton machines has enabled us to improve standards, deliver welcome efficiencies and allowed us to re-deploy our people to spend more time with our customers.”